PP 197: A Challenge to YOU to Keep ME Accountable for My Goals

Quick Show Notes: A Challenge to YOU to Keep ME Accountable for My Goals

Do you have a charity that you would love support more than you already do? What if I could help? Listen to how my not meeting my weekly goals may be able to do just that.

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Do you have a charity that you would love support more than you already do? What if @thekimsutton could help? Listen to how her not meeting her weekly goals may be able to do just that. https://thekimsutton.com/pp197Click To Tweet

Episode Transcription

(Transcription not yet cleaned up but thanks for checking it out!)

Today’s episode is going to be very different from my typical episode in that I have I have a challenge for you to keep me accountable for reaching my weekly goals. Just recently in my mastermind group, one of my fellow members brought up that maybe we should have a challenge for each other, that if we do not meet our weekly goals, one or more, that there’s a penalty for doing so. And that got me thinking, perhaps if I don’t reach my weekly goals, that I should make a donation to charity, and then I thought a little bit bigger. I don’t want to make a donation to a charity of my choosing. But I want that charity to be one of your choosing. So as my listeners, I have a request for you. in the show notes at thekimsutton.com/pp197. You’re going to find a link to the positive productivity Facebook group. After you join the group. There’s going to be a thread that lists my top three goals for this week. Now this will be an ongoing challenge for myself. So no matter when you listen to this episode, you will find this thread in the group. If you’re looking for the group right now, you can find the group at thekimsutton.com/group, and that will forward you directly to the Facebook page. But getting back to the post, this post will state my top three goals for the week. And in the comments, I want you to share a screenshot of your feedback for the positive productivity podcast. With this image, I also want you to share the charity that you would like me to donate to, along with a link where I can make that donation, your name and the charity and all the applicable information will be added to a spreadsheet. And each week that I do not meet all my goals. I will Donate to the charity of one member of the group each successful A week that I did not meet a goal, I will move on to the next group member who offered a charity name. Now, if only a couple people participate in this challenge, their charities have the opportunity that I will be donating to them multiple times. So I do encourage you all to get in on this challenge and make sure that your charities are being honored. Now there is one stipulation for this, you do have to be a group member at the point where I don’t reach all my goals and it is your turn in line. So if your name is the next step, and I don’t reach a goal, but you are no longer a group member, then I’m sorry, but I’m going to be moving on to the next person. Again, you can find the positive productivity Facebook group at https://thekimsutton.com/group. I want to thank you for keeping me accountable. And with all this said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.