How I Repurpose Facebook Lives

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Every minute you spend on content creation should be used smartly. This includes doing live videos, including Facebook lives, LinkedIN lives, YouTube lives, Instagram lives.

Have you thought about your evergreen marketing strategy for your live videos? If not, look no further! In this video, I’m sharing how I repurpose Facebook lives.

While this strategy takes considerably longer than simply going live to Facebook, the long-term, evergreen benefits are endless.

Watch to learn how I repurpose Facebook lives to generate leads and revenue for my business and my family.

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Have you ever hesitated to go live on Facebook because maybe you don’t know if it’s worth your time?

You don’t know if spending time to do your hair, your makeup – if you’re a female – or just thinking about the subject, and then going live to maybe crickets, is actually going to be worth your time.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is.

I’m Kim Sutton, host of the Positive Productivity podcast. I’m a mom of five and I’m a business and marketing automation mentor. And my mission is to help you entrepreneurs, especially if you’re a business or life coach, get away from your business and back to the people and activities that you love.

So, today I’m going to show you how I repurpose Facebook Lives to make the most out of every single marketing minute that I have.

(Transcription still being cleaned up. Thanks for checking it out!)

Now, in full disclosure, even though I work in tech, every single day, all day sometimes tech doesn’t necessarily go the way that we want it to. So while I was going to be recording this as a facebook live today, for my facebook group, the the positive productivity private Facebook group, which by the way, you can join at KIM SUTTON comm forward slash group. Mike, my software wasn’t working. So I’m going to show you behind the scenes as if we had already recorded the Facebook Live. And I’m going to show you the steps that I take afterwards so that you can implement the same system in your business and make the most out of every single marketing minute and also make the most out of every single Facebook Live or LinkedIn live if you’re fortunate enough to use that. So let’s dive in.

So when I go live, I use be live which you can find that be live

PV. You can also use Facebook directly or you can use stream yard. And I’m sure there’s a number of other tools as well. But I know that B live and stream yards are the tools I hear up the most often. And they’re also the two that I’ve personally used.

A major benefit of going live using be live versus going live directly in Facebook is that the download quality of the videos is significantly higher when I download from be live than it is when I download from Facebook itself. So if you’re concerned about video quality, I definitely recommend a small investment into a tool like be live or stream yard.

After I go live, be live takes a few minutes, sometimes up to half an hour or an hour to process the video. And then I can come to my my broadcast page and I can download the video. After I download the video. I bring the video into Camtasia where I do a little

A little bit of editing. Again, Camtasia is the tool that I use, but I know there are a lot of other tools out there that you can use if you don’t have money to invest in Camtasia, or if you already have another tool that you prefer,

I will trim off the beginning and the end of the Facebook Live. Because at the beginning, right before I start recording for the purpose of repurposing, I speak to my Facebook community, I let them know that I’m here for them. I let them know that they can be sharing their comments and questions throughout the video. And I answer those comments and questions after the video is over. So I don’t necessarily want that content going out to YouTube. And onto my blog. That is an exclusive benefit of being a member of the free Facebook group which again, you can join at that KIM SUTTON comm forward slash groups.

After I bring it into Camtasia, I have a 3d rendering of my logo which I put at the beginning of the end and I excellent

import the mp4, which I then take over to YouTube.

In YouTube, it’s important to mention that at the top of the page, I do have a video that visitors who have not previously subscribed to my page to my channel will see. And there’s also another video that subscribers will see when they return to my channel. Scrolling down, it’s also important to mention that I have three very distinct playlists. The first is next level Mondays. The second is work smarter, not harder Wednesdays and the third is feel good funnel Friday’s.

Each of these is a theme that I use when I’m recording my Facebook Lives.

When the videos are uploaded to YouTube, they’re uploaded to the appropriate playlist because I want to make sure that subscribers always have a good idea of what they’re going to be seeing in those videos.

You may notice looking at the screen that some

Have the videos have text only thumbnails and others have thumbnails that show pictures of me. My friend Mark Uberti told me that he found that thumbnails with pictures of you on them. Well of him on them specifically did better than those without and I have found the same to be the case for me too. Now, you’ll notice that none of the views here are extremely high. I’m still working on that. And I know that every step along the way is making progress toward the bigger end goal.

So I upload the video to YouTube and then it gives me a share URL. And what I do with that share URL is that I bring the video over to my website where I then post a vlog. For example, this past Monday, I posted a vlog called three ways to keep promises to yourself. This was a video that I originally did on Facebook. I edited it in Camtasia. As I’ve already explained,

I posted it to YouTube and then I brought the link over here.

While the formatting isn’t necessarily how I would like it to look yet, you can see that the link now shows the video. People can watch it directly on my site, and they can also subscribe and watch other videos within that playlist. Let me show you what I mean.

I do include the end icon so people can go to the playlist and they can also subscribe right here. So regardless of whether they’re watching on YouTube, or on my site directly, either way, they can still subscribe and they can still watch other YouTube videos.

Scrolling down, you’ll see that I have quick notes about the video. I have a click to tweet, I include an opt in and then I also include a transcription. My transcriptions are created through, which is an artificial intelligence transcription tool. So I do want you to know

Know that it does take a little bit of cleaning up.

There are other tools out there like rev calm, Tommy calm and Trent calm, rev calm, which is the most expensive cost approximately $1 a minute and I know there are also add ons but all those transcriptions are created by humans from start to finish. again is AI generated, so it does require a little bit of cleanup on the back end. But for only $10 a month, I can get 6000 minutes a month. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend $10 a month for 6000 minutes then $6,000 a month for 6000 minutes.

After the blog is posted on my site, I then take the link and I share it to my email list. I share it to my social media. And I also share it to Pinterest. But before I tell you any more about that I want to tell you that I do use Canva to create a

The thumbnail image for YouTube. And I also use their magic resize tool to make the thumbnail image for my blog to create the

Open Graph image for my sharing tool on my on my blog and also to create a pin for Pinterest. Again, the semantic resize tool, so I don’t have to do a lot of work in order to have images for each individual platform.

If you’re curious about how I share it to Pinterest, I want to give you a quick preview about that. So I’m going to head on over to my Pinterest profile. And you’ll see here when looking at the boards that I have boards on my Pinterest account for my blog, for my podcast for my coats that go up on Instagram and also for my lead magnets and my products. These Facebook Lives do go into my blog category because I’ve mixed the blog and the blog. So each one of them is pretty

With the image that I just showed you, which is created on Canva.

In case you’re curious about why there are two the same image back to back, I use tailwind app, which has an incredible smart loop feature, which automatically repins pins on a scheduled

on a regular timeline. Unfortunately, and this is the only downside I see of the smart loop feature is that it re pins the most recently pinned pin first rather than going to the oldest one. I would prefer that it goes to the oldest pin that hasn’t been repaired yet, rather than doing it the way that it does, but I’ll be submitting us suggestion to that to them so that perhaps they can fix it in the future. Regardless, though, using smart loop and other tailwind features, Pinterest has become the number two traffic driver to my site, running seconds.

Get only behind Google, which I believe is fantastic. You can see here this, this pin was posted just in the last day and it already has 642 impressions. And five click throughs to my site. I absolutely love that.

Would love to know what you do to repurpose your Facebook Lives or if you even do it Facebook Lives or if you do Facebook Lives how you repurpose them. I’d also love to know if you received any aha of this video, so make sure to leave a comment down below, subscribe to the channel and hit the bells so that the next time I release a video, you know, and you can be working with me for free to help take yourself away from your computer and get yourself back to the activities and the people that you love. Now with all that said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.