Sixty seconds for self-care…

Do you know the difference this could make in your life? Take it from me… A LOT…

Today I returned home from an unexpected hospital stay, thanks to taking sixty seconds for self-care. The simple act of scheduling a much-needed (and put-off) doctor appointment is undoubtedly going to help me create a much healthier and fulfilling future for me AND my family.

While I realize a doctor appointment and hospital stay take much longer than sixty seconds, it was the sixty-second act of scheduling the appointment which will make a tremendous difference in my future.

What sixty-second self-care action could you take today to create a better tomorrow?

Shortly after birth, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It wasn’t until my late 20’s/early 30’s, however, that I understood just what this meant and why it was so important to take 30 seconds a day to take my medicine. You can read how I learned my lesson HERE.


In the 10 years since my lesson, I have been taking my meds, however I haven’t always made my health and well-being my top priority. I have sacrificed sleep on my quest for success and eaten more than my fair-share of drive-through meals. And I have said “Yes” to too many opportunities, rather than following my heart and passion — and thus allowing myself sixty seconds for self-care. 

Added together, these sacrifices created a lot of stress and anxiety.

Despite becoming clearer on my vision and resuming a “normal” sleep schedule, several weeks ago I began experiencing shooting pains down my left arm. I knew I was stressed — as a mom of five, including three ages four and younger I challenge you not to be stressed — and set aside my pain. Then, this past weekend, my pain went up a notch. My chest became tight, and I was experiencing the shooting pain in my neck and jaw.

Not good.

A couple months back, I scheduled a visit with my endocrinologist and that appointment was yesterday. He was concerned by the dose of my medication (I had been going to my primary care physician rather than him for several years), and also expressed concern that my body wasn’t absorbing my thyroid medication as it should be. And, following hearing about the pain in my chest, arm and neck, I was directed to go to the emergency room.

Sixty seconds of self-care could have prevented this pain.

My hospital stay thankfully ruled a heart attack or heart related diseases. Thank God. At 38, I have too much living to do to be knocked out by a heart. Unfortunately, it did find that my thyroid is… whacked. My endocrinologist’s concern that my body isn’t absorbing my medication is legit, and there will be much work to be done to correct this. In the meantime, I get to enjoy arm and chest pains as a sign that I am alive. I get to enjoy time with my friends and family. And I get to share my journey with you so you can prevent the same set-backs in your life.

So, now I ask you. What is the best way you could invest sixty seconds of self-care into YOUR life today?

The answer doesn’t need to be scheduling a doctor appointment. Heck, it could be simply brushing your teeth or putting on drinking a cup of water! It could be taking sixty seconds to think positive thoughts or give a loved one a hug.

But again, what is the best way you could invest sixty seconds of self-care into your life today?

Go do it.