10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of

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It’s Feel Good Funnels Friday! And, I’m your host, Kim Sutton.

I am here to make your funnel building process easier and higher, higher convertible. I think there’s a blooper right there. But, make it so that when people enter your funnel that they don’t feel like you are on a dirty first date trying to shove your your tongue down the other person’s throat. Let’s have your funnel, your marketing funnel, feel so good to the people who opt in that they are coming after you and asking how they can sign up for more.

Today we’re going to be talking about the 10 places you can post your opt in that you may not have thought of.

When I’m building funnels for my clients, often they come back a little bit later and they ask or they say, “Kim, my funnel is not getting any leads. Why is it empty? What? What’s wrong?”

My friend, building a funnel is not like the Kevin Costner movie of the eighties or nineties, whatever year that was, The Field of Dreams.

This is not, “When you build it, they will come.

This is “When you build it. Then you had to make it visible.

You need to get out there and you need to share it. And a lot of people forget that outside of posting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn, that there are so many other opportunities for you to share your funnel with people in very, um, low key ways that actually convert really well.

So full disclosure, I had this idea when I was in the shower and not this morning, but I got as far as writing out on an old envelope. So I’m going to be reading off of there today.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #1
But way number one that you can show your funnel is on your 404 page.

Go to my site right now, thekimsutton.com/404, and you will see that my 404 page is not a typical 404 page. Uh, and if you’re not familiar with what a 404 page is, a 404 page is for people like me who find it nearly impossible… let me just, let me just find it…

I think my microphone just changed. Let me just quickly check that. I want to make sure you can hear me okay. I hope this works. Mmm.

404 pages are for people like me who have trouble typing on their phone and often wind up typing and typing, typing in typos.

Is that a little bit redundant?

… And wind up at the wrong place or winding up on no place at all.

knocking off microphones and cats… That’s what you get with my lives…

So you don’t want people, if they have fat, thumbs like me to just wind up on a page that says, “Oops. Uh, you got a mistake.”

If you’re on WordPress and I will put a link in the comment, you can go and get the whole live transcript and all the resources that I’ve mentioned.

But if you’re on WordPress, I use this awesome app that a lot, or a plugin that allows me to customize my 404 pages. So I have a variety of opt-ins and they’re all right there, regardless of what, Mmm. Of what they’re going to my site for. They will always find my opt ins if they wind up on the floor or four page and they also find a video. So don’t be afraid, excuse me. Don’t be afraid to share yourself.

This connection, this eye to eye connection, even if your fingernails are desperately in need of re polishing, (that’s what Saturdays are for by the way.)

Um, this eye to eye connection is priceless (and you can just hope that the cat doesn’t start licking her butt in the background when you are doing that video.)

So, way number one, 404 page.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #2
Way number two is every single blog article that you put out should have a button for your optin.

Of course we would prefer then it’d be relevant. But if you have a general overarching theme opt in that you can give for your whole site, then it’s totally cool. Put it there. Let me give you an example of this one.

I forgot last year on new year’s day 2019 I published an article that was my 19 for 2019 totally inspired by Gretchen Rubin. (Just need to give credit where credit’s due.) I shared it across all my social media and that day it had hundreds and hundreds of visits and I couldn’t figure out ( please still be getting my voice – It says that my microphone switched again). Um, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any opt-ins.

So I went and looked at the page and I realized I had forgotten to put a button or an opt in in the article. Hundreds of people had already been through. People pay… My clients have paid up to $2 and 50 cents, $3 and 50 cents or more for… Mmm. For leads.

And I let 200 plus go out the door because I had forgotten to put a button on my article. Don’t do that.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #3
Number three: a podcast, mid-roll ad.

As you may or may not know, I’m the host of the Positive Productivity podcast, and I would have to say that I let hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of episodes go by before I was confident enough to promote my own opt-ins on my podcast.

It’s MY podcast, folks!

I can put my opt in on my podcast. I can put my opt in on my podcasts as a pre-roll mid-roll or post-toll. Hey, I’m not the producer. I don’t know what they’re actually called, but I can put them wherever the heck I want to.

If I wanted a whole podcast episode all about my opt-in, I could. That wouldn’t feel good, and I would instantly unsubscribe from anybody who had a podcast like that. But I absolutely could do that.

So promote your stuff in your podcast if you have one. I do not see benefits of doing it and (there’s a cat on my arm, so pardon me when I’m crossing over. Actually meat theme fame is my shadow and she follows me everywhere) I have not seen conversions coming from my pre podcast advertisement. So if I record a a short segment that goes before my actual episode, I noticed that those episodes weren’t converting as well.

When I put them into mid roll, when I put them at a the end, they’re still good. But I know from my own listening habits that when an episode is done, I may sometimes just fast forward so I don’t have to listen to everything.

But, because you’re here today, here’s a little secret for you…

If you listen to the end of my episodes, especially the newer ones, I am now putting bloopers at the end of my episodes. So you have to listen to the music if you want to hear the bloopers, if they’re there, and there’s a lot of really good bloopers.

Number three again is a podcast mid-roll ad.

Put your opt in with an easy link in easy link please.

Like my 30 Say Work Smarter, Not Harder Challenge.

Don’t send it to like I was sending people to TheKimSutton.com/WSNH. I can barely get that out of my mouth. So, I went to GoDaddy. and purchased an easy link, WorkSmarterNotHarderChallenge.com.

Make it easy for people to find your opt-in.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #4
Okay, Pinterest is way number four.

For every single one of my lead magnets, I create three or four, if not more, different variations of pins, which you can do so easily on Canva. And I have boards set up on Pinterest where I share all of these opt-ins, too.

And then I use a great tool called Tailwind. And, again, I’ll put a link to where you can find all the resources for this video down in the description.

But I use Tailwind App, and I’m a part of their tribe so I can share all my pins into the tribes. I also use Smart Loop, which keeps my pins cycling on a regular basis. So, once a month, no, even more than once a month, I’ll have to get back to you on that, but every day there are pins re-pinning themselves without requiring any action from me.

And, just to give you an idea, I’m just going to pull it up on my phone really fast, um, right now my Pinterest is showing that I have, and I’m going to show this to you, so you don’t think I’m just making this stuff up if you can see it, I have 1.7 million impressions for the last 30 days and I have an audience of 1.4 million. So, 1.7 million impressions in the last 30 days and 1.4 million audience in the last 30 days.

And, I will tell you that my activity on Pinterest, like my real time activity, is pretty much nothing.

I preschedule everything, and I will go in sometimes, um, and do live sharing from the feed. But, for the most part, I am getting more than enough content to share out of the Tailwind tribes.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #5
Way number five: Every single Facebook live, Instagram, live, YouTube live, if you’re been honored to now be able to do LinkedIn live, which I have not been accepted for yet, give them an invitation to get your opt-in.

Full disclosure: I have a four part video series for Feel Good Funnels that I was hoping to share with you today. It will be available in the future. It will be on the site in, in the links for this when it is ready, but it’s not ready yet.

But for every single live, I want to have a relevant freebie that I can give you in the future.

Will there be something sold off of that freebie? 

Yeah, but my first intention is always to give you value. And if I can give you additional value over what I teach you here today, then I want to, because that will build my rapport with you, hopefully.

And that’s what I want you to be doing, people, with your people as well.

Provide them tremendous value in your live, and then give them additional free resources, and then upsell them to something. Hold their hand, give them a kiss on the cheek, give them a hug, but don’t go straight for the sex.

That’s what I’m trying to say. You know, I don’t need to sell from this video. I can nurture this relationship and make it strong before I go in for anything more.

Hey, I have five kids. I have permission to talk about sex on my videos.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #6
Way number six: Your LinkedIn summary.

So many people use their LinkedIn to only talk about themselves. “I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I got a degree in Interior Architecture. And then I worked for this firm and this firm and this firm and I designed schools, and I designed corporate offices and, and, and, and, and I’m just going to keep on talking about myself.

That’s what mine would say if this was the way that I did it.

But I don’t.

My LinkedIn summary, if you, and again, you can click through, I don’t care if you copy it, just make it yours.

Okay, do not put my LinkedIn summary on your LinkedIn page, but my LinkedIn summary talks about how I can help you, how I can help my prospective clients, how I will help or the value that I provide to you.

Don’t talk about yourself, talk about what you can offer and then throw in your freebie links that are relevant of course.

So, if I’m talking about how I create high converting funnels, I’m going to give my four part video series for Feel Good Funnels.

It makes sense.

It’s not throwing them off in a different loop. It’s giving them something relevant. So I’m going to put it right there in my LinkedIn summary.

Got it?
Got it.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #7
Okay. Way number seven. Facebook group questionnaire.

If you have a Facebook group, and I learned this from Donnie Boivin. Thank you, Donnie.

Actually, I need to revise that. I had questions that I was asking for people who joined my Facebook groups. And, if you’re not already a member, I have a very large virtual assistant jobs, um, network of Facebook groups starting with the international group with over 46,000 members.

But, mmm. For such a long time I wasn’t asking anything besides, do you understand the rules? Yes or no? Great. But then I saw when I joined, uh, Donny Boivin’s group, Success Champions, that he was asking, “What’s your email address?” “Where are you at in your business?”

In a couple of,… You can only ask three questions, so make sure that they’re good questions.

And, when I figured out that Donnie had taken my answers and put them into his funnel –because I started getting emails, and again, these were not spammy emails, these were content drip and value driven emails — I was like, “Oh my gosh, I see what you did here. You put me in your funnel.

And then the second part of that was, “Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

So, I went and set it up for all my Facebook groups and in the last,.. okay, keep in mind that the VA jobs group has been around since 2013 so I get a lot of requests every day. Right now I probably have a couple of hundred people waiting to join the group. — Mmm. I’m adding, I’ve added 7,000 people to my list since September (2019).

Are all of them my ideal clients? No. But do I have something of value to offer the people who I, who give their email address? (By the way, it’s not a required question, but I do let them know. I ask them, “What is your email? I would like to send you a few free resources.

So, for people who answer, I send them a few free resources and now they’re on the list.

So I’ve added 7,000 people to my list and there have been so many more who haven’t entered their email and that’s okay. That’s their choice.

But it was an easy way and I had an opt in to give them, so that was way. number seven.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #8
Way number eight is in your email signature.

I personally use, what do I use? I use Wisestamp for my email signature in Gmail and I believe you can use it in Yahoo and in outlook, but include your opt in down there near email signature.

Just because you are exchanging emails with somebody doesn’t mean they’ve already added your list, added themselves to your list. It,

I will tell you that for most of the people that I exchange emails with, I’m not on their list, but I purposely keep the number of newsletters that I’m subscribed to uh, to a minimum.

But if I saw that they had something I was super duper interested in in their email signature, you bet I would be going and signing up does that was way number eight. Yeah. 

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #9
Way number nine: Get on other people’s podcasts.

It’s not difficult.

If you’re a woman and you have a podcast, join the She Podcasts Facebook group. It has 12,000 members and every Tuesday you can submit to be a guests.

There’s a whole bunch of other Facebook groups that you can join that are specifically around podcasting and that will help you, um, get on other people’s podcasts.

And then, when you go on other people’s podcasts, share your opt in link.

I can’t even tell you how many people at the end of my episodes, when I ask them where people can find them online, don’t share their opt in link.

Oh yes, you can find me at dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.com. And for all your listeners today, I have a free gift which you can get at…”

It’s so easy to add on. It’s just like that. That’s all you have to do.

Okay. And for all the people who are listening today, I have a, and for you”

Or, no. Keep… Actually target one person. Don’t target multiple.

And for the listener who’s listening and found value and wants a little bit more, I invite you to go to, okay, URL,

Give it to them so easy and uh, it doesn’t take time.

It doesn’t take much time at all to go on podcasts. I mean, you could spend an hour a week, an hour a month in the course of a year. Getting on 12 podcasts could completely change your business and your life.

So that was way number nine.

10 Places to Post Your Opt In That You May Not Have Thought Of – #10
And, way number 10 is… in your book.

A few years ago I was reading, um, Dan Kennedy’s No BS Sales and Marketing In the New Economy.

Okay, I’m just going to hold my tongue.

The book to me was boring. I guess I didn’t hold my tongue. I didn’t. The book just wasn’t exciting to me compared to what I normally like to read.

But, what I did see was that in every chapter he had a little call out box and I wish I had a copy, but I was reading it digital.

Every single chapter there was a call out.

Do you want more on this? I have a free assessment. I have a free guide, I have a checklist, I have that duh, duh, duh, duh. Go over to and he gives the URL and in order to get access to…” where all the book resources were, you had to give your email address.

Brilliant. So I’m going to do a quick recap on all the places that you can include your optin

  1. Your 404 page
  2. Every single blog, article
  3. Your podcast mid-roll
  4. Pinterest
  5. Every Facebook, Instagram or YouTube live
  6. Your LinkedIn summary
  7. A Facebook group questionnaire
  8. In your email signature
  9. On other people’s podcasts.
  10. In your, book

I would love to hear which of these you have not implemented and would love to go and implement today. So be sure to leave a comment down below and make sure to turn on notifications so that you hear when I’m going live the next time.

And, because I don’t have my Feel Good Funnels Four Part Video Series ready for you today, I provide a lot of other tips like this in the Work Smarter, Not Harder Challenge. So if you didn’t write it down before, I invite to you to go to WorkSmarterNotHarderChallenge.com and get started.

I’m Kim Sutton, host of the Positive Productivity podcast and a marketing and business automation mentor for business and life coaches. And I wish you a very happy weekend. Go forth and make it a positive and productive day.