PP 205: Sorting Socks is a Waste of My Time

Taking care of clean laundry is with no doubt the least favorite chore in my house. And sorting socks? Hell no! It just doesn’t happen! Listen as I share why I’d rather wear mis-matched socks.

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Episode Transcription – Sorting Socks is a Waste of My Time

(Transcription not yet cleaned up but thanks for checking it out!)

Welcome back to another episode of positive productivity. If you’ve been listening for a while, you know that sometimes my Topics go a little bit off. Maybe off isn’t the right word. But I was thinking about today’s topic this morning, and I realized I really need to share it. In my house, none of us will, except for maybe my high schooler were matched socks. It’s not because we don’t have matched socks. It’s because nobody wants to spend the time including me to actually find the match socks. Laundry in my house gets done in huge, massive batches. And by huge, I mean, on a given Saturday or Sunday, we’ll do 10 loads of laundry and then they all get dumped onto the couch. And I don’t know what it’s like in your house. But we’ll be fishing what we need out of there for two days before anybody sorts it and actually puts it away. Yes, I realized that this is not the best way to do it, especially with everything that’s going on in my house. But because of how little TV we actually watch The pile of laundry really doesn’t get in our way. Eventually, somebody’s most likely me. We’ll spend an hour or so sitting on the couch, sorting all the laundry, not folding, and putting it in the drawers where it belongs. Now I know you might be thinking that I’m lazy, but let me tell you, there are so many other things that I would rather be doing with my time than folding laundry or sorting socks. So all the socks just get thrown into the drawer. And when anybody in the house feels like wearing socks, they just go into their own door and they pull out to Okay, my husband might wear match socks, I don’t usually look at his feet and both of us are the same in that we don’t like hot feet. As soon as our feet start getting warm, our socks come off, they get thrown to the laundry, and that’s the end of it. And I see him so rarely with socks on that. I really don’t know if his socks are matching, but I can tell you for the record I have seen him on several occasions leave for work with unmatched socks. By the way, my husband also wear socks with sandals. Anyway, I digress. matching socks in my house seems like a waste of time in the hour that I could spend just going through all that laundry to find the matching socks. I could be writing two or three blog articles, taking care of a client task, recording five episodes for the podcast or doing so many other things that for me, that just is a waste of time. I know some of you may argue, I know some of you may disagree, and you may think that it makes us look like SOPs, but if people are going to judge me based upon the socks that I’m wearing, that I don’t really care what they think there are so many bigger and better things to judge me on that if that’s the reason that they decided that I am unworthy to talk to you. Then they can go talk to to the next person. Think about what you’re doing on a daily basis. Think about all the little activities, maybe even just playing a quick game on your phone. Is this really an activity that you need to be doing now? Or could you be spending time doing something more valuable? By valuable I don’t mean financially valuable. I even mean spending time with those who love. I would rather be reading books to my children giving them hugs having tickle fights, spending time talking to my husband, which Yes, I understand I could do while sorting socks. But I think you get my point. I have caught myself on numerous occasions, wasting time in ways that I don’t need to be and I am committing to cutting those little waste of times out of my life. I would love to hear from you what one of these activities is in your life. Maybe you do wear a match socks, but maybe there’s something thing else that you just don’t do because you don’t see it as being a good use of your time. If this sounds like you, please head over to the show notes for this episode at that KIM sutton.com forward slash p p 205. And leave a comment at the bottom of the page. I would love to hear what you have cut out of your life. Now with all this said, Go forth and make it a positive and productive day.