PP 366: Emerald Greenforest, Empress of Creative Age of Consulting Group and Hostess of the MEN ON PURPOSE Podcast

“When we’re isolated, we’re really putting a limit on what’s possible.”

Emerald Greenforest started out as the Empress of Empowerment for women a decade ago, and transitioned into being the Empress of Encouragement for men after a business meltdown two years ago. Join us as we discuss the importance of collaboration and investment to achieve lifelong success.

3:08 How Emerald became the Empress of Encouragement
9:17 Approaching the cultural pressure to be independent
20:14 Don’t spend your money to make money; invest in yourself
24:17 How I helped my husband get more value out of his free time
32:25 Men’s most common struggles, and how to approach them

12:47 “We aren’t here to do it all by ourselves.” ~ Emerald Greenforest
14:39 “When we’re isolated we’re really putting a limit on what’s possible” ~ Emerald Greenforest


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Episode Transcription

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