PP 263: Sabotaging Your Success

“When we see the bright light and the awesomeness coming our way we need to stop being concerned. Stop worrying and take the steps necessary to break through the upper limit.” -Kim Sutton

This morning as I was reading “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, I realized I have a HUGE Upper Limit Problem. I am sabotaging my own success. Listen to hear the discoveries I made about my own life, and how you can prevent the same from happening to you.



  • 00:44 The Upper Limit Problem
  • 03:00 Break Through the Upper Limit


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03:09 “When we see the bright light and the awesomeness coming our way we need to stop being concerned. Stop worrying and take the steps necessary to break through the upper limit.” -Kim Sutton


Episode Transcription

Kim Sutton As you know, I’m always very transparent, and I have to share a revelation that I had this morning. He didn’t take the advice of Cliff Ravenscraft, I picked up the book, The Big Leap, which I discussed with you in Episode 259, wiping out worrying. I was reading the book a little bit this morning, and all of a sudden it hit me, Kim, you have an upper limit problem. This morning, I realized that sometimes, well, maybe not just sometimes, a lot of the time, I tend to be busy rather than productive. And it’s not for the right reasons. I am self imposing an upper limit problem to prevent me from hitting the next level of success in my personal life and in my business life. Let me give you a few examples. Following Christmas of 2017, I had two full weeks blocked out with no podcast interviews and no client appointments. I had set this time aside so that I would be able to record a whole lot of videos and audio segments for a couple programs I was working on launching. But instead on December 27, I came down with the flu. And immediately there after I also got bronchitis. In The Big Leap Gay Hendricks talks about when we’re approaching our upper limit often we can find ourselves ill or injured. And looking back over the last five years, I can see so many times when that same exact situation happened to me. And that’s only the first example.

I also have realized that I tend to procrastinate on doing the work that I don’t want to do, which in turn makes it take longer often prevents me getting paid for doing the work, well on time or as was originally scheduled to get paid. And last, that lack of funds prevents me from doing the work that I want to do. It’s a nasty cycle that nobody should have to be in. And the third example is that I worry chronically. I continue to work on this and as I discussed in Episode 259. My nickname as a child was worrywart. While I consider myself to be so much better than I was as a child, I still worry so much more than I should. The worried distracts me during the day and prevents me from being productive. And in turn that stress leads to illness. We need to prevent this type of stress from happening in our life. When we see the bright light and the awesomeness coming our way we need to stop being concerned stop worrying, and take the steps that are necessary to break through the upper limit. On another earlier episode of the Positive Productivity Podcast we had guest Andy Molinsky on talking about his book Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge and Build Confidence. Now in my mind, all the pieces are coming together. I am so scared about stepping outside of my comfort zone that I am causing issues for myself and this has got to end. This week I actually did two Facebook Lives which scared the you know what out of me. But when they were done, I felt so proud of myself. This was a small step on my journey, but it felt so remarkable afterwards to have actually done it.

Today I want you to look at your life and see how you could be sabotaging your own success rather than breaking through your present upper limit and soaring to new heights. I will include a link to The Big Leap in the show notes which you can find at thekimsutton.com/pp263. This is definitely one of my top recommended books for any entrepreneur or actually anybody in general. And if you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend that you pick it up. Now with all this said, go forth and make it a positive and productive day. Today’s episode of the Positive Productivity Podcast is brought to you by the Positive Productivity Pod created to empower entrepreneurs to achieve and appreciate personal and professional success without burnout. The pod offers weekly group coaching sessions, online courses, a private member community, and tons more. To learn more about the pod and to sign up, visit positiveproductivitypod.com see you on the inside.