PP 302: Rob Dionne, Owner of Open Sky Fitness

“Always remember: The process is the result.”

Rob was an aspiring actor who moved to Los Angeles with the intention of advancing his acting career. To supplement his income, he became a personal trainer – and loved it! Listen as Rob and I chat about his journey, real estate, finance, health and more!

10:15 Advice Rob received from his financial advisor
15:30 Buying real estate as an entrepreneur
22:30 Airbnb – How Rob and his wife cover all their housing expenses using Airbnb
27:00 Credit cards – the good, the bad and the ugly
39:45 Self-imposed limitations and overcoming our struggles
47:40 Rob talks about his anxiety and childhood
1:01:00 Is health going to be a priority in your life?
1:07:55 The three rules to live by if you’re trying to get healthy
1:32:00 Working smarter, not harder

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Episode Transcription

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