How to Design a Sales Page WITHOUT Stress

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QUICK NOTES – How to Design a Sales Page WITHOUT Stress

Have you ever spent hours staring at a blank page builder screen, trying to decide where to start building your new sales page?

Or, have you looked at an email from your web designer questioning how you wanted the page designed wondering “Huh? I don’t have a freaking clue!”

Trust me, I know the feeling.

In this session of Feel Good Funnel Fridays, I share one of my most recent hacks, which is already helping me — and my clients — to more easily create (better performing) sales and landing pages!

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GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture Tool for Chrome

TRANSCRIPTION – How to Design a Sales Page WITHOUT Stress

Transcription not yet cleaned up but thanks for checking it out!

Do you spend dozens of hours wondering what you need to put on a sales page when you’re getting ready to launch? Or have you put off a launch because you didn’t have your sales page designed yet, and you were absolutely clueless about how to put it together. I’ve been there. And in this video, I’m going to show you a quick, easy hack to make your sales page design easier in the future. Stay tuned.

All right. This is one of those hacks that i i don’t know why I didn’t think about it years ago. All right, that it’s so freaking simple. And number one is simply keep an eye out with all those emails that you get. And if you’re anything if your inbox is anything like mine, You probably get two or three new sales offers for launches that are happening right now in your inbox every single day. I know I have cleaned out my inbox tremendously over the last year I’ve been unsubscribing from lists left and right. But I still get two or three new offers in my inbox a day. And because part of what I do is marketing mentoring, I always check out the sales pages, okay, that’s a lie. I don’t always check out the sales pages. But when it piques my interest, I go and I check it out. So right now I am going to show you what happens next and I need to find the right screen. But what happens next after Why isn’t it showing the screen that I want it to?

entire screen.

What happens next after

I see a page that I like so I’m gonna

Okay, it’s good. It’s showing What I want to say no,

I do tech all day, but that does not

mean I know how to do the perfect screen share. So this is Rachel Miller’s 10 perfect people sales

page for a challenge that she has coming up.

And I, I really I just saw it. I’m just becoming introduced to Rachel. I don’t know what rock I’ve been hitting or under in her as far as she’s concerned, for ages. But I really loved

how simple

her pages and what really got me thinking of Okay, I need to make note of this one is 8500 people have taken the challenge. So clearly, I mean, she’s probably gone through multiple renditions of this page. But clearly, she’s onto something. So I was like, Okay, I need to, to keep this page as a reference point in the future. Now in the past, and I’m on a Mac, if you’re on a PC, it’s even more difficult. But in the past, I was taking screenshots of one Bit of the page at a time, and I couldn’t stand how long that would take me. But just recently, and this is where my my hacks come in for you Just recently, I found this Chrome extension. And I’m going to put a link to it in the description down below. But it’s called go full page four, page screencapture. All right, and all you have to do is click the button in your, in your Chrome tray to watch this. It’s saying go full page. It’s taking a rolling screenshot of the whole page, and it’s going to open it in a new tab.

And now I have it

Voila. I know that Evernote has something similar, but I really love this one because then I can download it. I’ve already downloaded it, but I’m going to show you it’s that simple. I go in I rename and I just want to keep on showing you the whole process because this is not the first Okay, so it’s going to open Why did it open it Well anyway, usually I would go to the folder and rename it. It does tell me right here you can probably see in in the title of the file, it tells me what the page was. But I’ll read I’ll usually rename it so that it says you know, hundred perfect people sales page. And then I have on my phone or in my in my Documents folder, I have a whole folder of different sales pages that I have kept for my reference. I just want to show you this could be a little bit scary looking for you. But I have a design Resources folder. And then I have sales page examples. Now for this. I guess full disclosure is my my phrase today. A couple that I just saved today are not yet in here. A couple others have been moved out but James Wood more business by design. I absolutely love the page, so I saved it. Now you can see here that this one has five different files. That was a really Long page. But if I had,

if I had spent my time

screenshotting it bit by bit, I would have been spending hours doing it. But here you can see, I have five different files, I can scroll, I can see, I can, you know, even look at the verbiage that he used. And when I want to go to the next section on the page, all I do is go to the folder and look at step two. So, if you’re wondering what your sales page is going to look like in the future, I want you to stop, right? Like just start keeping a library on your folder or on your computer of the sales pages which have really attracted you. Because there’s no reason you need to start from ground zero when you are designing your next sales page for your product for your membership for your challenge, even landing page examples for any of your freebies. There’s no reason You need to start from ground zero, there are so many people who have gone before us. But with that said, I want to give you at least one important note, please do not copy the text verbatim, one word after another off of somebody’s sales page. Even if you’re changing out the name of the program, it is going to be so obvious to people if they’ve seen both that you simply copied it. That’s no good. You have your mission, you have your message, you have your products, you have your brand. So use your own copy. I’ve provided nurture sequence examples to my clients in the past using my own nurture sequence like I have an in in Google Drive. And they’ve sent it back to me because I want to learn back up I sent it to them because I wanted them to see what I do. And I know what works well for me. So I wanted them to see what I do on I got a cat with me right now. So that they could make Their own pardon that thump, she ran her button to the microphone. I wanted them to write their own though. But a couple actually just copied the document, and then changed out little words here and there. There, it’s a clear indicator to me that they’ve done it when they even keep my same exact subject lines. Because there’s things that only I know and only my house knows, like, my husband told me once be the bond dye baby. Let’s cut off the weaker branches and let the stronger ones grow. And that’s one of the email titles in my nurture sequence. So I don’t want to see that email subject line. I don’t want to see all the content around it in a client’s email nurture sequence, you have your own stories. Those stories should be represented in your emails. They should be represented in your sales pages and your landing pages everywhere. Don’t use somebody else’s stuff. Also tweak the design so it’s yours. You get the flow. Do you know that it starts great with this element and then it goes down to the next one, and then it goes down to the next one. But feel free to change it up a little bit, make it really yours don’t copy just because this one has a purple diagonal rectangular box behind the picture doesn’t mean that you need a purple rectangular box behind the picture on yours as well. The page and always text in graphically should be yours. But again, there’s that awesome full page screen capture tool, I’ll be putting the link down below. And hopefully, you’ll be able to use that to screen capture landing and sales page designs that you like in the future and either use them while you’re building out the sales page yourself or send it to your team members so that they know what you like. And also what you don’t remember that along with screenshotting examples of what you do like screenshotting examples of what you don’t like can be Just as effective so when you’re working with somebody on your team, and you want them to build what you have in mind, make sure you give them good examples and bad examples. Hey, I don’t like this. Here’s why can you try this instead? Okay, look down below for that link and I will be back on Monday with the next episode of next level Mondays, go forth and have a positive and a productive day.