Protecting Ourselves from Porcupines

Have you ever woken up in a bubble of bliss just to have a big ‘ol porcupine charge in to you like darts flying at balloons at the county fair?

I’m not talking about the porcupine of life disasters. Keep the car breakdowns, lost jobs and unexpected major issues out of this.

I’m talking about the people who wear bad attitudes and moodiness like porcupines wear their needles. No matter how many beautiful blessings roll their way, they’re more likely to spear them than to raise up and embrace their gorgeousness with their soft side.


Protecting ourselves from porcupines has become as necessary as insurance for our homes, cars and health. Our bubble of bliss is the mental insurance our lives need to thrive.


Over the years my patience for porcupines has dwindled to close to nothing, transforming instead into a realization that I control my happiness.

“Come on ya ‘ol porcupine! Give me your best shot! I’m going to zap my happiness into your needle and transform it into a ray of sunshine and hope.”

The only problem is, my bliss bubble ruffles the needles of the porcupines and makes them more irritated.

Why should she be constantly happy?
What right does she have to be happy this morning?
Life is shit and smells like it too. And I’m going to continue being a pissy porcupine no matter how many people I turn off.

Well, damn.

Sometimes the battle can be weary, even for people like me. While protecting ourselves from porcupines, fragments of the negative needles can splinter off and get under our skin. Unattended, they accumulate and begin to pollute our positive mindset.

But we need to remain strong.

We need to remind myself, “I am happy. This day is full of promise and purpose. My positive attitude will serve me in my pursuit of helping others. And I will do my darndest to share my positive light with the porcupine, even if it takes decades to see any hint of happiness.”

My friend, don’t let the porcupines get under your skin. Keep your bubble of bliss inflated, and patch the holes when they get punctured. A negative attitude won’t stop us from achieving our dreams, however the bubble of bliss will provide a much faster ride to the goal.