PP 179: Attacked by Zombies

On previous episodes of the Positive Productivity podcast I’ve discussed why getting an adequate amount of sleep is critical. In this episode, I share how I was reminded of the importance of getting away from screens at least an hour before bedtime.

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Episode Transcription – Attacked by Zombies

In previous episodes of the Positive Productivity podcast, I’ve talked a lot about how it’s so important to get an adequate amount of sleep at night, and why we need to make sure to get away from our screens at least an hour before we actually go to bed.

Well, I have fallen victim to not doing this myself, and I have to admit, I did it to myself, but with the help of my 12 year old son, Robert.

I realized that with all the hustle and bustle going on with my business and with the younger kids, that I really wasn’t spending enough time with Robert. So when he suggested one evening that we watch The Walking Dead together, I decided to give it a shot.

I had never watched the show before, but I was sucked in. And so, my friends, for the past three weeks I have been watching The Walking Dead every evening a couple episodes at a time with my son.

This is not good.

I am not saying that it’s not good to take a break and to watch a show, or even watch The Walking Dead because I am hooked. Everybodym I am hooked. But do not watch The Walking Dead or any show for that matter, right before bed.

Attacked by Zombies

For the past four nights, I have been woken up in the middle of the night, dreaming that I was getting attacked by walkers. My family has turned into zombies. I turned into a zombie, and the whole world was being attacked. In some of my dreams, I was trying to find the cure. And in other dreams, my husband was trying to find the cure and I was trying to fend him off from all the zombies that were surrounding us.

Every morning following one of these evenings, I did not wake up rested. I woke up feeling extremely stressed for no good reason. Every day I had a beautiful day of work to look forward to however the stress caused by watching zombies right before bed was not doing anything for my quality of sleep.

I am normally a dreamer, but when I do not put myself in front of a screen right before bed, my dreams are magnificent. If you’re finding yourself having really disturbing dreams or tossing and turning all night, I want you to think about what you’re doing in those last few moments.

Are you screen sucking? Or are you doing something more productive with your time? Last night, I made sure to step away from my screen a full two hours before bedtime, and I was reading and journaling and my sleep was so much better.

I make every effort to live by what I talked to you about on the Positive Productivity podcast. And sometimes I slip. And when this happens, I want to make sure to share the good and the bad with you.

So again, if you’re feeling finding yourself waking up stressed and for no good reason, take a look at what you did right before bed the night before.

Now with all this said, go forth and have a positive and productive day.

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