Having a well-planned daily routine helps increase productivity and self-fulfillment. But if you try to fit in too many tasks in just a few hours, that would most likely spell trouble. Kim Sutton talks about how she learned this the hard way by overwhelming her bullet journal to the point of becoming out of control. She shares the right approach to make your day-to-day schedule much more rewarding, especially for your mental health.

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The Right Approach In Achieving A Winning Daily Routine

I want to know what does your daily routine look likeAre you overstuffing your calendar, your schedule with too much because you think you have to reach the next level in your life? Are you giving yourself space to be free, to let your day flow, to be the best version of yourself possible without overstressing yourself? Ask yourself that question and think about it as this episode continues. We are talking about winning routines and habits, as well as some mindset stuff and a whole lot more that create those routines and habits that do help us take our lives personally and professionally to the next level. 

Remember your limitations. They are never a bad thing. 

I want to share with you how and why my daily routine kicked my butt. My daily routine has gone through multiple evolutions, revolutions, versions. You put your own word in there now, my daily routine is cut down to the bare essentials to only improve my mental health. You will hear more about this as this continues but I’ve got to tell you that my mental health now is critically important. I want to make sure that I start every day in the best mindset with the best mindfulness practices possible. 

If we were to back up a few years ago, though and even in 2020, I used to have a bullet journal. I had seen on Pinterest examples of bullet journaling where people would create habit charts and stuffed them full of tasks and activities that they wanted to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Why took it to the far extreme and made it a daily bullet journal? Every single day, I gave myself 2030bif not more, activities that I wanted to do that day. I would start my day by wanting to ride my bike, take a shower, put on makeup, do my hair, journal, read, knit, spend time with my family, go outside and post to all social media platformsI’m not just talking about the ones that were most relevant for me but all. 

POPR 709 | Daily Routine

Daily Routine: Even with the best mindset, unreasonable expectations could make you feel less incapable.


I expanded even that category to create posts for Facebook, Facebook pages, my personal Facebook profile, my Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter. You get the picture. I had at least 15 to 20 different lines for social alone. I wanted to create an SOP or a Standard Operating Procedure every single day for my businessa random reach out to somebody that I hadn’t talked to in a while, record a video for YouTube and Facebook Live. My daily routine list was out of control. At the end of every single day, I felt more stressed and deflated than I did start every day. Even though I started the day trying to get into the best mindset possible, my unreasonable expectations on myself were making me feel less than I felt incapable because I was not able to do the 24 hours of tasks that I had set forth to do in only eight hours. 

A winning routine doesn’t mean doing it all and doing it every day, but doing the most important. 

My friend, when we are setting up the routines and habits that we want to follow in our life, that we want to be part of our daily existence to help us become the best version of ourselves possible, we have to remember our limitations. Limitations aren’t a bad thing. We have to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. We have to remember the importance of sleep and eating well. by the way, eating well is still a challenge. I love McDonald’s French fries and it takes every ounce of strength sometimes to pass McDonald’s and not get themRemember that a winning routine doesn’t mean doing it all and doing it all every day. A winning routine means doing what is most important. Believe me when I say that doing everything is not what’s most important. Your inbox does not need to hit zero every single day. Your project management tool doesn’t need to show every task checked off. What you need to know is that you addressed the most important activities and made a conscious decision to let the rest go, maybe tell tomorrow. For me right now, the most important activities are taking care of myself and the most pressing tasks for my clients. 

POPR 709 | Daily Routine

Daily Routine: You have to do what’s most important for you. Otherwise, your mind, body, or soul won’t be around to enjoy the rewards of your labor.


I need to treat my body and my mind well. I need to take care of my kids, my marriage and my clients but my inbox is not at zero. I let my project management system go because it was stressing me out. Now, my office is a wreck. My office can stay a wreckThere are dishes in my sink, piles of laundry that need to be done, and the trash can in my bathroom is overflowing but my mindset is good and I slept eight hours so my body is thanking me. When you are moving forward for the rest of this month, this year and looking forward well into the future, you don’t have to do it all. You have to do what’s most important for you, your mind, body and soul or you won’t be around to enjoy the rewards from all of your labor. I would love to hear your feedback on this episode so head on over to TheKimSutton.com/pp709 and leave your comments. Until the next episode, go forth and make it a positive and productive day. 

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