How NOT to Launch a Podcast

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In October 2016, the Positive Productivity podcast was launched. And when I say “launched”, I say that very loosely.

I made all the mistakes I could have possibly made.

In this session of Work Smarter Not Harder Wednesdays, I share five strategies you should NOT use when launching your podcast.

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(Transcription not yet cleaned up, but thanks for checking it out!)

Do you want to launch a podcast? Are you wondering the best practices that you should use and how to gain the most traction as you’re going around or going along? Do you want your podcast to go off like gangbusters as soon as you launch it? But you don’t really know what to do? Well, I’m not really going to help you with that. Today, I’m going to tell you what not to do when launching your podcast. So stay tuned.

I’m KIM SUTTON. I’m a host of the positive productivity podcast and I’m a marketing and automation mentor. And today I’m going to share with you five practices that you should not do when you’re ready to launch your podcast. So let’s jump in. Practice number one.

Do not go at it alone. When I started my podcast, I

did have a podcast production team However, they had to let me go a few weeks in. And we’re going to get to more why this was such a bad idea in number two. But I had so much that I wanted to do with my podcast, I wanted a full transcription with every episode, I needed all the graphics. And I really didn’t have time I had a full client load. I had big ideas.

And it was just a bad idea. I didn’t have the time to do it. So part one of don’t go at it alone is that you should have a team supporting you along the way. And part two of number one, don’t go at it alone is that you need to enlist the guests support. You are not hired by the guests to be their PR team. You are not being hired to go market the heck out of them. This is a collaborative effort and they are on your platform. So if they’re the guest

aren’t going to be part of your launch lineup enlist their support in making the launch huge. One of my clients, Daniel Gomez recently launched his podcast and I suggested that he have a competition for his his first guests that he that he aired.

They would get bragging rights. You know, there was no money award or prize award. But what they would get to do if they won was say, you know that they brought the most traffic in and these were competitive people. So you better believe that when the show launched, they were sharing it to their list. They were sharing it to social media, on and on and on and it worked out really well for them. So enlist your guests support to make your podcast launch. Huge. Alright, so that’s number one. Don’t go at it alone.

Thing number two that you should not do

is a daily show.

I know from personal experience, because

Just a week into my podcast launch. So yes, actually after launch, I decided

I don’t want this to just be a once a week show or twice a week show I have so many episodes in the can let’s make it a daily show. Bad idea. Unless you are broadcasting current events that are very time sensitive. Please take any thought of having a daily show out of your mind.

I would imagine that if you are here on this page that you are very much like me that you are serving clients or you have an e commerce shop. And you have to work with customers in some way. But you’re producing other content besides just your podcasts. I want you to consider all the time and all the effort that’s going to go into a daily show. Is it really worth it? I want you to still be able to create your courses, do blog articles, get on other people’s podcasts. That’s something I never did.

After launching my podcasts because I didn’t have time, I was so busy recording episodes for my daily show. And doing all the production behind the scenes go back to number one, don’t go at it alone, that I didn’t even have time to go on other people’s podcasts, which would have been such a great marketing tool for me. So, number two, again, don’t do a daily show.

Thing number three that you don’t do when you’re launching your podcast. Pardon that shaking. I have a cat on my desk who has decided to shake my stand here. But Thing number three is don’t wait for perfection. You don’t need to have all the top of the line recording equipment. You don’t need to have a perfect logo. I deleted the launch of my podcast by two months because I was waiting for my logo to be perfect. Don’t do that. I should have launched with something imperfect and then continue to work.

For perfect, but I was going at it alone. I was trying to design my logo myself.

And it just became a nuisance. When I finally found the designer who made my logo that that one, Kenneth Morgan, it was a week before the podcast launched and I had no idea that it was going to launch when it did. But he turned around the perfect logo so fast that I was ready to go. I already had 40 episodes in the can. I was ready to go. But I feel so ridiculous now knowing that I held on because I didn’t like my logo, stupid.

Number four.

Do not stand in the guests shadow. This is your show. You deserve to highlight yourself. Who’s footing the bill for the hosting for the graphics for the production for all the equipment for the ongoing storage for the website. That’s you. So highlight yourself

During your episodes, give yourself

interweave yourself into the conversation. Give yourself a mid roll ad that points back to your site. Give yourself an enrol ad that points to your site and your products. By the way, I said don’t stand in get shadows. But I also want to add on. Don’t be so desperate for ads just to say that you got sponsors. Sponsor your own show, I can tell you right now that you will make more money, sponsoring your show with your products and services than you probably ever will unless you’re a huge, huge name who can make millions of dollars off of sponsorships. So don’t even look at it. I’ve had a handful of sponsors on my show over the years. And I’ll tell you that the money that I made off of those sponsorships was pennies, versus sponsoring it with my own products and services where I’ve grown my list so sold my own products.

Step them up into higher services. So, go stand in your guest shadow, and don’t pimp yourself out for sponsorships on your podcasts. Okay? Sponsor yourself. Then the fifth and final thing that I don’t want you to do when you’re launching your podcast is to forget about marketing. This doesn’t only go for the launch, but this goes beyond. All right, you need to be sharing it to your list. If you have Facebook Messenger bot, you need to be sending a broadcast to your bot subscribers. Put it on your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn all over your Facebook, Pinterest don’t even forget about Pinterest. If you didn’t know I’m my podcast is blowing up over there. I’m getting about a million monthly viewers on Pinterest. Anyway, don’t forget about your marketing. For years. Probably 90% of my episodes were not properly marketed, which is such a shame. Make sure that my microphone is still on. I should have been marketing them but I was so busy because

Cuz number one, I was still doing a daily show. Number two, I was going at it alone. And I don’t even know just all the other excuses I’ve given you. I was too busy to properly market my show. I just this week launched 667 Episode Number 667. All right, so if you take 90% of those, please somebody do the math for me.

I don’t know. It’s just 600. Okay, if you take 600 of those episodes and say that they weren’t marketed properly, that is a waste of time and money.

I’m gonna have to own it because that’s what I did but should have could have would as I’m moving forward, properly marketing my podcasts and I encourage you to do the same. So let’s recap how not to launch your podcasts. One, don’t go at it alone. Get your guests involved and get a team on board. Number two, do not do a daily show unless you are like dealing with current events. Okay.

Number three, don’t wait for your logo to be perfect or don’t wait until you get the the equipment that’s top of the line that you’re you know the equipment of your dreams. Just don’t do that. Number four, don’t stand in your guest shadow and don’t pimp yourself out for sponsored sponsorships. And number five, don’t forget about the marketing. I would love to hear which one of these has really helped you. So leave a comment down below. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for like the channel so that you find out when future videos are going live. With all this said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.