PP 117: Pick a Powerful Password

Quick Show Notes

Do the passwords you use inspire you to take action? Listen as I share how (and why) I believe you should change ALL your passwords.

Pick a Powerful Password!

Episode Transcription: Pick a Powerful Password

I want you to take a few moments to reflect upon the passwords that you use for anything that you do online.

Think about your email and your banking; Any of the tools that you use for your business; The passwords that you use to log in to pay your credit card bills. All of the above.

Are these passwords things such as your anniversary date? The names of your children? The year that you were born or anything sort of well obvious like that.

f so, today I want to challenge you to make your passwords powerful.

No I’m not talking about the security stance, and all that 16 or 32 bit encryption stuff. As far as I know, I may be talking nonsense right now, but what I’m talking about as far as a powerful password, is something that will get you inspired every single time you enter it into that password box.

Pick a Powerful Password

Think about what your goal is for the next month or the next year. Think about an item on your bucket list or something that you’re mentally or physically trying to achieve in your life.

Now, convert that into a password.

I hope you’ve gotten the idea already that I am not an extremely materialistic person. Hey, I drive a 1996 GMC Conversion Van with a side rail that’s about to fall off. So, when I give you this example, I don’t want you to think it’s because: “Ohhhh, she wants a Mercedes” now I’m going to go try that for all of her passwords.

No, but when you are putting your passwords in — Let’s just use the example of Mercedes — Make sure to change some of the characters out for the special characters.

For example the “S” at the end make it a “$”. If you did – if you do use the password bucket list make that “I” in list an “!”, do a little bit of extra special as far as character goes when you’re putting these passwords in, to make sure that they’re not so easily discovered by bots and hackers.

Pick a Powerful Password

But again my big challenge for you today is, to re-imagine your passwords and make them powerful.

Make them inspiring, encouraging, and make them something that will make you want to take immediate action every time you enter them into the password field.

With that said go forth and have a positive and productive day.