PP 354: Bruce Langford, Host of Mindfulness Mode Podcast

“Everybody needs mindfulness… And so many of us grow up without knowing what it is.”

In 2003, Bruce was a music teacher who got tired of seeing bullying swept under the rug. He put together a bullying and mindfulness program/production, and took his show on the road.

Listen as we chat about how Bruce’s program evolved, how we incorporate mindfulness into our lives, our kids, our businesses and more!

05:06 I share my middle/high school bullying experience
08:10 We chat about New Media Summit and my mindset shift between two events
10:15 I share — and we discuss — my oldest child’s bullying story
13:00 When I stopped putting up with bullying in my first marriage
18:14 Mindfulness in my entrepreneurial journey
19:46 Creating stories and chronic worrying
30:35 Bruce’s mindfulness during his transition from teaching to entrepreneurship
47:00 Sometimes you just need to keep up with the flow

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Episode Transcription

Coming soon!