PP 393: Indoor Sandboxes

“Positive Productivity is not about perfection.”  

Join me as I discuss finding alternatives to life’s simple moments when life gets a little “too hot.”  Literally.

Listen as @thekimsutton shares why we need to give ourselves room to be imperfect. Sometimes we need to bring the outdoor sandbox indoors and life may get a little 'dirty,' but that's okay. Life's not meant to be perfect. https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp393 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet


0:30, 0:35-0:39, 2:34-2:37 “Positive Productivity is not about perfection.”  
3:33-3:36 “Positive Productivity isn’t always about perfection and sometimes the sandbox needs to come inside.”

Episode Transcription

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