How to Set Rewards to Incentivize Your Goals

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What motivation do you give yourself to take consistent actions which will move your business or your personal life upwards?

If your answer is “none”, you may want to reconsider.

In this video, Kim Sutton shares how she incentivizes her daily good-better-best goals as well as the incentive she is giving herself to become more visible.

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What motivation do you give yourself to take consistent actions which will move your business/personal life upwards? If your answer is 'none', you may want to reconsider. Watch: To Tweet


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Hey everybody! It’s Next Level Monday. I’m your host, Kim Sutton, and today I want to talk to you about how to make sure that you’re hitting your goals.

Now, I have set tons of goals in my past. I just want to show you an example. I was cleaning up…. Well, I can’t because I don’t know what I did with it. I was cleaning up my office this past weekend, and I found a planner from 2016 2017. And oh, my gosh, the number of goals and the number of tasks that I had set for each day were ridiculous.

How to Set Rewards to Incentivize Your Goals

So before I even get into today’s topic, which is how to incentivize your, your goals, I want to talk about how to choose what we actually need to be working on.

Friends, I have a good, better, best list for each day. I talked about this in a previous video, and I will put a link to it down below. But for each of those different three, so for good, better and best, I have five areas that I focus on. So… And this is much in-thanks to my friend, Devi Adea – we’re doing this together – so…

Wealthy… We focus on wealth and for me, it’s not necessarily about making money, but it’s about the activities that I could be doing to help me make money in the future. Right? So wealth, spiritual, health, business, and then I put family in there. So for each of those five, I have a goal for the day. Okay, and then… so that’s just for good. One goal for each of those.

Then, for better, I have two goals for each of those, and for best I have three goals for each of those.

How to Set Rewards to Incentivize Your Goals

Now, I set up incentive for myself so that if I hit all my goals and a given week, or all my goods, I, I reward myself, I if I hit all my betters in a week, then there’s another level of reward. And if I hit all my best, then there’s a third level overboard. So I want you to think about incentivize incentivizing. I can say that word better than I can say, extensions. Oh, my gosh, I said it. I can never say extensions twice in one day. Now, when somebody makes me say it, I won’t be able to get it right. But I want you to think about how you can incentivize the tasks that you want to get done in a given week. And let’s just talk about that word task for a moment. I don’t want these to be things like cleaning out your inbox or scrolling through social media going through Facebook groups. They should be meaningful activities. Okay, so what’s one thing money related that you could do today that will make a difference not just today, but 90 days down the road a year down the road, 10 years down the road, right. So lately, my money thing has actually been working on writing my book.

That’s just what I’m attributing to that. It’s also been posting old podcast episodes to Pinterest because I know that those will stack over time and they will gain traction. So anything that I do today, I want it to gain traction for me in the future. Then body like for the body one, my which I have. The first one is actually the good is just to remember to take my medicine. I’ve been hypothyroid I’ve had hypothyroidism since birth. If I forget to take my medicine that’s bad. So good on any given day, and you might think that since I’m 41, I remember good in any day is just to take my medicine better is to take my medicine in a workout for a half hour I have been dealing the betters, the goods and the betters. For the last couple of weeks, I was struggling for a little bit. But now that I’ve just as a Friday implemented the reward structure, I am so excited. So that’s just the good, better best reward structure. Think about what that will look like for you. I was going to do petalite pen a little bit penalties for not meeting my goods. But I realized that I’m more driven by the rewards. So that’s what I’m going to go with. Okay, so, aside from the good, better, best, let’s also talk about your big goals. For me. Visibility is the big thing right now I know I need to be more visible. Just this morning on my YouTube channel. I went live for the first time with my Kim bit series. This is going to be a daily series that I do between nine and 10am. I’m not saying it’s an hour long, but I’ll go live sometime between nine and 10 And I want to do this daily. So today was day one, but I have good better best visibility goals for the next Let me think two and a half months if I can do the daily kibitz on YouTube the these lives the next level Monday the work smarter not harder Wednesday in the field good funnel Friday. And if I can get to the podcast episode up and out and properly marketed on time on Tuesdays if I can get all our continue doing all that through the end of July 2020 then I told myself my reward is a teeth whitening kit. Okay, you know me I’m very transparent years of caffeine and I don’t know how many of you know this, but I smoked for 18 to 20 years, all that cut up, I don’t smoke anymore, but I want to lighten my teeth. So rather than just go straight spend money on it, I need to reward myself and I need to do something to earn that reward. Now if I do those three things, my podcasts, my lives, and kibitz through that end of August, I’m taking the reward up a notch. I am going to get myself a new microphone that doesn’t need to be right in my face, you can’t see it, but it is literally that far from my face. And if I move back then or if I turn the microphone around, you won’t be able to hear me and I’m tired of that. So that’s my reward through the end of August. Then my reward through the end of September, if I do all those things through the end of September, I’ve told myself that I am going to get a new camera. It is not a small investment. It is so not small that I haven’t even talked to my husband about it yet. But I figured that if I’m doing what I need to do, visibility wise if I’m being on hearing doing these lives, if I’m Doing my kibitz every morning and if I’m getting the podcasts out and properly marketing it, then these things should all pay for themselves. So whether you’re looking at visibility, whether you’re looking at content creation, whatever it is in your business, choose one area that you really want to stay specific in and think about three tiers of rewards that you can give yourself maybe it’s just through the end of this month, then go two months out and then go three months out. I would love to hear what you come up with. So leave it down below. And while you’re at it, click like click the like button, like or subscribe to rude Lu like or subscribe to this channel, or to this page and turn on notifications so that you find out when I go live next, and then also check the links down below because I’m going to give you the link so that you can get my free next level you weekly tracking spreadsheet and that will help you really hate your good, better best goals as well. Now with all Said, I hope you go forth and have a positive day positive and productive day. Make sure to come back on Wednesday for work smarter, not harder. See ya.

How to Set Rewards to Incentivize Your Goals