PP 628: Being the Pilot of Your Business with Nathan Seaward

Quick Show Notes – Nathan Seaward:

“A good pilot is like a good CEO.” – Nathan Seaward


Listen to hear how Nathan transitioned from a successful career as an airline pilot to entrepreneurship and coaching — and why!



7:06 Contributing to something bigger
8:35 Quality over quantity
10:39 Deafening silence
13:16 What happens in the cockpit?
15:44 Garbage in garbage out
16:26 Imposter syndrome
18:22 The responsibility of being a pilot vs being a CEO
18:50 Taking too much on
25:02 Table touches and interaction
28:34 Upping the ante annually
42:05 Gratitude practices and situations

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Resources – Nathan Seaward:

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Inspirational Quotes:

“I’m not giving up what I do because I love what I do.” ~Kim Sutton

“For me, I love that moment when I get into bed at night and I go, ‘Oh wow, my life made a difference today.’” ~Nathan Seaward

“Just because I can do everything doesn’t mean I should.” ~Kim Sutton

“I often say to my clients, ‘My first commitment to you is that I am living an extraordinary life.’” ~Nathan Seaward

“Am I just trying to growing it for growth’s sake? Or is this truly part of my extraordinary life?” ~Nathan Seaward

“As a pilot, we’re the same as a founder or a CEO. We’re the counterpoint of the operation. We take in the information from the ground crew, from the engineer, from air traffic control, from the passengers, from the flight attendants, and we are the ones who have to take all the information in and then process it and then make the best decision for the whole operation. Exactly the same as the CEO does. They take information from marketing, from finance, from all the different elements, and then they’re the ones who have to make a decision.” ~Nathan Seaward

“A good pilot is like a good CEO.” ~Nathan Seaward

“You can’t delay making decisions.” ~Nathan Seaward

“You can’t take on more luggage than is safe, and I was doing that in my business.” ~Kim Sutton

“In business, I’m scared everyday because it constantly calls me to grow bigger.” ~Nathan Seaward

“What I had to get over is that my business is not my self-worth. The money that I generate for my business has nothing to do with my value as a human.” ~Nathan Seaward

“I realized that I was training my clients to expect immediate turnaround.” ~Kim Sutton

“Integrity doesn’t just affect how I interact with other people and how I treat other people, but also myself.” ~Kim Sutton

“But what I realize is that by not relying on my clothes, by being myself, by letting my personality shine through, that’s what’s been more successful than anything else.” ~Kim Sutton

“You can ask for help without being embarrassed.” ~Kim Sutton

“Just because your business is struggling doesn’t mean you are a failure or that you are a bad person.” ~Nathan Seaward

About Nathan Seaward:

Nathan Seaward

Born and raised in New Zealand to a Canadian mother, Nathan grew his wings flying many intercontinental flights. Through his experiences with the pilots in air, Nathan discovered his love for flying and piloted for his first time at age 12.

Listen to hear how Nathan transitioned from a successful career as an airline pilot to entrepreneurship and coaching — and why!

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