How to Fill Your Funnel with Facebook Groups

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Do you ever wonder if having a Facebook group is worth the time and effort for your brand and business?

Are you curious about how you can move people from your Facebook group into your funnel?

In this session of Feel Good Funnel Fridays, I share the exact technique I used to move thousands of people from Facebook groups in the past year into my marketing funnel.

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In this session of Feel Good Funnel Fridays, @thekimsutton shares the exact technique she used to move thousands of people from Facebook groups in the past year into her marketing funnel. To Tweet


Transcription not yet cleaned up but thanks for checking it out!

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to build or fill your funnel using Facebook groups? Or have you ever been working on building your Facebook group, but got nobody to purchase your products or enter your email funnel, etc? Well, in this video, I’m going to be sharing how I have led thousands of people from Facebook into my funnel in the last year and how you can do the same. I want you to stay till the end because I’ll be giving you a free gift at the end. But in the meantime, if you like what I’m talking about, make sure to push like leave a comment down below. Let me know how you are going to take what I teach today and implement it in your own business. Now, if you don’t know me already, I’m KIM SUTTON. I’m the host of the positive productivity podcast and I’m a business and marketing automation mentor. And my goal is to help you get away from your business. And back to the people and activities you love. Sometimes I say, away from your business and back into bed. But people think that’s a wink wink and sleep is really important. So everything that I do and everything that I teach here on my page is to help you get away from your business and back to the people and activities you love. In sleep. Did you see that fly? Just swipe on my, on my head. Yeah. So again, today I’m going to be teaching you how to fill your funnel with leads from Facebook groups. And it’s really pretty simple. Yes, it does require a small investment either have time or up money or both. But it’s relatively small and it can produce gold in the long run. So I’m going to share my screen and I’m going to take you to the positive productivity Facebook group. And I want to show you on the back end, what I set up to get this started so I’m going to go to group settings and you can be walking along and doing all this the same for you. I’m going to Scroll down to the membership requests. And you’ll see here that there’s a section where you can ask questions. A lot of people overlook this. Or maybe I should say, they don’t take it to its maximum potential. But what I want you to see is that while I do address the issue of it being a friendly non spamming community, the second question right here is what is your email address? And I say, we would like to send you a few resources. We have found helpful while building our business, we meaning me, but yeah, they don’t have to answer this question. If they put their email addresses, I will still approve them into the group or my team. Well, if they answer that question once saying that they understand it’s a free, non earth friendly non spamming community. So I get a lot of No thanks. I’m not interested in that. In this time. However, if They answer question two and in a future video for feel good funnel Fridays, I’m going to be talking about segmenting. I also asked them what stage their businesses in and I give them three options. I give them starting scaling, growing, or maybe starting growing scaling. I can’t remember what order I put them in. So what’s interesting is that they fill it out. And let’s assume that they fill out all three questions, okay. They understand that it’s a friendly non spamming community. They’ve given their email address, and they say what stage their business is in. Then when we get a member requests and there are none right now, but I have group funnels set up. Now this is something that if you don’t use group funnels, which is relatively inexpensive in the long run, because I believe it’s a one time fee and you can learn more about group funnels at KIM forward slash group funnels. I’ll have a link down below in the Description. You can take those responses that you get to the questionnaire and enter them into your CRM one by one. And what I want you to do is have a segment of your funnel, whatever that free gift is that addresses the segment that they responded to. So for example, the person says that they are just starting their business. I want you to target them in your messaging, I want you to take that free gift or maybe you have a separate gift for each segment there. I want you to speak specifically to the way they answered in question three, okay. And group funnels will do this by sending. What they do is they they load each one that you approve, I didn’t mean to show that. I’m trying to preserve people’s integrity and not share their email addresses.

But group funnels creates a spreadsheet and they it’s a Google Sheet. You set up the Google Sheet, they take each Yes. And they plug in a new line in the sheet for new each new answer. Again, this is an optional solution you can, or you can have a VA be entering each of these people into your funnel. But what group funnels does is they take each of the yeses, they put it in a new line in Google Sheets, and then there’s a zap setup. And here in Zapier, you can see that I have three separate zaps, set up. It’s this one positive productivity Facebook group one and then there are two more below it. And what it’s looking for. What I told Zapier to do is when there’s a new person on this spreadsheet, look to see if they included an email address that’s a conditional item and if they included a conditional item, then see how they answered and then depending on how they answered, create or update the contact in Infusionsoft. So all My team or I have to do is approve them. And if they include the email address, they’ll get onto the spreadsheet. And then Zapier will send them into Infusionsoft and the whole line of messaging will begin. Although the positive productivity Facebook group is really small, it’s, I believe, 400 people, and you are invited to join by the forward slash groups forward slash positive productivity. Yeah, so this group is still relatively small 446. I also have a very large virtual assistant group. It’s a it’s approaching 50,000 members right now. Let me see. And I get a lot of questions from vas. I’m no longer a VA. I do marketing and business automation. But I get a lot of questions from VA s via instant message or private message here in Facebook, and wanting to know how to do things. So for a while I was building my list because I thought I was going to Have a VA offering in the long run, where I was asking, Are they a VA or a client? This whole group is about clients coming in posting their job offering and then he’s being able to respond. So I wanted to be able to, I asked, or I made it clear that they were joining a friendly non spamming community. Again, I was asking for their email address. And then what I was asking was, are you a VA, a client, or both? If they were a VA, then I took them down a funnel, which was specifically targeting them for VA related products if they were a client. I was introducing them to me in what I do with business and marketing automation. And then if they said both, I was still taking them down the VA route because I thought they would be they would get more benefit from that. But over the course of I would say nine months I added let me stop the screen share. I added About 6000 people, I’m just trying to get back to my camera and turn off. There we go. I added about 7000 people to my list. Eventually, I realized that this was not the type of people not i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with VA. But this was not my ideal audience. I didn’t want to be growing my list out of there. Plus, I realized that I was getting more unsubscribes than ever before, my open rate was a lot lower. And I really needed to focus on my ideal clients and customers. So I stopped doing it with the VA group. But this is a great idea. If you’re trying to figure out how to build your list off of Facebook groups. I strongly encourage you to set up a three step questionnaire where you’re asking them for an email address and then figuring out how you can segment them. Again, the tools that I use are group funnels, and Zapier, I will have both of those listed down in the description. But if you found this video helpful, give me a thumbs up leave a comment down below and make sure to subscribe or like this page so you can be notified when future videos come out in the future. Now with all this said, Go for it make it a positive and a productive day.