PP 121: Demolition Derby… and 20,001 Other Excuses Why We Don’t Act on Our Goals

Quick Show Notes

I was trying to record a batch of podcast episodes before I go out of town for a week, however life had other plans. After enduring lawn mowers, children screaming and then… demolition derby… I realized I, myself, was making excuses for not proceeding. Tune in to hear a guest intro by my daughter, Nevaeh, and common excuses I’ve heard entrepreneurs use… and they allow to hold them back.

Episode Transcription

Welcome back to another episode of Positive Productivity. Today’s episode is going to be a little bit different than most of my others.

If you have been listening for a while, you know that in my solo episodes it’s usually quiet. However, today there’s going to be background noise. I had been trying all afternoon to record a batch of episodes to prepare for about a week that I will be out of town at the end of this upcoming week. However, if you can hear that, my kids have other plans, all my neighbors have had other plans trying to do possibly their last lawn mow of the season. And, starting at about 4:00 PM this afternoon, I have had the background accompaniment of Demolition Derby.

No, I am not joking. Demolition Derby is apparently going on at the local fairgrounds.

So now it is 9:00 PM, and I have endured five hours — I don’t know if you can hear that, I guess I’ll find out when I’m editing — of this wonderful sound, that sounds like drag racing. Now I need to let you know I’m no where near the county fairgrounds. Well, when I say nowhere near them, I’m about –


– that’s Neveah, too. I’m about a half mile, if you could cut over the river and through the woods and you know, pass grandmother’s house and all of that, but it takes a good 10 minutes drive over there. However, apparently sound travels really well.

What’s my point in all this rambling? As entrepreneurs…vWhen we live our life, we have to –


– when we live our –


Oh my goodness! There will be no, [chuckles] there’ll be no bloopers for this episode. I think this whole episode is a blooper. In life, sometimes we just have to push through all the challenges –including demolition derby — if we want to make our dreams come.

[engine roaring]

Isn’t that just wonderful sound?

I’ve chatted with so many entrepreneurs who can make mile long excuse lists about why they didn’t reach their goals and get all their tasks done for the week. They were doing this and that. They didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t a priority. They had a hair appointment, a doctor appointment, talent show at the school, their favorite TV show was on, you get it.

But if the goals that we have set in front of us are really goals, and if that’s what we really want to do, then sometimes we just need to charge ahead and make it the priority. Sometimes we just need to record a podcast with Demolition Derby going on behind us and our kids screaming, two rooms over.

So let me ask you. What is stopping you from reaching your big goal?

Are you procrastinating? Do you have way too many items on your list and maybe you just need to delegate some of those items? Or, is it perhaps really not the goal that you should be following in the first place? Are you doing it for income and not for impact? Does that goal not have any alignment with your why?

I want you to think about that today.

I want you to stop making excuses, and if that goal really is your number one goal, then just do it. Stop the excuses and get it done.

Now with Demolition Derby behind me, I want you to go forth and have a positive and productive day.