How to Decide What You’re Working On Today

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Is your to-do list ten miles long? Are you confused about which activity/activities you should focus on today?

If this sounds like you, this video is for you!

I know what it’s like to have an overwhelming to-do list. For years, I thought each and every task in my life deserved a place on my daily to-do.

I was wrong.

Listen as I share my story, and also the four considerations you can use in determining your daily Prioritized Purposeful Actions!

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Good morning and welcome to another work smarter, not harder Wednesday, when you are thinking about what is on your to do list or maybe you’re thinking about what to put on your to do list. Do you ever get overwhelmed? Maybe you have an entirely like overflowing brain, thinking about 1000 different activities. I don’t even want to say tasks I don’t want to see, say important items, I want to say. Actions, you have a list of 1000 plus different actions, and you don’t know what you should start with first. I have been there. And I know that one, we get overwhelmed by the entire list of everything that we could possibly be doing. It’s often hard to focus in on what’s really most Important. Back here on the shelf right behind me, I have planners from several years ago where my to do lists were often 20 to 30 items long for a day. And I’ll tell you that at the end of every single day, at the end of every single week, at the end of every single one of those years, I wondered, what the heck did I do this year? Why aren’t I seeing results? Now starting in mid 2019, I finally found a system that works for me and I am smashing it out of the ballpark. Does that mean my bank account is showing those smashing numbers? Absolutely not. But I’m taking action every day. I’m taking important actions every day. And I’m beginning to see the results and that’s what we are going to go over today. I want to invite you to stay to the very end of this video because I do have a free gift to offer you If you resonate with anything that I am saying, please leave a comment. I would love to see your comments. And actually, if you forget that, just leave a comment. I can show your comment in the in the live, and we can keep on going. So one of my greatest inspirations for how to clean up what I work on in any given day came while I was in the shower. You may have heard me I’m just looking to make sure that my mic is still on. You may have heard me talk about the fact that I have chronic idea disorder before and I am writing a book on it. Finally, I’ve been talking about writing this book for years. But as a person with chronic idea disorder, I get ideas everywhere, anywhere. Anytime I go for a walk, I walk across my house, let’s just be real I get a new idea. Can I take one of my kids to soccer practice new idea in the car. Take a shower, five more ideas. To be totally honest, have sex with my husband new idea. I cannot get to sleep afterwards. It’s real people. But the energy just causes ideas. And with or without sex, and I promise is the last time I talked about it seems like so many nights and I don’t know where that thing just came from so many nights I’m trying to get to sleep. And as soon as my head hits the pillow, bang, be idea. You do not need to get up and work on every single one of those. But the biggest clarification to get back to that the biggest clarification on how to clean up my focus, how to really determine what I’m working on. came when I was in the shower, and I’m a very spiritual person. My Christian faith is very important to me. But even if you’re not Christian, I will not judge you just be a good person. Okay, that’s all I ask. But I heard I had To say I heard God. He said, Kim, I did not put you here to get shit done. Yes, my god swears I don’t know about yours but I’m Christian, I cuss a little and so does my God. Up until that point, I had a get shit done list or gsds for short. And I was putting everything on there. Even silly little tasks like clean up my inbox. Investigate best travel rates to go to such and such an event booked my hotel room, pay the water bill, pay the electric bill, refill the lunch accounts for the kids. Take out the garbage clean up my office file papers. I think you get the point. It seriously was a get shit done list there was there were maybe four or five important questions purposeful activities in with 40 to 50. Other activities like I’m seriously curious

right now,

if I were to take out one of these old planners if I would be able to show you how every single day had just an abundance of Poop, poop on it. So by the end of every day, I was hitting minimal goals, if any. But God said to me, I do not put you here to get shit done. I put you here to take priority, prioritize purposeful actions. And in that moment, I just said to myself, wow, because those words had never crossed my mind. Those words had never crossed my lips but in that moment, prioritized purposeful actions. Regardless of your spiritual background, when you stop focusing on getting shit done and start focusing instead, on taking prioritize purposeful actions You’re going to look at your to do list an entirely different way. So today, right now actually, I want you to take a look at your to do list, I’m hoping that you have one. And consider which of those actions which of those activities on your to do list are actually prioritize purposeful actions. Now, if you’re not sure, here’s a few items to consider. Which of those activities on your to do list will impact your life your personal life in your professional life in 90 days, six months, a year 10 years, because I’ll tell you, cleaning your inbox is going to have no long term effects. If you have a choice today between writing a blog article, for example, or going live and sharing your expertise on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, and potentially getting a client off it or cleaning out your inbox, let’s think about This idea. So think about it, what are those activities which are going to impact your personal and professional life in the long run? That’s way number one. Number two, what activities can you be delegating out? If you don’t need to personally do it, then don’t just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I’m going to say that again. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

You can ignore your inbox today.

You can do a mass Delete on your inbox. I maybe have done that once. It’s usually not a good idea. If you’re working with clients and they email you I don’t recommend that method. You can hire somebody to take care of your inbox. I’ll put down in the comments. I have a very, very large virtual assistant group here on Facebook and it has 46,000 So you can go in there and hire a VA to help you manage the tasks that you don’t personally have to do yourself. You don’t even need to write your blog articles you can hire out for that. So think about that. What activities do you not need to do? Way number one was thinking about the activities which will impact your life, get rid of the activities that you do not need to do personally, way number three, and I’m going to borrow this one from Dave Ramsey and his snowball method of reducing debt. Which activities and I want to say activities I don’t want to say projects. So let’s even look at them as tasks which tasks would require the least amount of time to complete up to complete. So I have a four part video series that I’m putting together for my Friday lives. It’s the feel good funnel, four part free video series. That’s a tongue twister. I am this close to getting it done. Whereas actually creating the feel good funnels evergreen course, is about a light year light year away from actually getting I haven’t even started recording recording those videos. So I can either focus on getting the four part series finished because I do and I just want to lay out the whole understanding to you, I can still take on one on one clients and work with them rather than selling the course using that funnel. Or I can push off bringing in any clients because my funnel is not ready. I hope this makes sense to you don’t put off for the long run, making revenue impacting people when there are activities that you could easily finished today versus focusing on the activities that will take a long time. My friend Ray She told me and keeps on reminding me Thank you, Richie, that it’s just as hard to sell a $10,000 package as it is to sell a $500 package. So why are you going to put off what you can sell today because you want to work on something that’s going to make you significantly less money in the long run. You can argue me on that. I understand that’s debatable. Focus on what you can get done sooner. What I’ve seen with that is that even when I put out funnels that didn’t have anything on the back end, and no, this does not feel good funnel Friday, I just want to really give you the big idea here. If I only had the freebie and the upsell. I could still make money on the upsell while I was developing the main offer. You don’t need to wait for the main offer to be completed before you get your funnel going. And if it’s only going to take an hour today to finish, something that could potentially start making revenue, get it done. Just get it done. When that revenue starts coming in, you can be hiring people to help you get the other tasks. For example, when my when my bass funnel gets finished for feel good funnels, then I can hire people to do the editing for the videos and create the assets that goes along with the main course. But if I don’t just put it out there, I’m basically putting the cork in the bottle on myself. So start with the stuff that can get finished fastest. Dave Ramsey uses system the snowball method of redo of eliminating debt because he does not recommend starting with the highest interest rates. He recommends starting with the lowest balances because the amount of the amount of money that you’re having to pay every month to take care of those payments, then you can stack into the higher balances as time goes on. But if you’re already Focusing on the highest interest rate, that that that may take years to get off your get off your plate. And that’s what I’m looking at here as well. Rather than keep on putting your attention and your energy and your time into the activities that are going to take months, get those little activities done. And then you can take that energy, that time and the revenue that’s coming in and invest it in the bigger projects.

Way number four is to focus on those activities which make you happy and are fulfilling your purpose in your life and in your business. It is so easy sometimes to get distracted by money. I have done it time and time again over the last five years. But I’ve had to stop. If I don’t stay focused on the activities which really feel good to my heart and are fulfilling my purpose. Then my stress level goes through the roof. I mean, I was actually laughing at myself this morning. You can see the gray hairs. I was wondering If I can charge a fee to clients who increase my stress, increase my cortisol, increase my stress levels. I don’t think so. I don’t usually see gray hairs like this if I don’t blow dry my hair, which I did this morning, and I might avoid for just that reason in the future. But anyway, focus on the activities that are aligned with your purposeful with your purpose. That’s it. So I’m going to recap the four, the four ways that I recommend for how to choose what you should be working on. I hope you write it down. I hope you put a comment down below. And if you stay till the very end, I’ve got a free gift for you. So way number one, I want you to I have already forgotten and I didn’t write it down. We number one, look at the activities that are going to impact your personal and your professional life for the long run, whether it be a week from now, 90 days from now, six months from now 10 years from now, what are those activities. Number two, look at the activities that you And you alone can do. If you if somebody else can do them, let it go. Number three, look at the activities that are going to take the least amount of time to finish, so that you can reinvest that time and energy somewhere else. In number four. Choose the activities that are aligned with your purpose. If this helped you in any way, please put a comment down below. Like this video, share this video and subscribe or like this page so that you are among the first to know the next time I go live or post content. Now, because you held out for this long, I want to offer you my free 30 day work smarter, not harder challenge is absolutely free. And in that challenge, I give you a variety of helpful hints to help you push forward in your business so that your business can start making money without causing lag without causing more stress. You can look down below for instructions or look in the comments and how to get that. If you’re on Facebook type, w s and H in the comments and my bot cookie will reach out to you immediately to get you set up. And if you’re watching on any other platform, just look in the comments and get started right away. Come back on Friday and join me for a feel good funnel Friday and with all this said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.