PP 390: Greg Jeffries, Founder of SEO Affiliate Domination

“You’re only going to get results by taking action yourself”

Founder of SEO Affiliate Domination, Greg Jeffries, shares the basic tools he needed to get started with his business, the financial struggle, and what it takes to live a comfortable life. Listen in as we discusses the challenges of entrepreneurship and the importance of taking action to propel yourself forward in your business.

1:38 You gotta start somewhere
5:55 Targeted action
8:50 The magic number
12:40 Stability of entrepreneurship
17:21 Don’t give up- ask for help
21:36 Credit card debt
25:00 Ideal situation for side hustle
28:00 The importance of implementation
33:23 How Greg made it work
41:10 Take actions on what is already working
47:24 Riding trends, go with it
58:20 Remove your blinders- people buy all kinds of products

“You don’t get the experience by reading the book”. Tune in as @thekimsutton and Greg Jeffries discusses taking action and propelling your business forward. #positiveproductivityClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

PP 247: Asking for Assistance Does Not Make You Weak

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco 


3:45 “While it does take time, it takes effort, and for me at least, I was broke and all I had was time”
5:32 “You’re only going to get results by taking action yourself”
6:38 “You don’t get the experience by reading the book”
29:43 “Learn the basics and then implement it. You’re going to learn everything else you need to know by taking action”
33:03 “There are so many simple, creative ways that you can hack your way to the top and bypass years and years of hard work and effort and tens of thousands of dollars of time and money invested”

Episode Transcription

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