Beware the Snake Oil Salesman

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Have you every purchased a course or program based on the benefits displayed on a sales page and then not seen any of those benefits yourself?

Have you considered that perhaps the owner told you what you wanted to hear rather than telling the complete truth?

In this session of Work Smarter, Not Harder Wednesdays, I remind you to beware the snake oil salesman.

This conversation happened as a result of a conversation with my husband. In preparing to start recording my videos for my course, Pinterest for Podcasters, I’m taking daily, concerted action to ensure I’m following the steps I teach. I want students to see the results they can expect to receive when they follow the program over a period of time.

Unfortunately, in working with 6-7 figure business owners on their marketing automation and launches, I have seen that not all entrepreneurs are honest in their sales techniques, pitches or marketing.

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While working with 7-figure entrepreneurs on their marketing automation and launches, @thekimsutton has seen that not all are honest in their sales techniques, pitches or marketing. Listen to hear more: #integrity #smbClick To Tweet


(Transcription not yet cleaned up, but thanks for checking it out!)

It’s work smarter, not harder Wednesday. Hey, before we jump in today, I want you to leave a comment down below if you’ve ever purchased a course, oops, a course or program, looking at what the results are going to be the promises, and then not seeing those results for yourself. Or maybe you bought the program or the services and then didn’t carry through on taking the actions that you needed to do. So then you didn’t see the results. Well, if it’s the latter, just stop buying stuff. Okay, I’ve had clients who have purchased quarter million dollars of courses and programs never taken action on them and ended up going bankrupt. I don’t want you to be that person. So with that aside, we’re going to just stop talking about that one. But I want to go back to The sales pages where you see all these guaranteed results. The reason why this topic is coming up today is because this morning I was working on Pinterest, my course Pinterest for podcasters is going to be coming out early this fall. And I’ve been doing work on my own Pinterest because I had let it slip for a while. But in the past when I’m doing the actions that I’m going to be teaching and the course over and over again, I see results. And because I had let it slip, I wasn’t getting the results. And I want to make sure that what I what I’m selling to people is actually the truth right when I’m showing behind the scenes, I want you to see that that’s what’s actually going on. So I was sitting here telling my husband about it, telling him how I’m working on my Pinterest and how I’ve gotten so frustrated with seeing programs sold by other people that I know, especially when I have a behind the scenes look. I know that number one the person who’s saying that they do something isn’t necessarily Do it doing it or when they aren’t doing it, they’re not achieving the results. They profess that the program will help them achieve. I don’t want to be that person. And I want you to be where that those people are out there. So when you’re looking to buy your next course or program number one, think about whether you actually have time to act on it right now. That’s a pretty simple question. Number two, is it something? Is it really a priority for right now? I mean, if you have your goals established for the next year, you really have to make sure that that program is in line with your goals. Right now I have put off purchasing programs because they weren’t in alignment with what I wanted to do. Right. Then I told myself, hey, this is going to relaunch next year, which I knew it was. And when it came back around the next year, I realized I was already past that point, and I didn’t need to spend the money on it anymore. That’s what I want to see happen for you. But number three, be where the snake Oil, salesperson, you know, this is the person and I had to ask my husband, what do you mean by that, but they come knocking on your door and they say they have a guaranteed ailment for whatever you know skin condition that you’re having. And then they present a bottle of snake oil and say, Hey, this is the best stuff you’ve ever seen. It’s guaranteed to work before you purchase anything that’s guaranteed to work, asked to take a look below the hood, or in the bottle and see the actual results. And no, I’m not talking about a screenshot, like ask them to do a webinar where they’re showing you that it actually works. A good entrepreneur, like one of integrity should be willing to show you the results that they’ve had or that their clients have had in the past. You shouldn’t have to believe it based on screenshots, or just because they say so on their sales page. So think about that. I will be back on Friday, but in the meantime, if you like this video, if you have any comments, be sure to push Like leave a comment down below but I’ll be back on Friday with a feel good funnel Friday video. Until then go forth and make it a positive and productive day.