Make Massive Momentum with Good Better Best Goals

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Big to-do lists don’t necessarily mean big progress.

I know. I’ve experienced quite the opposite.

In this session of Work Smarter, Not Harder Wednesdays, I give a behind-the-scenes look at my good-better-best goal-setting spreadsheet, which has been helping me take massive strides in my personal and professional life.

It’s time to make massive momentum with good better best goals!

Big to-do lists don't necessarily mean big progress. Watch as @thekimsutton gives a behind-the-scenes look at her good-better-best goal-setting spreadsheet: #goalsClick To Tweet


(Transcription not yet cleaned up, but thanks for checking it out!)

Hey everybody, welcome to work smarter not harder Wednesdays I am so happy to be back. And before I jump into today’s content, I want to let you know that I cannot claim full ownership of this at all because I have amazing accountability partners and support people who, although they’re not official team members in my business, we meet on a regular basis once a week usually my three accountability business I feel so strange thing business besties wha wha rich yo. Oh Tay and JP McAvoy. We meet once a week. At least and talk through what’s going right in our business. What’s not and no, we don’t all meet at the same time. But I have to thank them individually. And also especially Devi for this because

we went through

Devi and I especially we went through multiple renditions of gold tracking for the both of us to figure out what was going to work for us and reaching our goals. And I’ll tell you before I even jump into the good, better best that making a big list of what we wanted to get done for the week just wasn’t working for either of us. And what was happening was that we were all over the place. And I say this with love and giving grace to myself, but I was all over the place I I would come up with 13,000. Other ideas go off in different directions. Sometimes I would reach my goals for the week, but most often, I wouldn’t. And then a couple months ago, maybe a month and a half ago. We implemented between the two of us Awesome, good, better best system, where every single day, we have a number of different areas that we’re focusing on in our personal and professional life that we really wanted to focus on and improve. So every single day, and I’m going to show you what my chart looks like, I would never show you what Devi’s looks like, because that does, it’s not my place to show you her goals. But you know, me, I’m totally transparent. And I want to show you behind the scenes in my life, what’s working for me, but every single day, we’re tracking wealth, spiritual business body, and then I’m also tracking family, because there are things that I want to be doing in my family and I found that when I was letting the family and the personal items off the list when I was keeping them off the list, I just they weren’t getting done. I wasn’t spending enough time with my family. I wasn’t paying attention to them. I was not going to soccer games wasn’t walking My daughter to school, I look forward to being able to walk her to school again, please let schools be opened up safely and healthily in the fall rate. But it wasn’t happening. So again, I’m tracking the areas of wealth, spiritual, business, body, and family. So I’m going to go on over there for a moment. And at some point, you will be able to get a copy of this. I’m just going to clean it up and make it so that you can copy this spreadsheet. But it


Let me see. I’m going to go over to Google Chrome. And I’m going to show you what we use. So this is mine. This is this week, I believe. And you can see that today Wednesday, for my wealth tracking, I actually want to be working on my book for 30 minutes. I know you might wonder how that has to do with wealth focused but I know that working on My book in the long run will mean hopefully more monetary wins because I’ll build the authority, build a reputation and hopefully build my client roster, right. So finally, after five years of talking about this book, I am making significant progress. It might not look like it considering today still not checked. And the first three days of this week were not checked. But I am making progress. Then for spiritual, my good is that I journal every day.

That’s a good one for me. Today I wanted

for business I wanted to update my read with Kim page because yesterday last night, I finished reading on limiting your beliefs by Karen Brown, which was amazing, by the way. So that was one thing. I my body. I need to remember to take my thyroid medication every day. While you might think that’s a dog. It’s not I need to write it down to that I remember and I want to see that one every day and then load of laundry was for family. By the way, I put it on here, even if I delegate it to another family member So today, my son took care of that one. And then you’ll see down below I have my


and further on down, I have my bests. So every single day I’m focusing on this and it’s been working really well for me. I wanted to show this to you because I know that it can be so easy sometimes to become superduper inundated with

let me get off of this.

It can be it can be really super easy to get inundated with a mile long to do to do lists. I was cleaning up my shelf over here earlier today and I found some of my old planners. And on some of these I had daily to do lists of 2025 30 items. When I looked at Any of these days, I found that maybe I had two or three items checked off. And I know what the end of those days, I felt pretty crappy. I felt like I hadn’t gotten anything done. And I know that there’s somebody who’s watching this who might feel the same thing. So how about rather than having an eyelash in my eye, I think, rather than taking on so much, what if we just focus on three to five areas in our life, and have a good, better best goal for each of those areas. And what Debbie and I are also doing is, even though we haven’t really tracked it yet, but we’re rewarding ourselves. I was trying to give myself not a punishment, but um, maybe a consequence if I didn’t do it, but she asked me will you do better off rewards, or, you know, punishment and punishments, not the right word. I forget what the other word was and I realized after she asked that, that I do a lot better off rewards. Coincidentally, the first week we were doing this, I had set up for the punishment method. And then I went and bought myself a new pair of sunglasses. And I realized in retrospect, that could have been my reward for hitting good across the whole thing. I mean, I, I have never bought nice sunglasses, usually I get the $5 pair at the local Supercenter, but I had bought them good pair of sunglasses, you know. So think about what you can do to reward yourself on a weekly basis. If you hit all of your goods and then think of a step up. What can you do to reward yourself if you hit all your betters? And then your best like that should be huge. Hooray. Oh, my gosh, I did it. I have yet to hit all my bests for one week. And you already saw my chart for this week. I’m not even going to hit my goods for this whole week. But there’s always next week, and there’s a We have to give ourselves grace. We have to know that things come up each and every day. I mean, I had no plan of doing a live today. This late in the day usually I do it five hours before now, but life is life we give ourselves grace. And we keep on going. If you would like to get a copy of the good, better, best template, all of my stuff will be taken out Debbie stuff won’t even be there. Head on over to the KIM SUTTON comm forward slash good, better best and on that page. Not yet, but in the future, there will be a link that you can click to get that so again, go KIM SUTTON comm forward slash good, better best and there will be a link where you can make a copy of this Google spreadsheet and keep it as your own. I would love to hear your feedback on this. So make sure to leave a comment below, like or subscribe to the page if you haven’t already and turn on notifications. So that Find out the next time I put a video up. But with all this said go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.