3 Ways to Keep Promises to Yourself

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Do you struggle to reach your goals?

Do you constantly tell yourself you WILL do something, and not follow-through?

Are you ready for massive change in your life? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, this video is for you!

Watch as I share 3 ways to keep promises to yourself.

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Do you ever find that you make promises all the time to yourself, and then break those promises?

You make promises to other people and keep them like they’re going out of style. I mean, you could have a to do list that is 10,000 items long and check off every single one of the ones that applies to somebody else, but when it comes to keeping promises to yourself, they just don’t happen.

For example, do you set your alarm clock, or have you frequently set your alarm clock to get up early in the morning and work out but when the alarm clock went off, you push snooze. And, not only did you push it once, but you pushed it 18 times so you ended up waking up late.

Or, maybe you tell yourself that you’re going to eat healthier, but rather than eating healthier, you overburden yourself and you end up going through the McDonald’s drive thru to get something “easy” for dinner rather than going home and heating up the stuff, the healthier stuff that you already prepared.

Well, today I’m going to talk to you about 3 ways to keep promises to yourself.

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I’m KIM SUTTON, I’m the host of the positive productivity podcast, and also a marketing and business automation mentor. And I have wound up in the role that I’m in because for so many years in my business, and in my personal life, I was over committing and keeping promises to other people. But I was failing myself and then 2016 I ended up in a very deep dark downward spiral where I became very depressed, anxiety ridden and in the end suicidal. But thankfully, I had a huge spiritual experience, which I’m not going to get into today. And I’m here to share my stories with you now so that I can help you prevent the same from happening to you. So the first way of the three ways to keep promises to yourself, is to get clear on your purpose. Why You don’t know your purpose or when you think your sole purpose on this planet and in this life is to make money. It is so easy to say yes to this that in every other thing. But when you find your heart’s desire and you’re able to act only on activities which are aligned with your purpose, that it becomes much easier to keep promises to yourself. And I’m going to dive into a little bit more why on that in items number two, and three. But I really want you to get clear today on what your purpose is. Why are you on this planet? And I’ll tell you right now that my purpose is to help entrepreneurs set up business marketing automation to help them get away from their computers away from the work and back into bed or back to the people that they love. I don’t want to hear another story of entrepreneur who was so anxiety ridden or depressed, because they were working 2022 hours a day that they committed suicide. It is my mission to help helps those people pull back and reclaim their personal life. Actually, that’s there’s shouldn’t be a struggle, a shrug there. That’s my purpose. Like, if I if I’m not serving into that either for myself or other people, I don’t want to be doing it. Way number two of how to have the three ways to keep promises to yourself is to stop over committing, whether you’re over committing to other people, or over committing to yourself, it needs to end and the easiest way for it to end is start saying no to anything which is not aligned with your purpose, which was item number one. I used to struggle so much with saying no, because I was afraid people weren’t gonna like me, or because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have money to support my family. Or because this or because that. But the, the way that I was able to stop overcommitting was to realize that No, it’s actually okay to say it’s not just okay. But it’s required if we’re going to succeed. The easiest way to say yes to yourself is to say no to other people. And I know that may sound like you’re not giving and that you don’t care about other people. But think about the airplane analogy. The flight attendants and or the recording that we hear when we get on an airplane always says to put your mask on first, and then help other people. It’s the same here. When you’re over committing to other people, you don’t have time to put your own mask on. And that’s an easy way to break promises to yourself. When you go down to your to do list and you start checking off the activities that other people need from you one by one by one by one. Before you even look at the activities that you need to do for you. That’s

ridiculous, ridiculously easy way to break promises. Don’t do that anymore. start saying no to anything that’s not aligned to your purpose. Stop saying yes to everything that people ask you to do. Embrace the word no. And you’ll be able to keep those promises. Way number three is to remember that less is more. And this has been a hard pill for me to swallow. So again, the third way of the three ways to keep promises to yourself is to remember that less is more. Here’s an example. About a month ago, I decided that I was going to get serious on my weight, and I’m getting healthier and getting more fit. So not only did I decided that I was going to ride my exercise bike once a day, I decided that I was going to do 100 crunches a day 100 pushups, 100 jumping jacks, 100 squats, 100 mountain climbers, and I’m sure there was something else too. Now let me tell you, I could barely do one crunch or one Sit up when I started, I quickly deflated myself. And I really just wanted to give up. So I think I got through eight setups that first day I got, I don’t even remember how much of everything else and I may have variable just given up. But when we put way too much on our plate, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and just give up on everything. So today, if you’re struggling to keep promises with yourself, I want you to look at all the promises that you’re trying to keep and pare them down to one. Maybe you’re trying to eat healthier and exercise and you’re struggling with both How would if you just focus on one of those today? What if you start with the exercise and work the food in or what if you start with the food, the healthy food and then you work the exercise in or maybe you want to build an online course but you’ve decided I’d done this before. By the way you You decided that you want to launch a


I spoke to the law.

That’s what I thought I was doing.

By the time the positive productivity podcast launched, I already had 80 episodes 4080 I don’t know a lot of episodes in the can. And I was so overwhelmed with trying to record episodes for two podcasts. And not just that. But I thought that both podcasts were going to be Daily Show.

Daily shows, let me try that again.

Less is more and positive productivity does not mean perfection. Over the over the course of my three and a half years as a podcaster. I’ve cut back on the positive productivity podcast from being a daily show to a two times a week show. And then just earlier this year in 2020, I cut it back to once a week. And I’ll tell you that the feedback that I’m receiving from my audience is amazing. I wasn’t Over, committing just to myself, but I was over committing them, they didn’t have time to listen to seven days a show, or seven days a week of shows for me, just like I didn’t have time or money to create seven shows a week. So by cutting back and embracing the lessons more, Barry, I was able to provide better content to them and take the stress off of me. It’s a lot easier to tell myself that I’m going to fully produce one show a week with full marketing than it is to tell myself that I’m going to do seven. By the way, if you’re thinking about launching a podcast, please start small. Start with the less is more scenario. And if you find that you still have 2040 hours a week leftover after you produce that one show, then maybe consider going to two I would love to hear which of these three ways to keep promises to yourself is the most essential Specially helpful to you today. Pardon my grammar. which of the three ways to keep promises to yourself? Have you found most helpful and which will you be working on implementing in your life, so make sure to put a comment down below. And if you’re not already subscribed to the YouTube channel, make sure to click like and subscribe and turn on the bell so that you know the next time I release a video. I would love to hear your comments. So again, post those below. And I’ll be back on Wednesday with my next to work smarter, not harder Wednesday video in the series. Now without this said go forth and make it a positive and productive day.