PP 215: Soul Satisfying Work

I was in business for almost four years before I began the transition into soul satisfying work. Listen to hear how I did it and how you can too.

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Episode Transcription – Soul Satisfying Work

As we’re winding down a year, I know this is a time that many of us spend reflecting on the past year planning for the next. In many of the past years in my business, I often look back with regret because I hadn’t made as much money as I wanted to. And I didn’t know how to change it in the year ahead. I remember one day reading an email from somebody who talked about how they had started to make the shift from working purely on client work to working on the work which was most soul satisfying for them. They began to focus more on building their own business rather than building their clients business. And this struck a great chord with me. So today, I want to ask you how much of your work you actually find soul satisfying. This past week in my mastermind, a couple of my fellow mastermind members were struggling with the fact that the programs that they were building out, were not necessarily soul satisfying. They were finding themselves fried. They didn’t know where to go next and in the end, They were letting a lot of the smaller details get in the way of proceeding to the next level. This is something that I’ve personally gone through so many times in the past, just because I was building a product that I was not passionate about. And to be totally honest, this is something that I continue to struggle with today, especially as I’m trying to build the positive productivity brand. If you’re relatively new to the positive productivity podcast, you may not have heard that the flip side of my business is that I’m a digital marketing strategist. And I do a lot of Infusionsoft and launch strategies for my clients. While I love this side of my work, it’s not necessarily the most soul satisfying, and it certainly isn’t where I’m putting the majority of my attention these days. But it took work to get here. Just two years ago, I was working 50 6070 hour weeks purely on client work and I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to To take my business, I knew that the client work wasn’t so satisfying. But I really had no idea what I wanted to do. And I wasn’t giving myself the time to figure it out. As you’re wrapping up this year, if any of this is resonating with you, that I want you to take a few moments or a few hours, and give yourself some time to reflect upon this. What work would be most soul satisfying to you in the year ahead? And how are you going to fit that in your schedule? I’m not saying you need to take half or three quarters of every day to work on that soul satisfying work. But how can you begin implementing even a half hour or an hour into every day to work on this? If I’m going to be brutally honest, I need to let you know that the transition from being completely uncertain strategic solutions to being more than half time and positive productivity has not been an easy transition. It’s taken a bit of tweaking, and I’ve had to do a bit of juggling to make it happen. But it’s been completely worth it. I am so much happier wrapping up this year than I even was wrapping up 2016. And by then I had already started the podcast 2015 and prior, those are a completely different story. I didn’t know what it meant to be doing soul satisfying work. And that is the gift that I want to give to you this year. What is your most soul satisfying work? And how are you going to implement it into your daily life practice? How are you going to share this work with the world. It’s not going to be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it. Take some time and think about it today. Take some time to think about it for the rest of this year. And then go set a plan into action. Now with all this said, Go for it make it a positive and productive day.