6 Nonsensical Ways We Make Our Own Lives Difficult

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This morning I was woken by a powerful thought: “Can life be easy? Are we the ones who are making it difficult?

I couldn’t get back to sleep because the thought wouldn’t leave me alone. So, here I am, hours before I intended to wake, hours after I initially woke, writing what I’ve come up with as a result.

6 Nonsensical Ways We Make Our Own Lives Difficult

>> Spinning Drama Webs

Are you a human or a spider? Have you ever met a person who creates webs of drama wherever they go? I know I have!

These are the people who lash out at the people who put their groceries too close on the checkout belt, or the ones who assume everyone is talking about them. They make mountains out of mole hills, and start world wars over cups of spilt milk.

If you’re spinning drama webs, STOP! You’re making people dread their next encounter with you, and when you need them, they may not be there — by choice.

>> Dreaming? Or Nightmaring?

My childhood nickname is not one I’m proud of. Unfortunately, it followed me into adulthood.


Our thoughts become our reality.” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. The problem is, our worries can become reality just as easily as our daydreams.

Choose your thoughts wisely.

When you find yourself worrying, shift to pleasurable thoughts. Vividly imagine your best case scenarios, even the ones which feel far-fetched. Walk through all the sensations you will feel WHEN that scenario becomes reality, including how it will looks, smells and what you will hear when you get there.

Worrying won’t accomplish anything, and in my experience, worrying makes matters worse. Rather than worrying, and as difficult as it may sound, sit back and listen to the silence. The answers you are looking for will come, but not if you’re worrying or pressuring them into existence.

>> Disbelief

Disbelief is just as destructive as worrying.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect anybody else to?

In times of stress, it can be especially difficult to remember just how remarkable we are. We forget about the gifts we possess, the experiences we treasure and the expertise we’ve earned. But it’s crucial to develop affirmations which remind us to believe in ourselves.

I developed my personal “I Am” A-Z statements for times of disbelief and stress. For every letter of the alphabet, I’ve chosen an adjective which describes one of my positive qualities. (Psssst. Click the button below to get your own “I Am” A-Z template!)

>> Self-Sacrifice

Before you get alarmed, when I say self-sacrifice I do NOT mean intentional self-harm. In no way is intentional self-harm ever acceptable.

By self-sacrifice, I mean not taking care of our self-care. I’ve been guilty of this waaaaay too many times, and in 2018 alone wound up in the emergency room four times.

I don’t want to see this happen to you.

When you’re tired, sleep. If you need time alone, take it. When you’re hungry, eat. Don’t wait. Put your oxygen mask on and take care of yourself FIRST! The rest of the world can wait.

>> Inaction

I’m no stranger to inaction.


The fear of reaching my goals paralyzed me.

Having tons of ideas is great, but if never act on them, we’re screwing ourselves.

Imagine if…
Leonardo Da Vinci never picked up a paintbrush;
The Wright Brothers never attempted to fly;
Soichiro Honda never put a motor on a bike;
J.K. Rawling never put her ideas about Harry Potter onto paper.

The world is waiting for our greatness. It will never get it if we fail to act. So, stop doubting and take action. Prove to yourself you CAN do it. NOW.

>> Shop ‘Til You Drop

Do you believe in retail therapy? If so, it’s likely you’re purchasing stress rather than relief.

I know some may have the opinion that denouncing retail therapy is saying we can’t buy what we want. This isn’t what I’m saying at all. We should be able to buy what we want, when we want it.

However, when it’s a struggle to keep the bills paid and electricity on, why are new (unnecessary) shoes and $4 cups of coffee from Starbucks the priority? Sure, they may feel good temporarily, but wouldn’t paying the bill on time feel good, too?

I put myself and my business into a deep hole when I fell into the Shiny Object Syndrome trap. While I wasn’t buying Starbucks coffee everyday, I thought these $1000-$3000 programs were the key to my happiness.

I was wrong… Sort of…

Buying the programs wasn’t necessarily the problem. Getting caught up in the promises of the program and then failing to follow through on the actions taught in the program was the issue. I may as well have purchased a closet full of evening wear just to never go to a black-tie event.

It’s important to know why we’re buying something, how we’re going to feel about the purchase after, and the necessary actions which will make the purchase(s) worthwhile.

If you can’t justify an expenditure right now and are struggling financially, put yourself on a self-imposed spending freeze until you figure out your next step. There’s no reason to add extra (financial) stress due to a lack of clarity.

Can life be easy?

Going back to our original question, “Can life be easy?”, I want to hear from you. CAN life be easy? Let me know what you think in the comments!