Practicing What You Preach

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I had the realization recently that I was not actively practicing what I preach. While I teach my clients and community to set up the systems and support they need in their businesses so they can spend their nights and weekends doing the activities and being with the people they love, I was still a slave to my own business (and computer).

NOTE: This was by choice, not due to boundaries.

By not practicing what I preach, I was holding myself back from fully buying in to and communicating the value of what I offer to my clients and prospects.

Are you doing the same? Are you practicing what you preach?

Listen as I share more about my story as well as share examples from current and past clients.

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By not practicing what she preaches, @thekimsutton held herself back from fully buying in to and communicating the value of what she offers her clients. Do YOU practice what you preach? Watch as Kim shares: #smb #entrepreneurClick To Tweet


(Transcription not yet cleaned up, but thank you for checking it out!)

I’m here to talk about practicing what we preach, implementing it into our own lives, and how that is important for upleveling our personal and our professional life.

Let me tell you… I have had a lot of struggles in my life, in my business, actually doing what I teach others to do, whether it’s removing myself from my business, nights and weekends, like taking myself away from my business and actually spending time with my family or setting up my funnel or getting out there in front of people. Getting the automation set up in my business. is hiring team members to support me doing all the hacks that I talked to people about day in and day out and, and implementing them in my own life has been a huge struggle. But it’s not just in my business, that I see this struggle happening. I see clients who struggle with practicing what they preach. I have had clients, get clients, I’ve had clients who are confidence in mindset coaches, who will go out and share their confidence and come across really strong on camera or on stage. But behind the scenes, they’re scared to make a small investment, even three to $5 an hour, three to five, I’m not saying 35 three to $5 an hour for assistance, and where’s the confidence in mindset in that right. I’ve had an interview Dance coach, who behind the scenes was in scarcity mindset, and that came across in her business. I didn’t mean to be gender specific there, I guess it’s too late for that. But when you’re not practicing what you teach, when you’re not practicing what you preach, it’s going to be a lot harder to sell your expertise in what you want to be known for. If you’re not implementing it in your own life. I, I’m just gonna keep on rattling off examples and to my dear clients, I love you. Some of you, I’m not going to name any of you by name, but you’ll know who you are. If I bring up you as an example. I mean, visibility coaches who aren’t getting visible people who preach about the importance of being on podcast but don’t go on the podcast themselves. Authenticity coaches who aren’t authentic and only share what’s perfect in their lives. Come on. If you’re going to be an authenticity, experts, then you got to share what’s really going on in your life. If you’re telling people how to share their stories, then share your own damn story, like stop only sharing the perfect because that is not going to help anybody. If you don’t have the confidence to walk your talk, and practice what you preach, then other people aren’t going to have the confidence either. And I, as I said, I’ve been struggling with this. How can I tell other people that they need to get away from their computers, nights and weekends and have all the systems set up so that they can do so when I myself haven’t had that setup? So when I’ve been away from the camera for the last few months, that was for a little, a few reasons. I mean, we’ve gone through an interesting time in the world and all five kids were at home, but it’s also because I’ve been hard at work setting up systems. And I don’t want you to think that when I’m talking about setting up systems in my business that it is an overnight thing. It is definitely not an overnight thing, just like there is no overnight success story, with the exception of buying a winning lottery ticket, which I would think that most winning lottery ticket like Mega Millions winners have been buying lottery tickets for years and years. There’s no overnight success story. I spent three days last week working on my Facebook Messenger bot, and it’s still not done. This stuff is complicated. You don’t just grow your confidence overnight. your mindset doesn’t flip like that. It took years, years years years of struggle in my business until I could finally muster the confidence I needed to actually see it grow But that doesn’t mean I’m out there. As a competence coach, I am not a competence coach, please don’t hire me to be one. There are a lot better people out there for that.

All I’m asking for today is if you’re going to be selling something, if you’re going to be preaching, if you’re going to be teaching, then make sure you have it set up in your business and in your life First, if you’re going to be telling me how to eat healthy, don’t let me find a picture of you on Instagram, eating McDonald’s. practice what you preach. That’s why I don’t talk about healthy eating, by the way, because, yeah, you can get closed circuit television recordings from McDonald’s and see that we still eat it. I would love to know so I want anybody who watches this, whether you’re watching on Facebook or on YouTube later on, comment down below this video. What you teach what you preach and how you implement what you how you practice. What preach how you share it with the world by sharing it in your own life first,

so make sure to leave it down below.

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