PP 619: The Merge of Alignment and Integrity with David Adelson

Quick Show Notes – David Adelson:

“In evert moment, consciously or subconsciously, we are having an experience, we are passing judgement on the experience, and then we’re consciously or subconsciously being a co-creator.” – David Adelson


Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing? Have you wondered if you are on the correct life path or what your purpose of life is? In today’s episode, Kim dives deep into conversation with David Adelson to discuss alignment, integrity, and the intersection of the two.



11:18 The energy of a smile
17:24 Being poor and/or having money
19:28 Where alignment and integrity merge
21:57 Trust
29:49 Choices
32:55 Creation
36:44 Following our gut

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Inspirational Quotes:

“Does it take any more energy than it does to smile than it does to frown?” ~Kim Sutton

“While we applaud being 97% or 98% in alignment, that last little bit can be make the difference between whether they feel happy with that they’e done at the end of their life or whether they feel like they missed…” ~David Adelson

“Nowhere in the Bible does it say we need to be poor.” ~Kim Sutton

“The more money we make, the more we can do for everyone around us.” ~David Adelson

“When we allow it, and when we’re in alignment and integrity, the words are completely interchangeable.” ~David Adelson

“Trust is – in who we are and what we do – is a huge part of alignment. It’s a huge part of allowing our integrity of who we are at our essence to shine.” ~David Adelson

“The people who are here to be rich are here to be generous and to take care of others.” ~David Adelson

“The easy is not always good.” ~Kim Sutton

“As soon as you’re out of alignment, you’re out of alignment.” ~David Adelson

“We always have choices.” ~David Adelson

“We all have a duty in creation and surprisingly, the most basic duty that we have is to simply enjoy creation and be grateful and be appreciative of what’s being presented around us.” ~David Adelson

About David Adelson:

David Adelson

Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing? Have you wondered if you are on the correct life path or what your purpose of life is? In today’s episode, Kim dives deep into conversation with David Adelson to discuss alignment, integrity, and the intersection of the two.

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Kim Sutton: Welcome back to another episode of positive productivity. This is your host, Kim Sutton and I am so happy to have you here and I am thrilled to introduce you to our guest today, David Adelson.

David is a wearer of very many hats and it is just one of the most generous people I’ve ever met and maybe we’ll get there. Maybe we won’t.

But David, thank you so much for joining me here today. I feel like just your positive spirit that you’re bringing in just by being here is amazing, but I have a glove. If you would jump in and share with the listeners a little bit about your many hats and how you got here.

David Adelson: Oh well first of all, thank you so much for having me. I’m, I’m a big fan and I really love to support what you’re doing. And I’d love to support those people who are listening in any way that I can. And, and as we go on, I’ll give everybody some free of my programs to help them. That can make a big difference. And w when you ask me what I do I’ve been a meditation teacher since 1974. I, one of those people who kind of came to earth knowing from the word Eve, both my mother and my grandmother went to see different people before I was born. Just, you know, they weren’t even called psychic back then. I don’t know what they were called. And the hunt, this whole thing about my birth was predicted. So I got that guilt tripped into me as a little kid.

So the whole thing. And, and I started having really profound spiritual experiences as a little kid. And then things just started to blossom and grow. And I started to discover that I could bring in quantum or divine energies, however, if you want to call it through different products and artwork and audio and video downloads and stuff. And then I started discovered that I could work one on one with people and help them in pretty much every situation. One time, one of my clients called me up I was in Massachusetts, he was in Florida and he was having problems with his server for his company in Hungary. And he called me up because the tech people said it would be six hours and he asked if I could fix it and it got fixed in 20. So just all these different hats and healing people and helping people from all over just a long with along with spiritual maintenance.

Kim Sutton: You do you do server maintenance?

David Adelson: I did that time. It’s not, no, he just called up and said, what’s going on and can you fix it? Oh my gosh. And so, you know yeah it was, it’s, it’s, and when we understand about whatever, however we want to talk about it. W w w you know, the world is shifting into a whole different understanding and actually a different energy pattern. We’ve been used to Newtonian physics, Newtonian physics is all about relationships and causality. New tote, one of the lots of Newtonian physics is if a body in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. So its caused causal, it just keeps going until something, something causes it to do something different. But we’re moving to a tone where quantum and unified field physics is going to dominate. And it’s a whole different ball game.

David Adelson: It’s like the difference between football and baseball. Everything is, is different about it. I guess they both have a ball and other than that there’s, there’s not a lot. And so in quantum physics it isn’t about causality. It’s about randomness and things pop up into existence for no reason. And then I’ll move backwards in time. And if you tickle, you know, unboundedness or unified field with your left hand, it’s gonna laugh over your right shoulder. So there’s, there’s, and the, the exciting thing is that is that we’re literally coming to a time of all possibilities where if we can think it, we can create it. If we can think it, we can dream it. And we’ve already seen this happening for so long. So many of the things that were in science fiction books in the early 19 hundreds, even the late 18 hundreds are now, people don’t even remember what life was like without them.

David Adelson: And you know, we look at early, you know, 1980s versions of star Trek generation and you see per card using something that looks exactly like, you know, 20 years later an iPad and it does all of these kinds of things. So we’re all, we’ve been creating things in a very positive way, but a lot of the things that we create, we create in violation of natural law instead of working in harmony with natural law, the cars honking outside, like the cars honking outside being propelled the way. That’s a perfect example, being propelled by the way they are or the rockets, you know, the amount of fuel that we use to get a rock and into the atmosphere. First of all, they’re gorgeous. And if you’ve ever seen some good photography, it’s lovely and the technology is amazing, but it’s, think about this, how much energy it takes to push a rocket into space.

David Adelson: How easy it is to drop a pencil. You know, one is in harmony with nature and one is without and, and so it’ll be switching. It’ll be switching. And that’s very exciting because it means that those people in your audience who have dreams but don’t know how to get there, they may not need to know all the steps anymore. They just have the vision of what it is that they’re trying to accomplish. And don’t worry about the interim steps because you can literally meet the person you need in an elevator, in the grocery store, in the parking lot. Things can happen in what appeared to be completely random ways to work out what you’re here to do. If you have a purpose. And if you’re in an inner and outer alignment, there are, you’ll find more and more and more of this, we could call it random support. We could call it nature support. We could call it a defined support, call it quantum support. But we just find that things start working out more and more and more in completely spontaneously and truthfully an unheard of or ways that we could never figure out.

Kim Sutton: Oh my gosh, are you ready to hear my most recent example of that? I would love to. So I, I’m part of a, or I was part of a mentoring community, great community, but I just realized it was time for me to move on. And it’s nothing I’ve ever mentioned on the show, so listeners don’t go looking at looking it up, but it’s, it’s phenomenal for the right people. Well, somebody reached out to me based on a post that I put up and wanted to talk to me and she scheduled an appointment two months ago. It’s just our calendars weren’t gonna meet or match up. We finally talked yesterday and we found out that each of us is doing what the other one wants to do. I’m doing the processes, she’s doing the speaking. So we’re looking to flip. She’s ready to slow down her speaking, which I can’t even imagine I’m, and she wants to ramp up her processes and the more we started talking, we started talking. We had so many similarities and out of nowhere she says, well, I’m a Pisces. I just blame everything on being a Pisces. I said, Oh, you’re a Pisces too. So am I. And then it popped up in my brain, ask her what day? So I did, and she says, March 2nd, that is my birthday. And she was, she wouldn’t disclose her year, but I have a feeling that we were even born on the same day in the same year.

David Adelson: Wow. That is amazing. And, and that, and you’re right, that’s exactly the kind of things that were talked about. You could have never figured out if you sat down to say, who do I need to meet? Where do I find them? Yada, yada, yada. It’s beyond intellect. And yet being more and more in alignment as I know you are from, from other things that we’ve done things exactly like that. And the timing is perfect. It, it wasn’t right two months ago and now it’s right today because two months ago, one or the other of you or something wasn’t ready in the universe, whatever it was to, to be where you were yesterday, where you are today. So, yeah, that’s incredibly exciting, isn’t it? I mean, aren’t you stunned you like Holly Maloley, you know,

Kim Sutton: Blown away. Especially because yesterday morning I was looking at my calendar and I was like, who the heck is this? Why are we having this call? And I see what we’re talking about. Well, my day was crazy and I almost canceled it, but I heard don’t cancel, don’t cancel. And that’s what always happens. Don’t cancel. I want to share with you too, cause I don’t know that we’ve ever chatted about this, but a 2008, I lost my job. I was an interior architect for 10 years and I was in a bad marriage. But I, I looked around every single day and I thought that’s just how life was, you know, this is what life is. It’s about getting up in the morning. Even when I was working, getting up in the morning, taking the kids to daycare, going to work, coming home, picking up the kids, dinner, TV, bed, rinse, repeat, this is it.

Kim Sutton: This is existence and there’s nothing more. And then I lost my job and just a series of events happened after that that I could’ve never foreseen. I heard about a local networking group in my town and I went because I thought I still wanted to be an interior architect and instead I’d met a chiropractor in my town who coincidentally, even from across the U S that event that we were at recently, there were a few chiropractors and they know my chiropractor cause I was sharing this story, but that chiropractor introduced me to the law of attraction. And in that very moment, Ugh, okay. Not in the very moment, but within the hour, my complete, my life completely changed because I had no idea that I had the right to choose if I was happy or not. And I have to say, David, that up until that moment, I had a dark cloud over my head, 24, seven. I thought it would take more energy to be positive than it would to be negative. But looking back now and like I would have to believe, and I know people would argue with me, there’s days I want to say to my husband, seriously, I love my husband dearly, but does it take any more energy to smile than it does to frown?

David Adelson: Technically it takes less.

Kim Sutton: So why don’t we do it?

David Adelson: That’s if, if that’s exactly one of the things that we talk about on the happy, I have a free video on the homepage of my website. Can I mention that? Is that okay? I’m David adelson.com. Oh, you know what? There’s another way to see it too, which is just David’s happiness, video.com, and it’s just a seven minute and it’s a clearing and it gives you 10 very clear points to do exactly what you’re talking about. I’d like to bring something up based on your experience, if I may that you know, go through the day rinse, repeat thing that you were in. You know, so many people have been believing that, believing that, and then in the past little while, so many people are waking up to wait a minute. That’s not right. And when we talk about, we talked about alignment before, and I know you know about our alignment programs which we have a quiz that people can take for free, but takethisquiznow.com. It’s about alignment.

David Adelson: But as you know, losing your job was not random, was because the spark within you wanted to shine and you had to get out of that existence to even see what might be possible to go somewhere and to meet people and stuff. And as we get more in alignment, that’s what happens. But one of the things that came up I was, I was doing, I was invited to speak at this event of, of thought leaders while back. And what I, what I got was they didn’t need me to talk. They, they w these people were very forward and successful in the whatever we wanna call it, the new age movement, the positive movement to help people get, help people live a full life, all very positive, all very supporting of life and the best life possible for everyone.

David Adelson: And we realized when we got there that a bunch of them were out of sync, that they were like 97%, 98% in alignment, but there was one, two, three degrees they were on. And the guidance that I got was the best use of you being there is to help these people get 100%. Because if are even one degree off, when you leave the earth and you’re shooting for the moon, you’re going to miss it by twice the diameter of the moon. That’s pretty significant. So, so while we applaud being 97 98% and alignment, that last little bit can make the difference between whether they feel happy with what they’ve done at the end of their life or whether they feel like they missed. You know, how, whether there’s frustration and we want to, these people are doing so much good. You know, why not do it? So we did a clearing and the instruction that I got was to explain to them that we want to remind you of who you are and what you’re here to do, which you knew when you were young, before you learned what the world expected of you.

David Adelson: And when you talk about the grind that you were going through, that’s one of the what the world expects of you. Things that we learned when we were two, three, four, seven, whatever age it was. And so many of us have learned those so well that it never occurs to us that life could be something else. And the funny thing about this came about what those rules are, is they were created by people who were exempt from the rules. These were created. If we think in, you know, in, in Europe and, and North American, you know, where most of us have a lot of us have our backgrounds. I know a lot of people are from Asia and, and those cultures, but in the West, a lot of the cultures were, were dominated by the church who said, you will get your rewards in heaven after.

David Adelson: And we’re thinking about the middle ages. So, and you know, you’ll get your rewards and have, and so your job is to suffer here and get rid of all your sins and just being born as a sin. And while they’re saying that they’re running the wealthiest organization on the planet with the largest library wrapped in gold and silks and all of this, or you have the Lords of the Manor who are sitting in the castles saying, you know, I live this wonderful life and I’m the one making the rules, but you guys are serfs or whatever the term is, and you have to, you know, feed my pigs and tend to the cattle or grow the crops or whatever it is that they have to do. So the people, and we still have that today, that people, you know, and the people who are making the decisions are exempt from the decisions.

David Adelson: And the most obvious example right now is, you know, CEOs get paid a ridiculous amount compared to what the lower workers do. You have the Walton’s making four and a half million dollars an hour when their workers have to be some kind of health care or some kind of food stamps for support. So you have these and, and you have these high level people who are calling the shots, but they’re exempt from the shots. So what happened to you is you suddenly realize that what you thought, what the world expected of you was this grind. That’s not true. That’s manmade. That’s not in line with the laws of nature. That’s not an any scripture of any Holy religion in the world of any Holy tradition or culture in the world.

Kim Sutton: I have only discovered that this year and and while I’m very spiritual outside of my faith, like my Christian faith is also very important to me. But I realized that the two work very much together and as I’ve been going through a lot of Christian reading this year, I’m realizing that nowhere in the Bible does it say that we need to be poor and in fact, the more money we make, the more we can do for everybody around us, which is what my heart calls me to do. Can I ask you a quick question though? Well, first off, I just want to say when I initially got fired slash laid off because it was a mix, both, I was really angry and I was playing the playing the blame game, but over the next few years, a lot happened including the chiropractor and I realized it was a blessing in the end and I ran into the boss who had fired me one day at the grocery and I must say that we live in an hour away.

Kim Sutton: Both of us live an hour away from where the office was. So it was a chance meeting anyway that I ran into her and I, we got to talking really nice conversation. I had dried it running into her though for the years before I ran into her. When in that moment I realized I was just so thankful and so we got to talking and I thanked her and we both just started crying in the middle of the grocery. I said, I don’t know if you even can comprehend the blessing that you gave to me in my life because I was able, because of being fired, I was able to get the confidence that I needed to leave a bad marriage to put it out to the universe. The man that I was looking for, listeners, I’ll put a link in the show notes where you can go back and listen to my mate spec sheet.

Kim Sutton: But within three weeks of writing that I met my husband, which was another one of those, you know, well, very random occurrences, David, I don’t know if I ever told you, but I met my husband Dave on Craigslist. I was looking for furniture way into the men looking for women’s section, just intending to laugh at jerks and bang. Very was. And we’ve essentially, I mean with this short exception, we’ve been together ever since. So I wanted to go, you know, and I’m not gonna dive into it, but you know, there’s changes going on in my life, personal and professionally right now. But I would love to know it where you see alignment and integrity crossing or interweaving with each other or do they,

David Adelson: They’re the same thing. Okay. Because and thank you for asking this and, and I just want to point out that, that again, we’re talking about, we’re talking about a world where random, where apparently random things happen and as we move into alignment as you have been, we suddenly meet somebody that, that the likelihood of meeting them in the store is ridiculously low. If we were to do the math and, and we meet them at the time where it creates this transformation in you that makes you realize, it just solidifies the growth that you had been going through for all that time. And had she not been there, it could have been months before you realized that whole thing that, that clicked in, in that moment, and that had she shown up before that you could have one, two event instead of taking that stuff forward.

David Adelson: So when we allow it and as we, as we’re in alignment and the words are completely interchangeable that and, and and when we talk about alignment, we talk about getting caught up in too many thoughts right now. I just, so the bottom line is that it at the exact precise moment that you are ready to realize that it was a blessing. This situation occurred in front of you that made you realize that, that pointed it out, that helps you recognize it in a very special and unique way and in an unquestionable way. Once you have that experience with her, you never doubted it was a good thing. Again, just completely eradicated. Any thoughts about it and let you move on from the blame game or whatever you know, had been going on before that let you realize that, Oh my God, I am a rock on my two feet.

David Adelson: I am in alignment. I am, or more and more in alignment with who I truly am with what my true purpose is. And we look for these milestones in our lives to 2:00 AM just like we look on it when we’re traveling. We look for the signs on the side of the road to let us know we’re going in the right direction. These kinds of things really help our psychology, help give us confidence and trust is in who we are and what we’re here to do. It’s a huge part of alignment. It’s a huge part of, of the, of allowing our integrity of who we are at our essence to shine. And so many people again, what the world taught. Okay. The world taught us when we were in kindergarten that you have to raise your hand to go to the restroom, but then by the time we’re in high school, you know, maybe you still have to do that or you have to quietly ask the teacher for the hall pass or whatever.

David Adelson: But just the idea of at work and even Amazon people working in Amazon are having trouble just doing a natural normal human function of going to the bathroom. There have been things in the news about it. If a couple months ago that because of the whole work schedule thing and that’s ludicrous. That is not, that is not in alignment with anything but one day or one or more individuals misinterpretation of their role. Nobody has a problem with somebody getting rich. We do have a problem with somebody getting rich causing suffering in the process of doing it because the people who are here to be rich are here to be generous and to take care of others. Again, you know, while while we say that the Lords of the Manor in the middle ages, the reason that the people were willing to do the work is because if some enemy came, they all went into the castle and they were protected by the Lord of the mat.

David Adelson: I mean they did a lot of their own protecting but the point is they were being offered something in return and currently people are being offered, you know, wages. But when the wages are at a cost of human dignity, when the wages are at a cost of, you know, not even enough to live a comfortable life, you know, the people who are working 40, 50, 60 hours a week two income families, they are not living the quality of life that people were living in at 50 and fifties and sixties when one person was working. They’re not, they’re not, they’re not at that level of quality of life anyway.

Kim Sutton: Yeah. No, you don’t need, you are giving me so much clarity right now and this, this episode is going to go out after I make some changes, but I had a conversation with my husband Dave the other night because there’s an opportunity coming up that would be worth a lot of money to me. A lot of money, like multiple five figures. But it does, I, I don’t feel aligned to it and it doesn’t feel an integrity to me. So I just put it past him. Especially because, well, you, David, I, I mean, and I’ve shared this with listeners before, the last few Christmases has have been rough in our house and this is happening right before Christmas, like where this money would come in. So I said to my husband, you know, how would you feel if I don’t take that opportunity and keep in mind and I’m just going to put a number out there that this is a $26,000 opportunity. And he said, you need to do what you’re in alignment with and personally I don’t think you should do it. Easy is not always good in, in, in that moment I was like, Oh, that feels so good. And yes, I know that the money, that money is not guaranteed or that money’s out of the picture now as far as I’m concerned, but looking, allowing myself to open up to not doing that anymore. The opportunities that have come in, no joke in the last three days since I got clear with myself that I’m not doing that anymore, have already surpassed what that money would have meant.

David Adelson: Perfect and that’s exactly right and that’s why we say, you know the story that we’ve been saying for some time is if you’re walking down the street in the line and somebody calls you from across the street and says, here’s $1 million free and clear tax free coming, get it and your heart and your alignment says no. You have to walk on by. Even though just exactly your experience, Kim, even though you say, gee, with that million dollars, I could do so much more towards my purpose, but maybe that million dollars is tainted. Maybe it’s drug money. I may be that somebody murdered. I mean we don’t, we don’t know where they got the money. But the other thing is just in figuring in the direction we can think of hundreds of things that could go wrong that could distract you from your purpose. So the first thing you do is say, Oh yeah, but I’ll go and get it and then I’ll get back and then I’ll just run back across the street and I won’t miss anything. But you will. You absolutely will.

Kim Sutton: I don’t think I haven’t thought about it. Well, okay. I haven’t is the wrong word. I hadn’t thought about it. Yeah, I can just do it. I’ll just do it. It will be easy. I can get it done and then I’ll come back home and keep on going with what I’m doing.

David Adelson: Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. It absolutely doesn’t. What happens is as soon as you’re out of alignment, you’re out of alignment. And so you turn and you just take a step off off the curb to cross the street to get the million bucks and a bus hits you and you die. Well it’s real hard to do what you’re here to do. For sure.

Kim Sutton: I’m thinking Back to the Future, you know where Marty puts the the Almanac and the trashcan and Biff gets it and now there’s a whole parallel existence.

David Adelson: Yeah. I mean say a similar thing, you know, I mean, but we’re just talking about, you know, nature isn’t random nature. Our ability to understand nature, even quantum physics isn’t totally random even though it appears to be random. And even though we describe it as being random, there’s, there, there actually is a sequential unfoldment from unboundedness into creation and that’s described. It’s not described. Its I dunno what determines and bodied in the sequential unfoldment of the Vedic literature ads. It’s in its original form. Not translated. Not all that, but that doesn’t make sense to us because we’re not used to thinking in terms of vibrations and frequency. We’re thinking in terms of, you know, maybe pulse, but we don’t, we don’t know how many megahertz we don’t. There’s so many things about frequencies that that are very new to to science in terms of researching it.

David Adelson: Even though certain sound frequencies and vibrations have been known for a long time and we’ve seen sound weapons and we’ve seen the opera singer who can break a class, you know, across the room with hitting a high note and stuff. But the interconnection of all of this hasn’t, hasn’t even begun to be realized. It’s we’re just on the, we’re not even quite on the shores of understanding this and it’s going to get very cool. But when we’re in alignment and an integrity and, and then something comes up, once we leave that, I don’t want to call it a set path because we always have choices and, and nature will support our choices.

Kim Sutton: Can I repeat what you just said? That we always have choices T to the listener who’s out there thinking that you don’t have any other options. Yeah, you do.

David Adelson: Yeah. You and, and one of the things that came to me and has had a profound effect is nature that

David Adelson: Nature adjust individual choice. So if our choice, if we feel guided that we need to start some organization and lead and solve a particular social ill or uplift people or do whatever and it involves, and I’m going to just use arbitrarily the example of public speaking and we’re terrified of public speaking. We can choose either to overcome it or we can choose, you know, I’m happy to help and I’m happy to do this, but I don’t want to be one in front of, I’m happy to do the organization, whatever. And nature compensates for us when we’re in alignment. It doesn’t say, no, you have to do this. It says, well, we set it all up for you and if you want to do it, you can. But if you’re terrified of it, we can make it work without it. It’s not, it’s not. Nature is very flexible. And we all have a duty in creation. And surprisingly, the most basic duty that we have is to simply enjoy creation and be grateful and, and, and appreciate what’s being presented around us. I mean, people do not understand,

David Adelson: How much went into that? We can see trillions of colors that we can hear more sounds and qualities of sounds than we could ever imagine. How many, the sense of touch, each of the five senses, the mind, intellect, an ego, the fact that we can feel pain is in itself a staggering miracle. Once we understand that everything comes from whether we call it the unified field, which is what we call it, and it’s technically the unified field of natural law, which is the way Einstein would describe it or in different spiritual context or different parts of the world that call it consciousness or awareness or pure consciousness or whatever they call it, that is a field that has no qualities, whatever within it. But all possibilities within it and working only from within itself. It’s created the very, the all, everything that we experience, which is staggering that something working.

David Adelson: I mean, it’s like taking a bowl of water and making the statue of Liberty artifice within itself without anything else interacting on. It’s absolutely amazing how far creation has columns. And I’d love to, if I may, I’d like to tell you the way that it was described to us one time. It was, I was having dinner with some friends of how creation comes about. Can I tell you that? Yeah. And then I have a question for you. Okay. So we were sitting at dinner with some friends and we all know about, you know creating the world and say there’s so many different traditions in the world from the spiritual side, explaining how creation comes. And we honored them all because we feel that there’s truth in all of them. If they’ve lasted thousands of years, maybe it’s a little bit of skew because there’s some word that’s miss translate or something for the basic idea.

David Adelson: We totally honor. There’s many ways to describe the elephant. Okay. So, or even the bed or the car, there’s so many different ways to describe it, so we honor all of them. But from the side of, of the unified field, the way it’s described, the way it was described to me from divine mother while we were sitting in lunches just to tell them that the unified field, which has, which is a field of infinite possibilities, but nothing is expressed that adheres the rumor that it has all possibilities within it. And it says, cool, let me see what that looks like. And just like little kids jump up and down and get excited when some, you know, Christmas morning or whatever, then then just starts to jump up within itself. We realized scientifically, this is a strange way to say it, but, and it just gets excited and waves are formed and then outcomes, all the various vibrations and the interconnections from, you know, the unified field level to the quantum level and eventually through the physical realm and the four forces and all of that into the world.

David Adelson: And we experienced that. And then from unboundedness aside, the whole motivation was, that’s cool. Let me see what it is it wants to enjoy. So you know, when you talk about thinking that your life was meant to be something that was not joy, unboundedness itself says, that’s not what this is about. You need, let’s get you on the right track. Kim, let’s get you out of that. You know, and that’s true for all of us. If our life isn’t based on how do we want to say this, if we’re not, if we’re not, here’s something that I’ll just give it as a challenge to your audience. A, it was an instruction given to me. Having fun as your new job. Allow the adventure of your life to be joyful. Look for the joy in this, looking for the joy in it. And man does.

David Adelson: You see a little spark here. Maybe you go for three days because it’s like the life that you were having and then suddenly you’re not as man. That’s a great sunset. That’s a beautiful flower. That’s a, Oh, somebody said something nice. And then from there we look for the next and we notice how we feel. We noticed that we’re enjoying it. And that’s something that people often don’t take the time to do. So many people are so busy doing their job, even those who love their job that they forget to notice that they’re enjoying their job. I’ve got these papers to file. They forget that they enjoy filing papers and they get caught up in worry about time or hours or something else and just look for the joy in it. Notice that you’re having fun because a lot of stuff that a lot of us do, including grocery shopping or dealing with the kids even when they’re driving us nuts is still so cool. You know what I mean?

Kim Sutton: I’m just over here in awe to be completely honest and I don’t even know if I want to ask my question right now because I have another question to ask. Will you come back and do a part two? Oh, absolutely. I’m more than happy to because I don’t even think that we’ve really started to even touch the surface yet, but actually I’m just going to put my question out there. When our gut is telling us to do something or not to do something, should we always listen?

David Adelson: Well, if it tells you to cross the street when cars are still going, don’t, yeah, I mean, and this is something, you know, again I just want to reiterate, take this, I want to give two things to your audience. I know we’re getting towards the end here. I want to give two things for your honest one is take this quiz now. Dot com. There’s a lot of, eventually you’re going to get a couple emails and eventually we may say, we’d love to talk to you. You don’t have to, you can bow out after. But I will say, take the quiz. It’ll help you see how far in alignment you are. We’ll give you some, some very [inaudible] Kim helped with this. So I’m very grateful for your help on this and it’ll give you some useful information of where to go next, whether you work with us or not.

David Adelson: It’ll be a, it’s a fun quiz. So takethisquiznow.com to help you get in alignment more in alignment with yourself. I want to also give you a peace and harmony, download.com which is a free download, which will you can play at work or at home on your phone or computer or whatever. And it’s reduces family squabbles and it reduces interdepartment of squabbles at work and tension. So those two things I want to give you, but when we’re in alignment, to get back to your question, Kim, when we’re in alignment and our gut tells us something, we, we do want to honor what that is, but we also need to look around and take the proper steps if we’re here to cross and things change all the time, which is why I mentioned this, your gut may say cross the street now and you, and because if you could cross the street right now

But you can wait till the crosswalk is what you’re saying. You can wait until the crosswalk to do it safely.

David Adelson: Oh God, yes. But I have to tell you, there are so many things. There are one you could, you could wait for the crosswalk and then it says, nevermind, the opportunity has passed, but don’t worry about it something because you’re in alignment. Something else would come up, but it can also be yes cross right now and you are going to get hit by the car and you’re going to end up in the hospital and you’re going to get insurance money that takes care of all of your financial problems for the rest of your life. And you’re gonna meet your love, the love of your life in the hospital. And I don’t know what else is going to happen while you’re in there and they’re going to have, Oh, I know what it is. They’re going to find something that they find in the Nick of time to save you, you know, dying because you were in the hospital from this accident and they found that, Oh, your liver or this, and we fixed it with, you know, two shots and now it’s done. But if you hadn’t come in in time, it could have killed you kind of stuff. I mean, there’s so many good things that can happen. So

Kim Sutton: Public service announcement, do not walk in of cars today just because we’re giving all the awesome examples of what could happen.

David Adelson: And thank you for saying that. But this only happens when we’re in alignment. You know, sometimes the alignment tells us to do things that we’re afraid of or that’s a challenge. And we have choice. We have choice. You know, for those of us who are in alignment, we truly believe that we work for the divine. We work for God, we for Lord Christ or Buddha or Shankara, whatever our tradition is, you know, we, we honestly believe that whatever rewards we get here financially and comfort, and believe me, a lot of people get to live a very comfortable life on earth. You don’t have to wait, even when you’re following your spiritual calling. You don’t have to suffer for the divine. So, so we allow that. But, but God doesn’t, I mean, I hate to say it, I, I, I’m very supportive. Everyone, but God’s not gonna fall apart if we decide we don’t want to do something. It’s, it’s not that it’s not going to happen, it’s just not going to happen a particular way, but it can still happen. You know,

David Adelson: Like I say over and over again that he just constantly reminds me and gives me a stronger nudge until he hits me with a two by fourth year. This is what you’re supposed to be doing. So I get back to what I’m supposed to do. Maybe not the same way, but I want to share a quick story about the, about the you know, intuition and an alignment. So I, I just signed up for a new coaching and I, I felt very UN, you know, I w had to make an initial payment. Well, money was tight, but something just kept on saying, make the payment, make the payment. So I made the payment and it was very uncomfortable, but the next day, five times as much money came in.

David Adelson: Yeah, we have heard that story so many times. Somebody who wanted, you know, w wanted to take a program of mine and they were like, and it was kind of expensive, just like your coaching program. And this was years ago. And and they leaped on it on Saturday morning and they, and by afternoon they’d more than doubled their money from a different source. So, and this is why we say there’s no reason to, and you brought up some things at the beginning that we, what we put our attention on, we’ll grow in our life. So if we put our attention that we’re simply a divine being, how, whatever our tradition is, whatever it is, or that we’re a cosmic being or that we’re being that was created from unbounded or however we want to think about what our true source is, whatever that source is, that source created us out of love.

David Adelson: It created us because it wanted to experience joy through our joy, love through our love. And it never w God is not mean. God is not a trickster. God is not a joke. I mean, God has a great sense of humor, no question about it. But it’s not mean hearted. He’s not mean spirited. And the challenges that are thrown before us are our own creation and are interpreted. So I, I w I will employ, we need a part two and three as well. Yeah. Cause this is a, I’m just going to say it real quick. All of our experiences where the co-creators of our experiences, we’re the ones who decide to go to the grocery store to take this job, to marry this person, to have kids, whatever it is. So on that level where a co-creator and then in, and this is the key point can in every moment consciously or unconsciously, we are having an experience.

David Adelson: We are then passing judgment on the experience. This is a good experience or a bad experience. And then, and so we’re, we’re consciously or unconsciously sleep being a co-creator because we’re, we’re the ones who are passing judgment that someone else. And then consciously or unconsciously, we determine what our response or reaction is. So on three levels, we’re co-creators. Most people say, Oh, you hit my car, therefore I’m annoyed. But again, maybe that’s the love of your life. Maybe. Maybe it stopped you. Maybe that small fender benders stopped you from getting killed in a car accident down the road. Or it prevented you. You know, one of the big examples that that I’d love to use is there were literally thousands of people who were late to work on the morning of Norman love and in 2001 in the world trade centers and you know, while they were late to work, I mean if you have them, we’ll probably okay with it, but a lot of them were in traffic and stressing, I need to get there and freaking out and I’m like, God, my boss is going to kill me and all of this stuff and being late to work shape their lives.

Kim Sutton: Mm Hmm.

David Adelson: Because the original estimate was about 7,000 people were going to get killed and only about 2000 so thousands of people, at least 3000 people were, were stressing and upset about something that what they found out later was that it saved their life. But the fact that they were stressing about it was a choice

Kim Sutton: That gives me goosebumps.

David Adelson: So we really want to be aware of God is on your side. Nature’s on your side for everyone listening, nature is on your side. Look for the joy. Look for the support, look for why did you drop the egg on the floor and it made a mess? Did it stop you from doing something else? Does it look at a beautiful pattern? Does is it a story that you’re going to tell hundreds of times to friends over the years and 20 and 30 and 40 years from now laughing uproariously at it. I was visiting an aunt years ago and she was a favorite aunt because she had this great belly laugh and when she left the whole room jiggled and she would laugh at all of the things that she did when she was a kid that were just, she just thought they were the funniest things ever. And when, and I remember sitting there thinking, Oh my God, I want to be like that. Because when I think of the things I did as a kid, I want to beat myself up. I want to punish myself. I think I really messed up here, here, here and here and here. And she just thinks the exact same thing is the funniest thing ever. How silly they were, how fun it was, and man, what a better choice

Kim Sutton: Of the joy. David, I want to thank you so much and listeners, I have a big invite for you. I want you to head over to the Kim sutton.com forward slash P P six one nine we are going to find all the links for all the gifts that David mentioned today, but down below the show notes, I want you to leave a comment, a question, aha about what you got out of this episode and what you would like to know in part two which will follow very shortly after this episode. So again, head on over to theKimsutton.com/PP619

David, we’ve got a schedule a part two because this was amazing and I just want to thank you for all your insight today.

David Adelson: Oh, you’re so welcome. Thank you for having me. We just want to get this out to as many people just because it’s fun. Life is fun people, and if we’re not experiencing fun, start, just start for it. In the smallest places in the biggest places. It’s, it’s all about joy and the world is becoming a better and better place and yes, we’re aware of certain things in the world, but they’re leaving, they’re on their way out. The party’s over and the cleanup crew is here and everything’s going to be good and we’re coming into a really special time for each and every one of your listeners, so look for it, find it, enjoy it.