How to Stop Expecting Too Much From Ourselves

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QUICK NOTES – How to Stop Expecting Too Much From Ourselves:

My friend, I don’t share or teach anything on my videos, podcasts or blogs that I have not personally experienced in the past or present. And today is no exception.

I have a tendency to overcommit. Whether it’s overcommitting to myself or others, my bad habit creates stress, discouragement and frustration.

With the kids FINALLY back in school, I recently shared my new system on how to backwards engineer my goals. From a big picture perspective, the system is great but… people tend to underestimate what they can do in a year and over estimate what they can do in a day. I am one of those people.

In today’s session of Next Level Mondays, I remind you (and myself) how to stop expecting too much from ourselves. We NEED to give ourselves room for flexibility and spontaneity, especially when life throws its curveballs.

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Welcome back to another session of Next Level Mondays, my friends, you know that a lot of what I share on this video on my YouTube videos on my podcast is personal experiences that I have learned that I am learning that I go through each and every day. And today is no different. A few weeks ago, maybe even just last week, I shared how to backwards engineer your goals. And I was sharing, you know, the new schedule I developed for myself, now that the kids are back in school, and now that I really want to work

on getting a whole bunch done before the end of 2020.

And I have an admission for you.

Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves.

How to Stop Expecting Too Much From Ourselves

I was in this grant dot that okay, the kids are in school. I know I have from 830 to 330 every day to get stuff done. And I can set a schedule in place that nobody else is going to interrupt. I was wrong. I was wrong. And I think well not. I think I know that so many other people sometimes think this as well. They think, Okay, I’m going to nail out every single minute of my day. And I’m going to get all this stuff done. And everything’s going to be perfect.

Please don’t plan for perfection. You’re not perfect. You’re imperfectly perfect, as am I as is everybody else on this planet. And every single day, I go forth with the best intentions.


things happen. I get amazing phone calls from amazing friends. And we ended up brainstorming for hours. And we weren’t planning on it. Was that on my schedule? No. And some could say that it’s a squirrel. But I would like to say that it was as it was supposed to be. Or just in the last couple days. We had my daughter was at home sick from school, they thought that she was showing signs of COVID it was actually just a stomach bug. But then involve taking time out of the day to go to the doctor and get the note that she could go back to school this morning. You know, things happen? Back in 2015 2016. I was getting so frustrated because I was working 2022 hours a day. Yes, I was. I was sleeping two to four hours a day. But I was looking at people on social media thinking, why aren’t I having the same type of success as they are. And I want to share one of the funniest examples looking back. One of the people that I was idolizing had three children, and also had a nanny for each one. When it came to doing the shopping and the schooling and the bathing of the kids and the cooking for the for the family. She had people in place for all of that. So she was able to focus on her work, and the kids weren’t pulling. Does that mean that there was never any move the bloopers that there was never any interruption in her day? Absolutely not. But I was comparing myself with five kids and no nanny to somebody with three kids and three nannies. How was that being fair to myself, right? And then there’s somebody I was thinking about this, and I wasn’t thinking poorly on myself. But I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the gold digger podcast with with Jenna Kutcher. And she was sharing her. I’m behind a few episodes, I just need to share that. She was sharing her 2019 year in review, and sharing the money that she’s made. I think it was 2019. Yeah. And she was talking about how in 2019, she had brought in something like $8 million. And then it had taken five years to get to that point. And I was talking to my friend, Richie and I said, Hey, I’m giving my myself five years from now to get that into place. He’s like, why can’t we already have so much set up? And I know $8 million might seem huge. I remember back in 2012, looking at virtual assistants, and I know no longer do virtual assistant work. But looking at virtual assistants who were charging $40 an hour and thinking, where do they get off charging that much? That’s a whole ton of money. I didn’t know I would be here. I didn’t know I would have the expertise that I have now. But the possibilities are endless. And I’m giving myself five years now to get to $8 million. But to go back to my conversation with Richie, he says you’ve so much set up. I said yeah, but here’s the difference. In those five years that it took Jenna to get To $8 million, she didn’t have kids and I have five. And I’m no longer willing to sacrifice time with the family to get there. So I have to a lot, I have to work that time in, I’m not going to expect myself to hit these massive goals really fast. I don’t think that’s fair to me, I don’t think it’s fair to you. I’m not going to expect myself to stay to some concrete schedule, when it’s just going to add further stress to myself. And if you saw it a couple of weeks ago, I showed you how I laid out every single minute of the day, I’m throwing that out, I’m going back to my good, better best schools. And that’s what I’m going to aim to achieve every single day, I have my good, I have my better, and I have my best, and I’m going to be happy. There’s a cat climbing into a box, I will be happy with what I get done, my my goal is going to be going for good. I will be amazed if I do the bed. Good, better, best, the better and the best. And I want you to be happy with the same as well. We can get where we want to go if we keep on taking consistent action. Consistency is my struggle right now. And I’m not going to be consistent when I stick to a ridiculous

over plan schedule. When there’s life happening around me when there’s clients who have big opportunities come up and I need to go set up something behind the scenes, when I have great friends who call when I have Sick Kids, when I’m hungry, and I haven’t even planned for time to get something to eat or coffee or I wasn’t even allowing in time for restroom breaks or go say hi to my husband, we’re in the same house, there’s no reason why we should be apart for 10 hours a day. Right? So stop expecting too much of yourself. Give yourself good, better best goals. And let’s see where we wind up at the end of this year. Go for good. And be thrilled with better. I’ll be thrilled with good, but go for good. I would love to support you in reaching the next level in your business. And along with my good, better best goals. I also have my next level weekly tracking sheet, I view my business as a game. I am a gamer if you haven’t already heard that, I view my business as a game, I track actions that I take on a daily basis and I give them myself experienced points. And my goal is to hit a certain number of points every week. But if you want a copy of my checker, type an L m down below if you’re on Facebook or go to next level. checker, let me just make sure that that’s the right URL. Next Level I just want to make sure I’m giving you the right URL. It’s been a while since I shared it. Next Level guy next level you can sign up for that spreadsheet and I would love to see you reach the next level of your business. I consider myself a level one entrepreneur now because I’ve hit my weekly goal experienced points once since I started this tracker but I want to hit entrepreneur level two. And I’d love to hear where you are on this journey. So again, if you’re on Facebook type NLM down below, anywhere else, type in next level tracker comm and let me know what you think. I’ll be back on Wednesday with my next session of work smarter not harder Wednesdays but any other time you are welcome to find me on youtube at 11am. Eastern Monday through Friday for another session of timbits. Now with all this said go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.