PP 085: Perfectly Imperfect

Quick Show Notes: Perfectly Imperfect

Positive productivity is not about perfection. Listen in as I provide a quick technique to get us through the moments of stress and spilled milk.

'We are all perfectly imperfect. There is only so much that we can do on any given day and we have to be satisfied with what that is.' ~ @thekimsutton https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp085 #PositiveProductivity #Podcast #PerfectlyImperfectClick To Tweet

Episode Transcription

Perfectly Imperfect

If you’ve been listening to the Positive Productivity podcast for a while chances are you’ve heard me say positive productivity is not perfection. You may have listened to my blooper episode, which by the way you can find at TheKimSutton.com/PP057. However, I want to reinforce – with you all that Positive Productivity really is not about perfection.

Perfectly Imperfect

In full disclosure, if anyone were to show up at my house unannounced on any given day, they would most likely find a pile of laundry on the couch, toys on the floor in my office/playroom, and a miscellaneous array of objects on my desk. While I would love to have a fairy godmother who could come in like Mary Poppins and snap her fingers and make everything perfect, for right now I don’t have Mary Poppins’ number and I don’t know where to find her.

Perfectly Imperfect

Moving through our day – every day – whether or not we are a small business owner, it can be really easy to get sucked into an assumption that we need all parts of our life to be perfect. A great client of mine Kim Becking taught me the expression “Perfectly Imperfect” and I want all of you to embrace this expression in your life.

We are all perfectly imperfect.

There is only so much that we can do on any given day and we have to be satisfied with what that is.

There will be typos in emails and in other documents, there will be spilled milk, juice and coffee, and there will be unexpected utility problems like power outages or the Internet goes down right when we’re trying to get something baked on. Our lives are perfectly imperfect.

In these moments of imperfection, we have to just take a deep breath and remember all the other great things that are going on in our life. Our life is perfectly imperfect.

There will be those days, even though we’re trying to eat so good, that we just run out of time. We don’t have time to go to the grocery and buy all the healthy food or even some of the not so healthy food – just so we don’t have to eat out. But the time may just not be there. We have to remember that we’re always doing the best that we can and make the most out of every situation.

Perfectly Imperfect

I want you to take a deep breath right now, and as you’re exhaling, breathe out all the stresses and anxieties that you are thinking about in this present moment. As you’re inhaling back in, I want you to think about all the blessings that you have in your life. Everything that’s going right, everything that’s perfect, everything that makes your heart glow and makes you feel happy. With your next exhale. Let the imperfections flow back out of you again.

You are perfectly imperfect. Embrace this. Enjoy it. And with this said I want you to go forth and have a positive and productive day.