Grounding Small Business Owners

Woooo, what a week!!! Infusionsoft Certified Partner training ended yesterday with a six hour exam, and to say I was exhausted – physically AND mentally – would be an understatement.  Despite my exhaustion, however, it became clear Wednesday morning that grounding small business owners is constantly necessary.

In Pacific time terms I was up early. While I usually wake by 7am Eastern, my body refused to adapt to the west coast and I woke around 4am each day. This made for a very tiring week, especially by the time I got back to the hotel after training to start studying.

If you’re a coffee drinker like Dave and I, you will certainly understand my need for coffee. Wednesday, however, I couldn’t get the blasted hotel room coffee maker to give me a cup. I loaded it with water and coffee, plugged in the machine, and pressed the button, however nothing happened… Repeatedly.

At 4am, in a half-stupor, nobody wants to deal with a busted coffee maker.

I was about to fly off the ceiling with rage (which I rarely do – especially at inanimate objects), however I noticed a little something…

The grounding button on the outlet had popped, just like my own grounding button.

How often do you get overly excited, focused, or upset about little things, just because you’re the business owner and that passionate about what you’re doing?

Does it happen more often than it should?

Take it from me – Grounding small business owners can be nearly impossible, however it is imperative. We need to remember what the priorities are and not to get wrapped up in the little details. Yes, there are times when small details and obstacles will elevate our excitement or temper, however we need to step back and take a look at the big picture.

We can not be operating in a “Do as I say, not as I do.” mode. Grounding ourselves allows us to be a positive role model for our employees and consultants. Do we want them out there jumping off the handle

My advice for grounding small business owners? Breathe.

Whether it’s a difficult client or a computer glitch, a malfunctioning  coffee maker or a disruptive child, make a point of practicing grounding at any rough moment. Remember the big picture, focus on your (current) goals, and breathe your way to success.