15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder

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I am all about finding little life hacks which help me run my day — whether it be with my five kids or in my business — run smoother.

In this session of Work Smarter, Not Harder Wednesday, I am sharing the 15 Chrome Extensions which help me work smarter instead of harder.

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Welcome back to another episode of, or another session of work smarter, not harder. Wednesdays I’m your host KIM SUTTON and today I’m going to be talking about the 15 Chrome extensions that I love to use in my business that helped me work smarter instead of harder. So I’m going to share my screen and we’re really just gonna dive in today. If after the fact you want to know where to go and find any of these extensions, you can go to that KIM SUTTON comm forward slash 15 Chrome extensions and I will have a whole written up show notes for this session and you’ll be able to find All the resources right there.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #1

So I’m going to start right away with LastPass LastPass is actually let’s back that up. Second. I’m going to start by showing you how to even find Chrome extensions. I am normally hiding the books, the bookmark bar when I get on a live because you don’t need to know what my most treasured bookmarks are, but when it’s not hidden, you can see here there’s this Apps icon. And when you click on that, you can come here, you’ll see the screen you’ll see the store, you can click on the store and then you can go and type in whatever type of extent extension you are looking for. Just earlier today, I was looking for a screenshare screenshot extension. Oh my gosh. I am not gonna be able to say that word through this whole thing. But I was looking for a screen shot extension extension that could capture a whole web page, not just what was on the screen. So I went, I did a quick search, and I found one works for me. And I can’t wait to show you what it actually did for me today. But I’m going to go in order. So the first extension that I use is LastPass. And I am using the free version of LastPass. I encourage all my clients to use it. And I also encourage, it’s actually not encouraged. It’s required that all of my team members use it. And what it is, is it’s actually a password protection tool. I can share passwords within LastPass. If I go to lastpass.com. I can share my passwords with my team members without them actually seeing what the password is. So, again, you can go to lastpass.com you can sign up there but my team member doesn’t actually need to know What the password is because unless I click a little button that says show the password to whoever I’m sharing it with, they never see it. So what happens is, I’m going to show you like if I were going to log in to Meet Edgar right now, it automatically put in my email address. Yes, I’m sharing my email address with you. And then it covered up my password with dot dot dot. Yes, this is pretty typical for what it does for anybody. However, if I myself forgot it, forgot the password and needed to get in on a different computer. I could go up here I could copy the password. I guess I’ve had two different Meet Edgar accounts, I could copy the password and paste it in and it or I could paste it somewhere else and it would give give it to me I could actually paste it into a note and I could see what it is. But my team members can’t do that. I did not give them password visibility, right? So they can’t, they can’t not see it. And that’s what I request that my clients do as well. Heaven forbid, I’m in an airport someday and my computer gets stolen. I don’t want somebody to be able to go to any of the any of the websites that I visited recently and copy passwords like this and then be able to hack into any of my client systems.

So my clients passwords are hidden. And, you know, I tend to log out of my LastPass when I’m not using my computer that takes care of that.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #2

The second extension that I have up here is colorzilla. I use colorzilla, multiple times a week, and sometimes multiple times a day. I absolutely love it. Have you ever been looking at a website where you just wanted to know what that color was? Or for example, maybe you looked at your own website and wanted to know What that one color was but you really, you were just trying to match it by I will. colorzilla is a free extension free extension, where you can click on the eyedropper tool and you can go down here, choose the area that you want to select. Let’s see what color this robin’s egg I don’t know what to call that color. But what color that is, so it just copied it to the clipboard. I didn’t see it fast enough. But I can go to picked color history. And I can see nine a D zero D two. That is the color of their button there. And up here you can see a lot of the other colors that I’ve used recently often for clients, but if I didn’t write them down, this has made it really easy. By the way you should write it down. I personally have a systems operating procedure for my business. Where I have our brand colors documented, and I refer to that now. I also have them memorized. But anyway, you should write them down. Who knows what will happen? This might clear itself one day, and then I’ll have to go get them all again. But for right now, they are all here. So again, that’s colorzilla.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #3

The next one that I use is Adblock Plus. And a lot of different


are getting pretty savvy to the fact that people are using things like Adblock Plus now. And what it does is it prevents websites from showing me ads. So whereas let me go see, Google doesn’t look the same anymore, but I’m gonna go What can I search for in Google today that would, and I’m hungry. I’m going to search for brownie recipes.

I want chocolate

in the past, I probably would have seen a whole lot of ads going down the right side of the screen. But you can see here my screen is ad free. I have Adblock Plus on so I am not seeing the ads. I do see some will do I even see. There could be some days some sponsored results that show up. But today for the most part, all of these are not sponsored. That would mean paid ads trying to drive me to specific brownie recipes. Hey, look for all you advertisers. Right now might be a good time to advertise a brownie recipe and get people to buy all your brownie making supplies. But in any case, I have Adblock Plus on and it keeps people from showing me unwanted ads. This is so convenient. Let me tell you during the Christmas season, because when you’re getting cookies or pixel For looking at specific products, for example, I was looking at a website earlier today I got a paid. I got an opportunity to do a paid promotion for a product, I wanted to go check out the website and not really interested. But then I started going to some other pages where Adblock Plus was on a news outlet where I had already turned off Adblock Plus because they wouldn’t show me the content and if I left it on, and all of a sudden, that site that I was on earlier today had 15 ads all around the page. I can’t see in that, but I wanted to look at something on the news. And that’s what I had to do. So Adblock Plus this one is free as well.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #4

One tab is a miracle worker in my business. And this is my next favorite extension. It’s probably one of my top three in this bar. And one tab will take all the tabs that I have open right now

and condense them into one tab

so you can see here at the top of My screen that I currently have probably about 20 chrome tabs open. This is pretty typical. If you know me if you’ve ever seen my screen while we’ve been working together, you know, I usually have about 20 tabs it try to keep it to five. I’m 99% unsuccessful doing that. But one tab makes it really easy. Watch this, I’m going to click the extension. It’s going to smush them all.

Oh boy.

I don’t know what that was. But I’m going to push leave it was for my own site, so I can redo that. It pushes them all into one tab. And now I have a list of all the tabs that was only 14 besides the five that are still open. These are all the different tabs that I hit open today. Just now. So you can see here if I scroll down, these are all the different tabs that I have one tab over a shortened history. I I’m gonna explain that quickly. I got a new MacBook a few months ago prior to that I was on a MacBook Air, where I was constantly pushing the boundaries of how much storage I could possibly get onto it. So my, my MacBook Airs memory was constantly full, and one tab doesn’t like that, it would just delete all my one tabs. I can’t blame them like this is taking up space. But the thing about this is that it’s taking, it’s pulling a lot less bandwidth on your computer while you’re working than if you had all those different tabs open. So that is fantastic. To me. I like to work smarter, work faster, rather than harder. And if one tabbing will do it for me, then by all means I’m going to.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #5

the next extension that I have up here is Alexa traffic rank. Now some of my SEO friends say that it doesn’t really end Give the most accurate results. But I love to just measure how my website is doing. So I’m going to show you really fast how it works. Going over to my website. Now you see why I need to use one tab because I start opening up all these tabs. And I’m going to click on the Alexa. And it’s going to show me how, right now I have 37 sites linking into my site. The load time, this is what I really am always looking at is the load time of my my site. So it’s 3.27 seconds. 80% of sites are faster, that’s not good. And then I love to watch my traffic rank as the number goes down. You don’t want the number to go down. You don’t want the number to go up. This is a free extent, then, oh my gosh, extension again. And you can get it by looking in the Google extension shop. I don’t know why I can’t get that word right. So Alexa, traffic rank.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #6

the next one up here, so I’m just gonna cheat the word and not say it is tailwind publisher and tailwind if you haven’t heard me talk about it before is the tool that I use to schedule out my posts on both Instagram and on Pinterest so I’m going to go into extend into tailwind quickly to show you I have I already have pretty much to the end of the year, scheduled out I have 1600 and 97 scheduled pins right now for Pinterest. That’s about 12 a day you don’t want to go any higher than that. And in Instagram, I have let’s see. I have through Sunday scheduled so here’s a little glimpse at what’s going to be coming up on Kim’s Instagram feed. However, what the tailwind tool extension will let me do is if I were to go to Pinterest, and I wanted to, well, let’s say on the theme of brownies, if I wanted to do a search for brownie recipes, and then post them to my Pinterest board for desserts, and this is one example of what I could do. I could also go to Martha Stewart site and find an image that worked. I could click on the tailwind extension. Right now, I’m going to get this word by the time this video is done, I could click on it. And it will pull up a whole bunch of images that it finds. And I can choose Yeah, I want to do that one. This one and this one and this one and this. Oh, that looks really good. Actually, who loves marshmallows? Let me know in the comments. And we’re going to do that one. I want to put all these in. So no i’m i’m just slowly selecting them all. And then I’m going to click go schedule now tailwind is not free I need to make that clear. And right now with Yes, it’s saying that I want to post these images to my Instagram which is not the case I actually want to post them to my Pinterest. So I’m going to choose the other account instead. It’s thinking and I want to put them on desserts.

I already had the dessert desserts board created. If you’re trying to healthy eat, do not watch my videos because I do not talk about healthy recipes ever. So yeah, now these are all going to go to my desserts board on Pinterest. By the way, I am not knocking healthy eating is I need to do it more myself. But when I get a craving I indulge because I don’t think it’s good to keep what our soul or our belly wants from us. We can do it healthier, I’m sure but right now brownies sound really good. So anyway, these all have a description attached, they all have a link attached, they’re all being told to go to my dessert board. And I’m gonna say schedule. Now, it might give me a warning. But what my point is that this just made it a lot easier to schedule a whole bunch of pins at one time. And I could do this the same if I went to I’m just, Oh, those are really good too. Now you’re getting an idea of what I look at on my computer because Google’s auto feed. These are really good by the way, pumpkin chocolate chip squares for Martha Stewart but again, if I just clicked on the tailwind, it’s going to on the tail when extend extension icon it’s going to show me all the different pictures, but I could choose this one and then say go schedule and then it will ask me what board I want to pin it to. So again, I’m going to put desserts And it will do it. Now I do want to point out that while the image was sort of titled, they did an okay job at naming what the image is, you really want to start making a concerted effort to properly name any images that go on to your site, because this could have just said, pumpkin, you know, they could have used abbreviations and that’s what it would have pulled into tailwind. I also use and this is not an extension, but it helps me a lot I use. I have a really, social warfare is a WordPress WordPress plugin that I use on my site. And it allows me to write a complete description so that anytime somebody goes to my site, they have a complete description of what the image actually is. So I don’t have this I have something a little bit more extensive. But in any case, now, I’m I’m going to schedule this to go up into my dessert board. And that’s how easy it was. So you don’t always have to go into Pinterest. And it’s that easy. So that was tailwind.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #7

My next extension is facebook pixel helper. This is another free one. And I’m loving seeing this number three here, and I’m going to show you what it means. When the people when Martha Stewart’s developers are putting together this page, they do have a pixel installed that indicates a page view. And that is really important. There, I don’t see any opt ins on this page. And what I want to show you is that I’m going to go to

30 day let’s see you

I want to find a thank you page on my site that I can show you what happens when What should happen? Okay, well, this is a bad example. You want to make sure that there is a pixel that registers the completion of a signup. So if you have an opt in page, and then you have a thank you page, you want to make sure that not only do you have the facebook pixel, but you already you also have a registration pixel. And a lot of people get that wrong, and then they go and run Facebook ads. And Facebook is not seeing the conversion because there is no conversion pixel attached to the thank you page. So even just yesterday, I was showing my sister how to do this with some of her clients. When Facebook does not see the conversion pixel, they don’t realize that the ad is converting very well. So they’re going to charge more and they’re going to show the ad lists and that totally defeats the purpose of running an ad in the first place if you’re doing it for leads or registrations or signups. So make sure that on the thank you page and you Do it really easily with a tool like facebook pixel pixel helper, that you have not only the page view pixel, this is an outdated one, I’ll have to fix that. But you also have the conversion pixel. So this is facebook pixel helper extension, and it is free.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #8

The next extinct extension that I have is web developer. This is another free one. And I really love this one, because there are some times when I’m on a site, specifically, even my own sites where I’ve updated something and I’m still not doing the updates. And whereas you can go to your Chrome settings and clear out all your cookies. I don’t necessarily want to do that because I might have you’ve already seen that I had 20 tabs open. I don’t want it to log Me Out of all the, the websites that I’m on at one time. So using web developer, I can say just delete the domain cookies for this one. So you can see here, I’m just going to delete this one right now. And out it goes, I can refresh. And it No, you know, it’s it’s not assigning what I saw in the past. And I know there’s a difference between clearing the cookies and clearing the cache. But this is what I specifically use this one for. There’s so many other awesome functions of this tool. But that’s specifically what I use this one for and when I tell clients that they need to clear their cookies when we’re working on stuff on their sites or on their funnels, this is what I tell them to use. Because for so many of them just like me, if they were to clear all their cookies at once, they would be really screwed.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #9

So, coming up next is

excuse me why stamp in the US? Chances are, I’m a little bit scared to open up my inbox and show you but chances are you have seen somebody in their inbox and I’m just going to err in their email have a signature in their email. With their picture and with their social media links, why Sam you can find out why stamps calm but the extent the extension is what gets it to populate in every single one of my emails, I do have a paid wise stamp account, you can get a free one. But the paid gives you additional features. I don’t even remember what features those are or additional designs, and I wanted it so I got the the paid one. So I think it’s about $100 a year. And that’s why stamps.com that’s where this comes from.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #10

Coming up next up here is boomerang. Oh my gosh, you’re seeing such a behind the scenes look at my inbox right now. And what Boomerang will do is let’s just say that I wanted to take a look at this email later today. But I really want to have Inbox Zero. I can Boomerang it in nice You can say bring it back to me in an hour or so it removes it and puts it into a boomerang folder. I can also take it I can push it out, two days, four days a week, two weeks a month. Those are some of the convenient ones I can you know, these are they’re really fast and easy, or I can tell it at a specific time. And one of these days I will be back to inbox zero again, but for the time being, you know, I Boomerang Boomerang where I can tell it, bring it back to me. You know, bring it back to me later. That’s fine with me. Okay, I’m gonna get out of my inbox before I embarrass myself.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #11

Group funnels is what I use


take new people who have joined my Facebook groups and put them into a put them into my system. I’m doing a Facebook Live. You want to say hi to everybody. As my awesome husband. So, group funnels, it works with Zapier, it connects my Facebook page to a Google spreadsheet to my Infusionsoft. So every time I get a new person who wants to join, I wonder if I have anybody who wants to join right now, if they fill out the question in my group, the the questions that I asked everybody to fill out, then I have to, again, you can go to facebook.com forward slash groups forward slash positive productivity and you’ll find this but you can see I have two people they filled out the question so I’m going to go download but I really didn’t mean to show you their email addresses. But it’s telling me that group funnels is ready to save me time and make me money. Both are good, so I’m going to click Approve and approve. Great, they’ve been added to the group funnels, I can go on Here, I can go to view data. I’m gonna have to hide this later, but I can push it to the Google Sheet. So I’m going to push it to the Google Sheet Zapier ZAP. Er, Zapier is going to see that I just added two new lines to that spreadsheet, and they’re gonna ping them over to my Infusionsoft account and they are going to get them into a welcome campaign. Oh boy, I really didn’t want to do that. Okay, I’m going to save this for later. I don’t need to take up your time Do it now. But yeah, that’s how group funnels works. Group funnels is not free group funnels costs. I believe it’s a lifetime plan about $300 but it has been so worth it for me. And I know it will be worth it for you too. If you run groups in your business.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #12

This is a long video Facebook I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook despite the fact that this has been a long video, which, for those who of you who are watching on YouTube, I do my videos on my Facebook page first and then I repurpose them and put them on YouTube. But I do not like to come into Facebook and see a whole lot of drama. I don’t want to see people whining, I don’t want to come in here and see ads. I want to choose what I see when I come into Facebook. And the way that I do that is I use the newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook. And that allows me to, you know, see a couple things. Some days I see a quote here, I can see whose birthday it is and I can do a post. And that’s really about it. And if I even want to go see somebody else’s page, I need to go specifically to their page. If I want to see the whole feed, I need to get onto my phone. I don’t use my phone very often. To be totally honest, my husband has my phone in his hand right now because he’s waiting for a call on my phone. So it has to be a really conscious effort for me to go into Facebook. Because I found that I can easily spend hours and hours scrolling and news feed Eradicator the Chrome extension helps me eliminate all that scrolling time. And if you find that you had the same habit where you will find hours scrolling, scrolling and ingesting other people’s drama, then I really recommend that you use this tool again, free

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #13

loom is the next one. I really haven’t been using loom as much but for quick and easy.

videos showing somebody how to do something. You know, this is how you set up a Zapier to connect group funnels. to your Facebook page into your CRM, I could easily just click on on loom, which is a paid tool, or I think they might offer a free version as well. And then it gives a link after you push it up and after it processes that I can then just send to the person. And I don’t need to worry about uploading the video to YouTube, I don’t need to put it in Google Drive, I don’t need to put it on Vimeo. I just send them the link. And it’s as easy as that. So that’s really convenient. I’ve been doing a lot more using ECAM live from my Facebook Lives or using zoom for my courses. So loom is great. I just haven’t found myself using it as often right now. So loom for Chrome.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #14

The next one is bond zero. This is one that I can’t really

I guess I can.

Bond zero isn’t another video capture tool and when somebody signs up for an opt in I’m still in the process of setting this up I’ve only had it a maybe a week right now but when somebody signs up for an opt in through my website for example the work smarter not harder challenge. I will get a notification about a day or two after they sign up that says somebody new signed up send them a quick welcome video. Yes, every single one of those videos that goes out because I get the notification. Every single one of those videos is a personalized video for the person who receives it. Nothing is copy paste for example, if there were three Megan’s that signed up all three Megan’s are not receiving the same video. Each one receives their own individual video, I timestamp it like I say, hey, it’s June 24 2020. Megan I’m so happy that you signed up for the work smarter not harder challenge. I’m here to support you. Just let me know what you’re loving what you’re hating what you think I could do more of, but I can do it all right here and let me see if I can I’m not signed in right now, but it will allow me to record right here. I don’t need to whip out my phone. I already told you how much I don’t use my phone. But I can do it right here and push send and it will do it right away. So that makes it really convenient.

15 Chrome Extensions Which Help Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder – #15

Last, but not least, oh, Bizarro is not free. I don’t remember how much I paid for it. But you can go to bone marrow calm and learn more about the different plans that they have. So the last extension extension that I have is the newest one that I got today. And actually the one that inspired me. Oh, no, don’t do that. It’s the one that inspired me to do this video. I was admittedly looking at a sales page. I love James Wedmore. I’m always interested in what he’s doing. He sent out an email today about his program, business by design, because I build funnels and sales pages and landing pages and websites for clients. I was really, I was just loving this. And I love to be able to show clients examples of good bad and ugly sales and landing pages. And James, if you ever happen to watch this, I thought you did a great job. So I wanted to get a screenshot. I didn’t want to spend an hour going down and taking screenshot after screenshot after screenshot. So I went to the chrome shop, and I looked up screenshot tool. And what I found was full page screen capture. And what it came back to me with I want to show you was it actually went down the whole I’m

trying to see if it will show me

it went down the whole page. So again, this is James’s page, and went down the whole page and ended up giving me five different PNGs because the page was so long, so it gave me Five different PNGs I downloaded them and named them and now they’re added to my awesome to look at sales page examples folder in my iCloud. So you know, at some point on I’ll have a folder where I can show clients different examples. Full disclosure, I did not have anything to do with the design of this page. I do not work with James Wedmore in any way in any way in any capacity. I just thought the page was fantastic and I wanted to be able to refer to it in the future as a great example. So this tool,

which as far as I know so far is free,

full page screen capture is my new favorite. I would love to hear which one of these tools you personally use which one of these extinct extensions and which one you’re really intrigued by. So which one you may go and get a for yourself so make sure to leave a comment below and if you’re not already, so subscribed, click the subscribe button or like my facebook page if you’re if you’re watching it there, make sure to tune in on Friday for real good funnel Fridays where I will discussed where I will discuss not discussed where I will discuss, feel good funnels and how you can connect and grow your community with you know really authentic and transparent marketing that speaks to your prospective clients and not at them. So be sure to come back then. With all the said however, I hope you’ve really enjoyed this video. Let me know which extension really has your mind thinking. Leave a comment down below and I will see you next time. Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.