PP 332: Haley Burkhead, CEO of Profit Planner and Host of the Profit Planner Podcast

Haley started her entrepreneurial journey as a web designer in 2012, but found herself miserable. She re-entered the workforce in 2016, learned LOADS about productivity and planning, and transitioned back into entrepreneurship.

Listen to hear how she is now helping entrepreneurs through Profit Planner!

03:15 I share my own entrepreneurial journey along with my hope planning method
04:30 Methods and tools Haley uses and teaches
07:50 Time traps entrepreneurs face
10:00 Haley’s SOA method
14:00 The Captain of the ship
16:22 The practices of rich vs. poor people
35:00 Haley’s favorite tools

Listen as @haleyburkhead ‏and @thekimsutton chat about hope vs. #profit planning for #entrepreneurs, #smallbiz tools, knowing our worth and more! http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp332 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet

Episode Transcription

Coming soon!