PP 373: Stop Fencing Yourself In

On Memorial Day, I found myself worrying once again, this time about the fence panels in our backyard because of an upcoming house appraisal. Little did I know a utility pole fire would burn my problem away for me.

Tune in to hear my story about how the universe came to help me with the problem in my backyard.

Join @thekimsutton as she retells a story about how a utility pole fire managed to relieve her worries about an upcoming house appraisal. https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp373 #positiveproductivityClick To Tweet


2:06 “Oh my gosh, my fence is on fire!”
4:49 “Stop fencing yourself in with worry.”
4:56 “Sometimes just by sitting still, what needs to happen will happen.”

Episode Transcription

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