How to Easily Set Up a Resources Page on Your WordPress Site

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QUICK NOTES – How to Easily Set Up a Resources Page on Your WordPress Site

When working with my clients on their business and/or marketing automation, I am often asked, “Kim, what tool do you use to…?”

To make it easy, I finally developed a resources page on my website which 1) serves as an easy reference point for community members AND clients and 2) allows me to make (recurring) affiliate income.

In this session of Work Smarter Not Harder Wednesdays, I show the tools I used to build my Resources page ( and explain how you can easily do the same.

Redirection Plug-In –

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(Transcription not yet cleaned up, but thanks for checking it out!)

Do your clients often ask you what tools you’re using for this, that or something else. And when they do, do you give them an affiliate link to go sign up for it themselves? Well, in this video, I’m going to be showing you how to easily set up a resources speech on your WordPress website. Let’s get started.

How to Easily Set Up a Resources Page on Your WordPress Site

So this is a look at the resources page on my website. And if you go to, you’ll find it. And you can see here that it’s tried and trusted tools for small businesses. Now, I do want you to take note that I do have because it’s required, at least here in the States, I do have an affiliate disclaimer, you want to have this at the top. But for I just need to put it out there for a full all encompassing re walkthrough video on how to set up an affiliate relationships, Pat Flynn has a great course I’m not I’m not even going to try to go dive into everything that he teaches. But you want to make sure to leave this affiliate link disclaimer at the top. So I’ve broken each section down on my site. And I found that it works really well for breaking up the different sections and making it really clear for my site visitors. But I do want to let you know that each of these links here is a redirection link. And you might be able to see in the lower left hand corner, like for harvest, it’s sending you to that KIM, forward slash harvest, this is actually forwarding them to my affiliate link. But it’s making it really easy for them, it’s making it really easy for me because, for example, I might be on my podcast talking about whatever tool it is I use. And chances are I’ve already set up a redirection link for that tool. So rather than having to remember that it’s whatever don’t mean manages the affiliate account forward slash a whole bunch of random characters. For harvest, for example, all I have to remember is that short link, and the plugin that I use for that short link is is called redirection by john godly. And I’ll put a link down below in the description where you can go get it and know, by the way, that is not an affiliate link, but I will make sure that you can easily get it. It’s a free WordPress plugin. And it works really simple. All I need to do is go to Tools. After the plugin is installed, go down to redirection and click on Add New. So let’s just say and I’m going to pretend that I wanted to send a I wanted to easily refer people over to my husband’s website, okay, because I know I don’t have this one set up yet, if I just typed in forward slash fuse breaker, because that’s this his the name of his company into the source URL. So you want to have the forward slash and then this is your short link. I’m also going to type in the target URL where it’s going. So it’s going to fuse Okay, that’s a redirect. So now if I wanted to, I know that’s an easy link, this is super silly example. But if I wanted to say, hey, head on over to my husband’s site, you can get there by going to that KIM forward slash fuse breaker, that makes it really simple. I also use this for books a lot like you can see down below in my list I have. Let me see the Four Agreements, for example. I know it’s a great book, I’ve heard plenty about it. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve read it. But I don’t want to have to remember an Amazon affiliate link. So I tell them, I tell people to go to KIM forward slash Four Agreements. That makes it so simple. And now people can just click on that link that I don’t know, they go. Now. I also on my site, I have a read with me page. So along with all the tools that I use in my business, I have a list of all the books I’m reading or have read in the past couple years, and that’s on the read with me page. So I use those short links, those redirect links as easy links, and use those to forward to the Amazon affiliate links. And the same goes on my read with me page. I have the disclaimer, the FTC disclaimer letting people know that if they click on any of the links below that they might you know, that I could earn money if they make a purchase through that link. However, going back to my resources page, I want to say one thing That’s really important. And that is, I will not promote a product that I have not personally used.

Period. I want to know, like and trust any of the tools that I promote, on my website on my podcasts on my YouTube channel. I won’t take sponsorships for anything that I don’t know, like and trust in if I haven’t used it, it’s out of the question altogether. When people want me to promote their social media scheduling tool, I, to be honest, will flat out tell them no, because I already have a tool that I love. And I want you my community to know that you can trust whatever I promote. I love that the people that I follow Stu McLaren, James Wedmore, Pat Flynn, you know, they won’t promote products that they don’t know, like, and trust them that lets me know that when they recommend something, I can have full faith that, you know, barring extreme circumstances, it’s probably going to work well for me. And I want you to have that same comfort in any of the systems that I promote. So that’s what that’s what’s included on my page, I want you to consider that for yourself as well. include only tools that you know, like, trust and have use. So going down here, that’s what what’s included. This is really working well for me for a couple of reasons. Number one, I send clients to this page, or I grab the links off of this page and give it to clients. And then when they want to start using what system that I use, it makes it really simple. I earn affiliate commission, sometimes that’s recurring affiliate commission, when I’m talking about systems on my podcast, I can use the same links. When I’m talking about them on the on YouTube, I can use the same, or when people are simply coming to my website and browsing around and they see the resources page, they can wind up here. So I have let’s see if I can get here this, my my menu button is sort of hiding right now. But if they go to the resources, they’ll see three different options. They see the tools, the tools I use, they see read with me, and they see my products and freebies.

Their products and freebies are my my

lead magnets, you know my free resources that I’ve personally created to help you my community member out. So if you haven’t gone there before, which is Come on over here, it’s here, it’s free for you. As I’ve already mentioned, the read with Kim page, I’m just going to show you how I have that one set up. Again, affiliate links. So if anybody’s interested in a book that I’m talking about, and I talk about the books that I’m reading constantly, they can just come here, they can click the link, they can go order their copy, and I get a small affiliate commission in the process. And then there’s also the tools I use page and people are really curious. I know I’m really curious, like when I get emails sent to me from, from big group gurus out there, I’ll often scroll to the bottom to see what systems are using. Or when I see somebody saying, oh, that the best new system I found to do whatever the activity is, I want to know about it. And if they talk about it, if they show a video about it, explaining how and why it’s working for them. Yeah, I hope they’re using an affiliate link because I want to sign up for them through them. I would love to hear how this video has helped you. I want you to share an example of your resources page if you already have one set up, or if you set one up in the future. So make sure to leave a comment down below showing me that that link or telling me that link. And again, let me know how this video has helped you. Because that is always my intention. Until the next time I want you to go forth. Oh, actually pause that for a second. If you’re looking for other suggestions like these, I want to invite you to join the work smarter, not harder challenge, which you can sign up for by typing ws NH down below if you’re on Facebook, or you can also check down below on whatever platform you’re on. And I have the direct link down below. But it’s work smarter, not harder. and I see your lots of other hacks like this, I want you to be able to work smarter, not harder. And that involves being able to make a recurring affiliate commission by setting up pages like the resources page, like the read with me page. But there’s 29 other days of content in that challenge. So make sure to sign up today. Again, you can sign up for the work smarter, not harder challenge at work smarter, not harder. I will be back on Friday with a feel good funnel Friday video But until then, go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.

​How to Easily Set Up a Resources Page on Your WordPress Site