PP 356: Dr. James Kelley, Author of The Crucible’s Gift and Host of Executives After Hours Podcast

“Life is a series of subtle — and sometimes not subtle — mistakes and errors as you go along, and fortunately that’s where a lot of the biggest gains happen. It’s in those failures.”

James’ adult life has been filled with one failure after another, and we start this episode with a string of bloopers just to make an (unintentional) point! We chat about our mistakes, living abroad, our podcasting journeys, authentic conversations and more!

02:45 Perfectionism is a failure
04:04 Allowing space for failure and innovation
08:00 James’ biggest but best failures
11:42 A BIG sleep deprivation induced failure of mine
12:41 How James wound up in the Middle East
13:38 Don’t let your fear conquer you. Conquer your fear.
23:24 James’ podcasting journey
38:39 … and then his book writing journey!

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Resources Mentioned

Dr. James Kelley’s Books: The Crucible’s Gift

The Greatest Showman

Episode Transcription

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