PP 360: Robb Holman, CEO and Founder of Holman International

“There’s always an opportunity for us to lift our head and begin to have a higher purpose.”

Robb was a high school and collegiate athlete when an unexpected health issue sidelined him. Miraculously healed, he realized he needed to shift his purpose.

Listen as Robb and I chat about our purpose, serving others, authenticity, self-discovery and more!

05:50 A modern day miracle and Robb’s wake-up call
12:50 Working out our gratitude muscle
14:41 Robb’s wake-up ritual
16:25 A story about Kim’s sisters, a tire and a pizza
21:39 “Is it a first world problem or a third world problem?”

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Resources Mentioned

Robb’s Books:
Lead The Way 

What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada


Episode Transcription

Coming soon!