Consistency Is Key!

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It was 3pm. I looked at my clock and asked myself, “Do I really NEED to do my Work Smarter Not Harder Wednesday video today? I mean, I’m not showered, the kids are about home from school, and I have a gazillion other things to do.”
But then… My goals stepped up to the plate and batted for me.
“Kim, go take a shower. Forget about the makeup and just do it already. Consistency is key.”
If you’ve already given up on your New Year’s Resolution(s) for 2020, this video is for you.
If you’re finding it hard to stay on track with the actions you need to take to reach your 2020 goals, this video is for you.
If you just want to see me with no makeup on and in my bathrobe, this video is for you. 🙂
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​Have you ever set goals for yourself and not carried through?

I mean, on the day that I’m recording, this is the end of January 2020. And I know by this point in the month, a lot of people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. For that matter, they’ve probably given up on them two to three weeks ago. And then they wonder why they don’t reach their goals during the year.

Consistency is key.

So, I have a goal this year of being present — of being visible. And, at three o’clock this afternoon, I looked at the camera and… I looked at the clock, and I said, “Oh my goodness, when am I going to get my Facebook live in today? I’m not showered. I’ve been working all day. I stink to be totally honest. Maybe I just won’t do it today. Maybe I’ll just skip, till Friday. You know, one video isn’t gonna hurt me if I don’t go live.

But then I look back through all my goals, and I can see the how that started…. I can see where the broken goals got started with a “Hey, maybe I’ll just skip today.” You know, and then the next day comes and I skip it again.

And, I’ll tell you, my bike has yet to see my butt this week for that exact reason.

But, I haven’t had a drink since December 2 of 2019 because I’m sticking with that, even though my kids — and sometimes my clients –make me want to drink aquariums of margaritas.

I’m human.

And I haven’t had a soda since January 1. If you can, please work with me and not include Bangs. They don’t have calories. They don’t have carbs. I don’t count them.

I’ve had two.

But, I have been consistent with my Facebook Lives. I have been consistent with posting on YouTube. I have been, I think 100% consistent, with sending emails out to my list, putting podcast episodes out on time, getting the marketing out there, and reaching the goals that I set every day for client work and for personal work.

Consistency is key.

We are 29 days into this year. And the goals that are really mattering to me are being met. And that is because when it becomes three o’clock in the afternoon, and I doubt whether or not I can do a Facebook Live or a video of any type with my kids screaming in the background, I go take a shower.

So I’m here in a messy tank top (I can’t stand showing my arms), my bathrobe on and I do it.

And I know that you may need hear this message, which is why I’m here today.

Consistency is key.

Don’t give up on your goals because you think  “It’s okay, if I don’t do it today because I’ll just do it again on Friday.”

If I can get on here and ???.

Let me touch on that for a second. Stress creates major raccoon eyes. This one no wait hold on mirrored. This one is still recovering. This one looked all black and blue last year just because of stress.

I have said goodbye to stressful people and stressful circumstances in my life. I’ve blocked them on social media and my phone. Goodbye!

And the stress is beginning to come out of my whatever you call these… Under eyes. It’s starting to come off my belly. Yes, the exercise is helping. And, it’s also… That time, that drama, that stress time is being put into things like this.

I still can’t believe that I’m doing a video in wet hair, and no makeup. I promise I am not sick. I promise I am not on drugs, or drinking.

But I’m here to prove a point be consistent with your goals this year. Please, just stick to them, You will be shocked with what you can accomplish by the end of the year if you just stick with it.

Consistency is key.

And, I know this might seem like a small example, and I would love your support on this, but I have a goal this year of doubling my YouTube subscribers. I’m starting with 32. I started with 32 on January 1. So you know small numbers. I just want to get to 64 by the end of the year, but I’m already at 47. Today we’re on January 29. But that’s because I’ve been sticking with it.

Every single Monday, Wednesday, Friday I have a new video going up over there. And it’s a repurposed thing.

It doesn’t take a lot to reach our goals. It just takes a system, a strategy and consistency, and the only reason why you’re not going to reach your goals is you.

Consistency is key.

You don’t need money.

I mean, I build funnels all day every day for my clients. You don’t need things like Leadpages and Click Funnels. To build a funnel, you can build a landing page on your website. You don’t need Infusionsoft just because that’s what so many of the big gurus have. You can use MailChimp, $10, or even free.

So, don’t give me an excuse about how you don’t have money to build your funnel. You can do it for as little as your website hosting bill. That’s it. You can do it that small.

Don’t tell me why you can’t do Facebook Lives because your kids are at home, because I have four out there playing tag… three. I have three out there in the other room and one more down in his room right now. And they’re being loud, but I’m still here. You are still there.

Don’t let another day pass by without working on your goals. Stay consistent. Stay true to you. Stay true to your dreams. And if anything is not working for and with your dreams, feel free to say goodbye.

Consistency is key.

Don’t do drama. Don’t stick around with people who aren’t going to support you. You don’t need to because there’s a whole world of people out there who will support you through whatever your dreams are.

(Just listening to what they’re screaming about. Who knows on any given day, who knows what my kids are screaming about.)

But my point is, there’s a world of people who are out there, ready, willing and able to support you and reaching your goals. If you want some help. I’m going to put a link down below, links actually.

Number one to the Positive Productivity Facebook group. It’s free. Come join. I’m gonna start posting a Monday accountability message. Put down there what you want to reach for the week and Friday, I’m going to ask you why you didn’t reach it.

And then, number two, the other… The other link I’m going to give you is for the 30 Day Work Smarter, Not Harder Challenge.

Let me just tell you a little bit about this challenge. It too is free, but my awesome friend, RichE Otey told me…

(bloopers, Positive Productivity, you get bloopers)

RichE and I were talking about the challenge before I launched it, and I was getting so overwhelmed, because the whole thing was not created yet. And he said, “Kim, what are you doing?

Like? He didn’t say that, like with attitude like I just did.

He said, “Aren’t you dripping it out one day at a time?

I was like, “Yeah.”

He said, “Then why do you need the whole thing put together before you launch it to your to anybody?”

I was like, “You’re… You’re right.

And he said, “And furthermore, how many people actually take action and do everything when they sign up for something?

And I want to make… I want you, like you, my viewer to think about all the courses that you might have signed up for in the past. I’m thinking about mine right now.

How many have you actually carried through from the moment you put your credit card number in or maybe it was a free challenge you all you have to do is put in your name and email to the end.

So RichE’s idea was make it only available to them for three days. After that, they either have to buy access to… to get the rest or to have all of it or they just, you know, they lose access to it period. They can either buy it or they lose it. But can… The only way that you’re going to get testimonials is if you get them to go through the whole thing.

I’ve signed up for maybe… four programs since, — okay, that could be a low ball — since I started my business in 2012. Four. I will tell you that I finished exactly 00.

You know how you’re going to get testimonials for your programs as you’re building them, or after you build and launch them?

By making sure your people get through to the end.

But, in order for your people to get through to the end, you need to get through the through to the end. So be consistent.

You can record your course in your bathrobe with no makeup on and wet hair. That is what I am probably going to be doing tonight actually, recording some modules for my course. Just like this. I’ve got my space heater, I’ve got my water, I hope on Zoom, I record the audio and then I put the slides on top of my face. Nobody needs to see me. Nobody needs to see you. If you’re scared, hide yourself. But don’t let the proper lighting, proper sound, kids in the background stop you from reaching your goals.

And, now there’s somebody coming into my office. I forgot to lock my office door.

(Stay there because you are not fully clothed. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, no.)

Positive Productivity does not mean perfection and I have a kid who is only half dressed.

(No, I’m serious. Stay over there.)

She wants my phone.

I think you get my point. stay consistent. Stay true to your goals.

And I’m gonna let you go for now because I want to make sure that I don’t get in trouble for half-dressed children on this video.

With all that said, I will be back on Friday with a session of Feel Good Funnel Fridays. Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.