Your Ideal Client is Not Everybody

During a recent call with a prospective client I was trying to get a feel for her ideal clients. I had a solid understanding of her products, and honestly knew quite well who her ideal clients should be. She gave me a response, however, which made me want to shout, “Your ideal client is NOT everybody!”

If your response is not “everybody” I’m sure you’ve spoken with someone whose answer was.

Guess what? The answer to “Who is your ideal client or customer” is only “everybody” if you are Amazon or Mother Nature. (If you can think of anybody else who can answer this, please comment below!) Everybody needs rain (Mother Nature),and everybody can find something they need on Amazon.

Previously I, too believed my ideal client was any entrepreneur seeking assistance. As a result, I was considering my financial gain rather than my personal passion. Since starting my business, however, I have learned that answering “small business owner” or “entrepreneur” does not suit me or my business.

I admit that I’ve floundered and failed with clients whose market segment wasn’t something I was knowledgeable about or interested in. When I accepted clients in segments of no interest or knowledge, my desire to work on their project(s) waned almost immediately.

And did I want to spend hours studying up on these topics?

I’m not ashamed to shout “NO!”

In case you’re wondering, my ideal clients are business coaches, life coaches and motivational speakers. My only exception is those heavy on woo-woo. Due to my Christian Faith, I shy away from super woo-woo in order to stay true to me. I am passionate about helping my clients share their messages and products with those who need them.

Your ideal client is NOT everybody!

Who’s your ideal client and what do you do? You are invited to share your passion and purpose in the comments below. Who knows?! Maybe someone will read your comment and reach out to hire you or purchase your products!

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