PP 186: Totally Effortless with Candice Townsend

Quick Snow Notes – Candice Townsend

“You never know if you’re a conversation away from a $1 million idea.”

Candice Townsend started her entrepreneurial journey as the owner of a jewelry boutique. After watching her sales soar – as well as a friend’s sales soar – as a result of her social media strategies, Candice started her current business. Today, Candice helps clients cultivate relationships on social media, thus increasing sales.

Listen as Candice and Kim chat about social media marketing and sales techniques, confidence, mindset, impact and more!

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Episode Transcription – Candice Townsend

Kim Sutton: Welcome back to another episode of Positive Productivity. This is your host Kim Sutton. I’m so thrilled that you’re here to join us today. I am also thrilled to introduce our guest today, Candice Townsend, a social media strategist and the owner of Effortless Social Media.

Candice, welcome to the Positive Productivity podcast. I’m so happy you’re here.

Candice Townsend: Thank you so much, Kim, for this opportunity. I’m very excited to get into this conversation as I know that a lot of listeners, they take part in social media, and I really want to just shine a real good light and show them that social media can be a very positive place if you create that community if you create the atmosphere. So we’re ready to jump in. I’m ready. I’m good.

Kim Sutton: So can you share a bit of your backstory and how you got on the journey that you’re on today?

Candice Townsend: Okay, so I love to tell the story because people they think that you know, like, Oh my god, you’re the social media strategist. Some people, they they get a little starstruck when they finally get to see me. And I’m like, dude, I’m this. I’m just a simple girl from Brooklyn who had a passion to help others.

Candice Townsend: And how I got into this was I started off as a jewelry owner. I’m a plus sized woman and I wanted to help women find a jewelry that would fit around their wrists, their necks and you know, just made them feel beautiful. I always had that issue, trying to find these type of trinkets.

Candice Townsend: So I started a small boutique and it was called Pricy Plus Boutique. And it was a beautiful thing. And within that first year, me using solely social media, I hadn’t moved. I just moved to Houston from my hometown. I had never left home. (?) my first time. It was like that, you know, I’m getting up and out there. And within that first year, I grossed $50,000 in my business using the power of social media.

Kim Sutton: That’s amazing.

Candice Townsend: I thought I was like, Okay, you know what, let’s keep going, let’s keep going. But then my friend said, Well, I want to start a business soon. So I said, Okay, you know what, here, I’m gonna give you the blueprint. You do this, you do that. This is how I did this, and you’re not… Just basically navigated her through social media because she really wasn’t too sure about it herself. And for her business, she grossed over 50,000 in her first year.

Candice Townsend: So then I’m like, wait a minute, I’m onto something. I’m more than just jewelry. I’m here to help people, like myself, who want to get up and out there on social media and profit in their business, but also creating that community creating that arm that inclusion, like creating that beautiful atmosphere for those who are like minded and have been looking for people, like myself or some of my clients.

Candice Townsend: So it’s been three years since I made the switch to social media strategist. I’ve worked with stylists. I’ve worked with so many different people behind the scenes, and I’ve launched so many brands, and I’m just so proud of them. I’m so proud of how they are cultivating these positive relationships, and just really getting out there and helping some people and it is serves my mission because my mission, I think, at the end of it all, at the beginning of all, I just want to help people.

So that’s me.

Kim Sutton: So beautiful. I love how you said, cultivating relationships. Can you expand on that? Because I think that that’s… I don’t think, I know that that’s a missing element for so many people’s social media strategies. It was a missing element from mine just years ago.

Candice Townsend: It’s kind of like a lost art these days, which is weird, because when you look at the word social media, the first thing that you see is social. And then you see the media part of it. And it’s weird that people are unable to have these conversations because they just don’t know what to say, not realizing that all you have to do is speak from the heart.

Candice Townsend: If you truly have a mission, if you truly have a passion that burns inside of you, speak from the heart. Don’t worry about if it’s polished. Don’t worry about if it’s perfect. Don’t do that. Just cultivate the relationship. Get out there. Put yourself in front of people. Speak. People are going to listen.

Candice Townsend: You know, one of my clients she she was very very very petrified to even do a social media posts because she had this worry of people not accepting it and she had all these these just dark and depressing you know thoughts and I’m like girl, do you understand that there is something for everybody out there and people may love your quirkiness. They may love certain little things about you. That’s what will make them do business with you. That’s what makes them know like and trust you. And if you constantly put yourself out there, you constantly be authentic, you constantly show people your heart, your passion, and you back that up with your expertise, which are knowledge that you already have inside of your head. If you back that up. You’re going to be a superstar in your own lane.

Candice Townsend: People say all social media is so oversaturated. No, it’s not.

Kim Sutton: No it’s not.

Candice Townsend: There are way too many profiles out there. The last time that I had checked there was about 1.6 billion active social media profiles. You have so much room, you know, to basically reach out and and say, “Hey, how are you doing?” You know, “My name is XY and Z. And I’m and this is what I do.”

You never know if you are one conversation away from a million dollar idea, and that’s fine.

Kim Sutton: Yeah, I think the key word there is conversation. I think the market of social media and the the platform of any any platform is oversaturated, with people who are just trying to push, push, push and sell and put their stuff down your face. And that missing element is the conversation.

Candice Townsend: Oh, indeed, that’s I have a class currently running. It’s called A Social Media Suite, and one of the first things we tackle is conversation.

I don’t believe that you can be on social media without knowing how to carry a conversation with the people who need you. Not just want you, they need you. But first you have to know how to present yourself. And a lot of people they think it’s just this push.

Candice Townsend: And, you know, I know you guys have seen it where you see this guy and he’s standing in front of his car. And he’s like, let me tell you that I never I didn’t start this way. But I worked while he tells you this crazy and he’s walking through this mansion and these yachts and you know, to me, that’s not a conversation to me. That’s not telling me that you you really can help me. That’s just you showboating what you’ve gained from whatever it is that you have done. And now you would like to rope me in it turns me completely…

Kim Sutton: if they actually own it if they didn’t just go and rent or lease it for the video shoot.

Candice Townsend: Yes, ma’am. Because, you know, they’re not giving you a conversation. They’re giving you a script. a conversation flows naturally. All of that was staged and I’m not saying that people, they can’t plan out certain little things and not saying… But when I see that I cringe because I’m like, Where’s the conversation? Where’s the authenticity? Like, where? Where can we really see that person bear?

Candice Townsend: I love I love the show up on social media with my quirky little ways of people that follow me. They know I have an obsession with color pop. They know that I love blueberries, they know that I have this, this this little bossy, little sassy cat name that they know so many things about me. And then they know the business side of me as well.

Candice Townsend: But the only way I was able to convey this and have that connection wants to get out there and say, “Hey, my name is and this is why I’m here. This is what I have to offer. And what I teach and I wanted to…, you know, tell you about this,” and I was so excited to do it. I have this little trick that I do. And it’s um, I call it the inbox campaign. And the reason why I call it the inbox campaign, it’s because just posting on social media doesn’t cut it. Remember, again, if it doesn’t, you know, it doesn’t cut it because you have to compete with so many different profiles.

Candice Townsend: So when will you think is a good time for you to personally reach out to someone and say, Hey, why are you here because more than likely, they added you as a friend, or they followed you on Instagram, or Twitter or whatever that may be. So why not find out why you have this traffic coming to you. And the easiest thing that you can do is go inside your inbox and ask is as simple as that. People do not understand how much money they are leaving on the table every single day by not doing that. It’s very simple. You don’t have to be pushy. You don’t have to be salesy. You just say, Hey, I noticed you sent me a friend request. So you follow me on the social media platform. And you know, I’m very thankful for the connection. As I love networking. I want to you know, I just love people. I just wanted to know what intrigued you or what inspired you to connect with me and the funniest funniest thing? Check this out. They’re gonna tell you, oh my god, I look, there you go, now you’re able to identify whether this person is a target, or resource or connections to the people who connected me on Facebook.

Kim Sutton: I know… I mean, I have a lot of friends on Facebook, but most of them I’ve met at an event or we’ve gotten connected in a group. So for me personally, like I’ve usually had some type of interaction with them already. But I can see this being great for LinkedIn. I don’t even know how many requests I’ve had today. And listeners, please send a personalized message on LinkedIn. I’ve said it like 18,000 times before on the Positive Productivity podcast. But don’t just send me the generic Hey, I’d love to connect or what is it? 

Candice Townsend: (?)

Kim Sutton: Yeah, no, take the extra time. Second, click on their profile, and then click send connection requests. And it will ask you if you want to add a note and say yes. And I don’t care if it’s a copy paste, but personalized.

Candice Townsend: Exactly, exactly.

Kim Sutton: So on I can see it for LinkedIn, I can see it for Instagram, because I’m not doing as much on Instagram, as it could be.

Candice Townsend: Oh, no, no worries, no worries. That’s why I bought it to you and your audience because I really want you guys to learn something and take something away from this that can help you because that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help. As I said that, that’s the that’s the bottom of my mission. I just love helping people. And I feel that social media is such a powerful, powerful tool that can be used for anyone who’s trying to be a business owner, an influencer, whatever that it may be. It is a free platform.

Candice Townsend: Guys, I can’t stress. I cannot stress anymore that it is free will. Where else are you going to be able to position yourself in front of the audience that you want for free, you can’t do it through the newspapers these days. You really can’t do it through TV. You got to pay to get on radio. It’s so many different ways that you have to pay in order for you to get in front of an audience.

Candice Townsend: There’s conferences where you pay to be a sponsor or present. You guys know the drill. Social media is free. And yes, I know there are some paid features about social media. But that’s if you decide to take it to the next level. But other than that, it’s free for you to post is free for you to go live is free for you to spread your message. So why not utilize it?

Kim Sutton: Yeah, absolutely. What’s your favorite platform at the moment?

Candice Townsend: My favorite platform is Facebook.

Kim Sutton: What are your thoughts regarding Facebook on posting on your personal profile versus your

(Transcript still being cleaned up. Thanks for checking it out!)

Candice Townsend: So my personal opinion on that is that you need to post on your personal and here’s why. Facebook within the last year has significantly dropped the level of reach that a business page has. Matter of fact, recently, and I had told my showed my students this, if you didn’t notice if you don’t, cuz we all know that. Most of us we go on Facebook through our phones, we know that there’s very few that still do it just through the computer. But most of us when we wake up, what do we do? We pick up our phone, we check a couple of things. We looked at a couple of app we, we know the drill. So when you go on Facebook, if you click those three lines, that’s all the way to the right. What you will find new because this is something that just developed. It’s this little rocket ship looking thing, right? And it’s called explore feed. That’s where most of the business pages and their postings are heading to now they’re limiting business profiles because they want you to pay to play business profiles are not reaching out The masses anymore but you know what will your personal the more engagement you get, the higher that your post shoots up. If then get more engagement, it shoots up higher and higher and higher. And especially one thing that can definitely help anybody go to that go to the next level is by going live. Mark Zuckerberg is his favorite tising anyone that’s using his new baby oppa although it’s been here for a little bit, the changes are still coming and anyone that’s dealing with live video, they’re getting favoritism, they’re blowing up and they’re blowing up because people prefer video. Why do they prefer video because it brings out it brings out that personality. It allows you to see that person it’s not just someone behind a profile posting these magical and lovely quotes. No, you get to see this person live in action. You get to interact with that person. They people love this. They eat it up all day every day. And if You guys want to see somebody in action? Who does that every single day? I work with a woman and I love her. She’s my coach. You know, she’s been amazing. And you met her at the, at the summit. Actually, her name is Danielle. Yeah, that if you want to see somebody live and in action every day, I’m not gonna waste a minute. So gola. She loves going live, because it converts easier and it creates it creates a richer conversation than anything else. Facebook is where it’s at. It’s the mother of all platforms.

listeners, we had a little tech glitch as happens sometimes positive productivity podcasts pay it’s not always perfect around here and that’s life. But we were talking about done dial

Danielle and how she goes live.

Yeah, and I can’t remember a time in the last month that I have gotten into Facebook and I am one of the rare people who accesses Facebook. from Mike. my computer’s I only go on Facebook from my phone to post pictures. That’s it. And I know I’m way in the minority. Anyway, in the last month there has been not one single occasion that I’ve gone on and not seeing that she was live recently. And where I was going about this being Halloween is that we still haven’t purchased my girls Halloween costumes, but that would be you know, rather than showboating, my you know, fancy new car, which I don’t have on people. And I like about even if I did, you know, positive productivity, it’s not always about perfection I can showcase when my husband and I run out, you know, and another half hour to brave Walmart and see what they have. As far as Halloween costumes goes on the day of Halloween two, I

think that will be an amazing livestream. I’m just

gonna be honest about it. I think that would be utterly amazing because it will allow people to see you had a moment where you’re just like, Okay, listen, things aren’t perfect here. And this is how we’re going To fix it, we’re going to be productive about this and we’re going to do this and we’re going to show you the outcome people love being a part of stuff like that. That’s what creates movements.

I’m really gonna have to do that and listeners have heard me say before I’m gonna get started I’m gonna get started I have yet to get started on life ever

they can honestly uh, some of your most Some even most wacky and zany his moments become just these diamonds in the rough and that’s how people remember you. That’s how people connect with you. And you know what some sometimes those moments it is exactly what you need. It is exactly what you needed to show your audience so that they can know like and trust you.

Oh yeah, absolutely same name different spelling but Candice and I don’t remember her last name. Last summer like a year and a half Exactly. The Chewbacca lady you know sitting in her car with the Chewbacca masks on

your way to my heart

Jericho. Look for her exactly look where she’s gone now.

Candice Townsend: And now it was that intimate moment that she decided to share with the rest of the world that took her so many places, just because she wanted to share a little piece of herself. And that’s what I urge business owners and influencers to do share who you are, that’s part of the conversation and then have a way to follow up. Because a lot of people they go, they’ll go live and they’ll share and they’ll you know, hey, this is who I am and I’m not saying that you can’t do this when you first start because you know, it’s uh, you know, you get a little rocky sometimes but they don’t capture the people who were there because they don’t have no way to lead them back to their personal real estate as you know as our camp call it. We call it websites personal real estate, because what if Facebook goes away? What if Instagram goes away what of all social Media just goes over just disappears right now. How will you have a way to reach out and still communicate with your audience?

That is such a huge thought I have a question for you. Sorry to interrupt you. Do you have a way of having your clients keep record of everything that they’ve posted, just in case something like that were to ever how give you a better way. Library of all you have to

do is have something to offer something free for them to opt into. That’s it. Most people will take your free offer, your free help your free advice, if you offer it to them. Most of us are scared to even offer things to people. And that’s what that’s where you capture that audience that’s on social media. And then you get them onto a list. And when you get them onto a list, what ends up happening is that there goes the real way that you’re able to cultivate that relationship because you get To stay in touch with them, you get to let them know more about you. You tell them about the events that you’re doing, or maybe the live broadcasts that you’re going to do. Maybe it’s a podcast that you’re going to whatever that is, you’re able to keep that contact with them. Whether or not social media is here or not. And I do it all the time. I always have a free offer for everyone. That comes my way. Because I truly feel like, you’re gonna need information from me, you’re gonna love me, you’re gonna be like, Where’s that girl I want? This is the easiest way for you to stay in contact with me. I could give you a website. But who says you’re going to remember that? I could give you my social media handles. And yeah, you might keep up with me. You may not. But when I finally have your email address, we now have a real way to connect with each other. Whether you open it or not.

Right. How do you feel about perfect Pitch Fridays or spam your stuff, you know, whatever.

Candice Townsend: I’m a strong believer in community or don’t do it very strong believer. And I do believe that some activities that happen within groups are very beneficial for the community members. There are some people who may not know how to pitch and you’re and if and if you’re in the arena of teaching people how to do that, then you’re constantly picking up people who are going to need that skill. It also offers camaraderie, it just makes you feel like hey, it’s not I’m not alone. Like you know, we were saying earlier, the words is social media. And when you’re sitting in a community with like minds and people who may have some of the same issues, well guess what, when you have these activities happen, all it takes is that one person to engage with it. For others that just come flowing right behind them. And then you start to see this beautiful upswell of comments and support and you know, a little bit of critique, but it’s, you know, it’s, it’s, you know, it’s positive critique. And then just like that you don’t know who you may have released from their problem. So I definitely encourage it, I encourage it, but don’t make it so stiff. Make it fun. Add that human element to it. Keep it fun. Don’t make it something that’s just like, oh my god, here we go again. Oh, you know, you could change it up every now and then. Um, maybe you could change that where? Okay, let’s say you have the posts where you’re doing a perfect pitch every Friday or something like that. Well, what if we do video style next week? What do we do audio style next week? Why don’t we actually schedule a meetup in the area and we do it live at a restaurant or a little get together. There’s so many endless ways that you can expand a community idea and make it fun. But remember, make it fun. I’m happy. I’m happy that you that you got that. That’s why I say I just love to help.

I love that. One of the things that I’ve talked about on the show a few times is that there was a period of time when I was going into groups just to spam myself. But I was at it, I was in a pure desperation mode. And you and I, in our pre chat talked a little bit I’m going through some training right now. And it’s all about don’t only give and public asked and private, and I saw so many people on social media, who are constantly trying to sell their stuff, and they’re not giving and I in total transparency. I was doing the same thing, sell mice or buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. And while I’ve gotten out of that just organically because to be totally honest, I haven’t had anything to sell lately. Because everything is in development. When I heard this last night, it just resonated so completely with me. only given public asked and private. And it was like, it just blew my mind. I needed to hear it.

were, you know, in public, I do ask people and you know what? I’m not gonna say just just ask them private because sometimes you do miss that opportunity where you could have asked them public. And then you know, you had a person ready right then and there. But some people and I understand it because you know, I’m an introvert, regardless of what anyone thinks. I am definitely an introvert. And I do feel comfortable asking behind the scenes. I do feel way more comfortable as some behind the scenes. But every now and then you do kind of have to ask in public, because you never know who you may or may not be missing. You never know.

But there’s ways that you could ask the public Aren’t shoving your product down their throat like you. I mean, you’ve already said that you have. Yeah, you have things to give to people to everyone all the time, you’d have something to give. You can let’s just bring up a, I’m probably gonna say his last name wrong. Ryan Levesque. He has the Ask method, you know, which one best describes you or something similar? You know, they they respond, oh, hey, I saw that you responded This way, you know, right there in the feed or

I have something I can give you, you know, click here.

And that’s all about the way that you position

Yes, in your, in your face by my position $7 product right now,

one thing that I I learned about myself was that I have the power to create whatever conversation that I want to provide to provide me the result that I want from that conversation. And some people they just don’t Understand the art of positioning, you can’t just come up in someone’s face, and they don’t know you from a hole in the wall and say, buy this, they need to see the value. They need to see how it will help them they need to see how this will benefit their life and and just eradicate the problems and issues that they had in the first place with this particular issue. When people come to me for social media help, the reason why they’re even listening to me, even interested in me, is because they have a problem with social media. And I have to effectively convey that I am the person that they need to work with, so that they can get rid of that problem. But it’s not going to work. If I’m just telling you Hey, buy this. It’s gonna be great. No, that doesn’t work. That doesn’t work. Tell me why. going to work. Tell me how it works. So tell me who you worked with. Show me who you are. establish yourself as the expert show up on a regular basis. How many people they show up randomly out of the clear blue sky. They say by this by that by that there’s all this hoopla about them on social media. Oh, this person is so dope. There’s so this there’s so bad. And then you don’t hear nothing for another nine months, nothing.

And then there’s the other people who are out there building a community and have their loyal tribe that anybody can

build them.

It. I mean, look at Marie Forleo. She puts out her video every week and she’s got people waiting for it. And yeah, everybody, everybody in anybody can. I want to circle around to the word expert. A lot of people have trouble looking at themselves as an expert. Exactly. But everybody

and it’s all about how are you again, positioning yourself. As the expert, are you conveying that, hey, I have this knowledge. I know what I’m talking about. It’s not just theory. It’s it’s actual work that I’ve put in and it’s showing results. And this is what I’ve, that’s all you have to do is make sure that the results are there. Anybody can talk to them and tell you, they could tell you fantastic, lovely, beautiful things. But I want to see, have you done the work? Where did Where did you start from and where are you now? Who have you helped? I want to see all of that as a as a customer, as a potential client. As a corporation who wants to have you as an employee, I want to see the work and we are all experts in our own right. There’s someone who knows how to sew better than me. I can sew clothes for nothing. But if I see someone who shows up consistently, and she’s putting together these beautiful dresses and beautiful thing and she So in them, and I’m just like what? I’m going to want to invest in that person. Because she’s going to solve my problem. I can tell she’s an expert. I’m looking at her final product, and I’m looking at the fruits of her labor. Anybody can be an expert, anybody, but can you but can you commit to showing up as the expert

consistent? Absolutely. And that’s where a lot of people struggle as well. First off, getting the message but then keeping it up. I mean, even in the positive productivity podcast, it took a while for me to find the rhythm. I mean, these past three months, the first three months where I’ve consistently got an hour every day, and we need to remember that after we start building that tribe, building our followers, they’re gonna come to expect us to show up and continue sharing the expert pneus


I love we created a word Don’t worry about it.

Continue shining our light down on the People who need to see it Yes.

And people and realize that people need you. That’s the reason why you’re doing this in the first place. Why did you get in business in the first place? Why are you trying to be an influencer? in the first place? Why are you here? Always go back to your why when you feel like you’re stuck. Because you’re Why should be strong enough to push you and say, listen, we ain’t got time to slack. And today, we got to show up and show up for the people who need us. Let’s get it. And so that’s what I have to I have to reach back to that quite often. You know, being on social media so much and helping so many people get their social media in order. There can be times of burnout. I’m not gonna, you know, fake the funk with you guys, this time to burnout. And sometimes you have to tuck yourself away a little bit and say, Why am I here? And what pulls me back is when I looked through some of the customer testimony And I go online and I’m seeing people who were like terrified. And I mean, they were terrified to go live. And they’re hitting that go live button every day, slaying the broadcasts, I mean, just providing the beautiful service and the messages and oh my god, it just, it just gives me back up. So if you feel like you’re starting to get a bit of a burnout and you’re like, I don’t know why I’m doing this, and what am I No, don’t, don’t do that. Take a deep breath. And look at the fruits of your labor. It will revive you, it will restore you. And you’re going to go back out

there like a warrior mix

taken. There you go. I love that today I

positive productivity means sometimes you need to take a nap when our eyes are crossing and we’re just spinning circles in our desk chair and don’t know where the heck we’re going. So just yeah, take a step back. Take a nap if you need to. And just remember your why. And please remember that your y is not to make money if you’re out there just to make money. You need to find a deeper purpose, or something that has deeper purpose for you.

Yeah, cuz me helping people to social media is not about the money. It’s not about the money. It helps. Don’t get me wrong Now, listen, I’m not gonna turn out money now, but. But it’s not about the money. It’s about knowing that when they finally have received enough guidance from me that they will be able to go out there and make a difference. That in itself is rewarding. And there’s tons of people who think, Oh, I’m just gonna go on social media, I’m gonna make money, I’m gonna make money and look, it’s not that easy. You have to have a passion for what you’re doing. First, to then jump on social media and bring that message that gift to the rest of the world. It’s not just about the money. It’s not about being an overnight entrepreneur. Stop what this is about. This is about Getting in front of people who really need your help. And actually helping them showing up for them. Being that being that light being that God creating a safe haven for them, that’s what we that’s why we create communities, allowing people to finally have a voice when they felt like they didn’t. These are the things that I help people with. And it’s just, you know, I kind of get choked up sometimes when I talk about it, because I can think back to a time where I felt I didn’t have any voice. I understand what it’s like to feel out of place. I understand what it’s like to be new to this arena and judging yourself and thinking, you know, am I good enough Then should I do it I under I get that. I know that feeling. And for me to stand here now as the expert and helping people amplify that voice through social media, make those connections create those conversations that convert

them. amazing to hear. I love that that’s so powerful. I need to interject, there was a time when I thought I had to just because of the people that I was looking at for inspiration, I thought I had to cut my hair off and diet some crazy color in order to get noticed. It never even occurred to me that just by opening up and sharing my story on this podcast, by sharing that I’m a mom of five crazy kids and I have more animals than I can count. But I’m still managing to grow the business and sleep and take care of myself and I recovered from anxiety and depression, you know, but I have the systems in place now. It never occurred to me that something that seems like such a simple, although complicated, simple story to me would be inspiring to others. And we all have that.

Candice Townsend: And I remember when we used the stage, I remember you stepped off the stage at New Media summit. And I’ll shout out to Steve because you know he’s the party animal, but either way But I remember when you stepped off the stage, and I told you, I will say, thank you for sharing your story. It was it’s so powerful, and people don’t understand the power in your story in your journey. That’s how I look at Oprah. How do you think Oprah became Oprah? Because we saw her journey we saw her progress Wish we saw it, she didn’t. It wasn’t like she was you know, I’m not gonna, you know, show you guys you know, my agenda. You saw the ups and downs of Oprah. You saw that she struggled with things, but she remained true to her mission. If you look at a couple of a couple of greats in your industry, look and look within your within your specific industry. Look at the people who you admire. Do you notice that their journey is right there in your face? And it has been there and that’s the reason why you follow them in the first place. Oh, excuse is done. During here now

Oh, it’s actually

awesome. I love Disney. Casey may hear it

productivity pod. Yeah. Brendon Burchard, Danielle Laporte. I mean they all had an Oprah Yeah. Using your example. They all have amazing stories. They’ve had struggles, and they’ve stuck with it. I mean, Danielle Laporte was fired from there you go.

There you go. Yeah, yeah. And look at it. You know, it’s funny that you said that because I’m gonna be a little bit open and honest here. And that actually happened to me. So I have started this little joint venture with a friend earlier. And, you know, we were, we were doing really, really, really good and as good as we were doing, I woke up one morning and found out that I was locked out of everything. I was locked out of every single way that I can access this business. Even the office that we had got here, and Houston together. I was locked out of everything. And it was so disappointing and I couldn’t understand why it was happening. I’m like, why I don’t understand this, like, you know, I was so crushed. And I didn’t even realize that was all a part of the plan, all a part of the plan, because here I am now, doing 10 times better. 10 times happier and allowing others to walk that path to and it is feels so so good to do. But I’ve found the strength I found this voice by me being on social media. Social media accepted me. They accepted the crazy little girl from Brooklyn, they assisted me and I want people to feel that. I want you guys to understand that you too can can get that you too can be accepted. Create your own tribe. Create your community, create your safe haven do


Go out there and do it. People need you They need you. This isn’t about you know who who’s going to be a you know the next Gary Vee. It’s this is not about that. It’s about just getting out there and receiving the gifts that await you. Social media empowered me in so many ways, and that’s why I love it so much. I love to work with, you know, business owners and influencers. I love to connect. I love the conversations. I love picking each other’s brains. I love things like that. I love it. It’s just, although I’m an introvert, I still love things like this. And guess what guys? That work in your pajamas waiting.

Again, because it was just so

it’s waiting. It’s waiting. It’s brewing. It’s brewing.

But yeah, you get to network in your pajamas when you’re on social media. You know, guys, back in the day, it didn’t network on social media, you basically was just posting and it was just for your friends and that was that you had to get put on clothes, get your business cards and you know perfect little intro and then get get geared up and go to this networking event and it’s five people. I know I haven’t been the only one that have attended something like that.

And you’re just so disappointed.

is so disappointing. You’re like, oh, okay, well, I’m gonna make the best of it. Guess what?

I’m not saying I don’t go to public events because social media is not your end all and be all guys. Don’t… Do not do that. You still got to get up and get out. That’s how I met can. You still got to make those in person connections, don’t get it twisted. But you’re able to network with people in your pajamas. 24 seven, for free.

I was after I lost my job. As an interior designer, I would get all go to local networking events, but I live in a very blue collar area. And a lot of the times it was people who just didn’t need it, you know, but I was I was still out there. But that was the That was right after the launch of Facebook and it just wasn’t out there yet, but I had to get out there, Candice. This has been an amazing conversation.

I know you’re out there on social media, I know you have a website can you share where listeners can find you online and get in touch? Well, I’m gonna give you guys my free gift because like I said, I always have free gift for you guys. And it’s centered around conversation. So it’s perfect that we have this conversation. And if God wants to obtain the free gift, it will be bi T dot L y forward slash effortless conversation. This is a free guide. A free tip it gives you just four four ways that conversation can increase your bottom line and business and I want you guys to take advantage of it. So I’m going to make sure I say it again in case you missed it. Bi T dot L y forward slash effortless conversation. Now if you would like to get directly in contact with me, my handle on social media is ca and di c he speaks with the number one behind it because I had put a one minute because somebody else had and I was like Lord, I want my name

no it so it’s Candace speaks with the number one, Bahama name on all platforms, all forms of social media. And if you want to visit my site, it’s bi T dot L y forward slash effortless social

listeners all the links that we’ve talked about everybody that we’ve talked about today, you’ll be able to find it all in the show notes so she could find it. thekimsutton.com/pp186. Get us. Thank you again for being here today. Do you have a last piece of parting advice that you can offer to listeners?

Candice Townsend: My last piece of parting advice is that if you’re (?) the sound of my voice right now, and you have been unsure of how to get started, how to amplify your voice, how to get your message out there, reach out. Don’t sit there any longer because you’re sitting on a goldmine. You’re sitting on gifts and talents that people need. Reach out to Kim. Reach out to me. If you don’t reach out, reach out to somebody or get started today. Because you don’t want to be left in the dust. You don’t want to be left out there thinking 10, 15, 20 years later “Wow, I could have… (?)” Start now. And if you don’t know where to start, reach out