PP 141: In Due Time

Quick Show Notes: In Due Time

When facing difficult situations and circumstances in our life, it can be nearly impossible to remember everything happens (when it does) for a reason.

In this episode, I discuss how the importance of persisting — and thriving — through whatever life throws at us.

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Episode Transcription

Have you ever looked back at a situation in your life, maybe one that was particularly stressful or difficult, and realized there was a reason that that event took place?

I do this all the time, and I’ve realized that everything does happen in due time.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the want for everything that we desire to happen right now. However, when we’re patient, what’s supposed to happen does happen in due time.

Although not at all small business or entrepreneur related, I was chatting with my husband last night about my son, Jacob. Yesterday was his 15th birthday. And I was reminiscing about the fact that his labor was only two hours from start to finish.

He was my first child, and therefore my first experience with childbirth. And I remember when I got to the hospital, the nurses wanted to check me out and do blood work, and all that medical stuff.

Seeing as it was my first time, I was already a little bit uncomfortable, considering I was in labor. However, I knew in my heart that I was probably further along than may even realized. Long story short, I am was only in the hospital for a half hour before Jacob was born and the doctor hadn’t even made it to the hospital yet. They actually had to call a doctor up from the ER to deliver him.

Dave and I often talk about if we had met earlier how awesome it would have been if we could still have the awesome children that we have today. And, as we were discussing Jacob last night, I started laughing because I realized, if Dave and I had been married at that point, or even just together, and he had been the one driving me to the hospital to deliver Jacob, then Jacob would have been born in the car.

Not to call out my husband or anything, but he doesn’t drive the speed limit. He drives five to 10 miles per hour lower than the speed limit. Everything was supposed to happen with Jacob including the fact that I was married to his dad. Exactly how it turned out. Had it not been for my relationship with Jacob’s dad, I wouldn’t have moved to Ohio, and, in the long run, most likely wouldn’t have met Dave, at least when I did.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you know that a lot has happened in the seven years since Dave and I have been together, including the creation of my companies, and the addition of three more children to our family.

Yes, we’ve had our struggles, and plenty of them. But every one of those struggles has taught us something very important. While we haven’t achieved all the goals that we have wanted to achieve or even want to achieve, we are fully aware that our goals are constantly changing. And sometimes bigger goals are met just because we didn’t have our eyes open for them.

Life can be hard. We face struggles that are unimaginable in sometimes horrific. However, everything does happen when it’s supposed to happen.

If you’re facing something particularly difficult right now, please know that I am sending you big hugs and encouragement. However, please just remember, in due time, everything that’s supposed to happen will happen.

If you are facing a struggle, consider the ways that you can turn that struggle around to help others. In the end, that struggle will have been far worth it, and perhaps you can help somebody else avoid that struggle themselves.

Now, with that said, go forth and have a positive and productive day.