PP 192: Michael Levitt, CEO of Breakfast Leadership, Inc.

“You want clients who 1) you know you’ll be able to serve, 2) who will take your guidance, and 3) are like-minded.”

After going through a major health scare at 40, Michael lost his job, his house was foreclosed, and his car was repossessed. During his recover, he realized he needed to set up boundaries in his life – and teach business leaders to do the same.

Michael and I share many of the challenges we’ve faced, including the pressures associated with working a corporate job, recognizing our most productive time of the day, and the oxymoron was refer to as “time management.”

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Resources Mentioned

369 Days:  How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios (Michael’s Book, a free gift for you!)

Episode Transcription

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