PP 199: Whoa! I Made it to 200 Episodes!

Quick Show Notes – Whoa! I Made it to 200 Episodes!

Thank you, my listeners, for supporting me through the first 200 episodes! In this super-short solo-show, I share my gratitude along with some of the show stats.

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In this super-short, celebratory 200th episode solo-show, @thekimsutton shares her gratitude along with some of the show stats. https://thekimsutton.com/pp199Click To Tweet

Episode Transcription

(Transcription not yet cleaned up but thanks for checking it out!)

Listeners I just want to thank you This is gonna be really short episode. But even though it’s number 199 this is actually the 200th episode that I released on the positive productivity podcast. Now I can’t even tell you how surprised I am that I have made it here considering in the past, I have jumped from one project to another,

just because it wasn’t going as I had hoped.

Whoa! I Made it to 200 Episodes!

Well, the positive productivity podcast has gone much better than I ever hoped. And I have loved every single second of it. I’ve loved sharing my blooper episodes, I have loved the guests that I have chatted with. And I have loved the feedback that I’ve received from you my listeners. So thank you so much. Just to give you an idea of how far the positive productivity podcast is reached. The positive productivity podcast has been listened to in 86 countries, which absolutely blows my mind. And although the United States is the number one country that it has been listened to in, am I saying that right? other top countries Include Belgium, Canada, Australia, and even the Philippines. So thank you everybody from around the world for making the positive productivity podcast. so successful. I’m so excited about the episodes that I’ve already recorded with guests that are coming up. And I’m excited to see what random content I can pull out of my mind to share with you next in my solo episodes. If you ever have any questions that you’d like me to address on a future episode, please visit my contact page at KIM SUTTON calm and just shoot me over a question. If you haven’t already joined the positive productivity Facebook group, I do invite you to join me over there. And you can get there by visiting the KIM sutton.com forward slash group. Now with all this said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.