PP 524: Choosing Life with David Conley

“You can live to see the sunrise, or you could die, and…I chose life” -Dave Conley

Kim is so excited to interview David Conley. Founder of Limitl.es, this man turned his life around by just asking himself the right questions.

After fumbling out of college, Dave was invited to be the project manager of AOL and be a government executive but never really found happiness in both. In an unexpected turn of events, his life crumbled when his wife passed away; he gained weight and didn’t really know what he wanted to do from that point on. Despite the shortcomings, Dave opted to choose life. He got up on his feet and made use of his experiences to create a business and a brand for himself. Now he is helping clients to meet themselves and make important environmental changes.

Take a ride with Kim and Dave as they talk about Dave’s tragic experiences, personal successes, and learnings that made him the man that he is today. Stay tuned as Kim gets a surprise interview herself.

01:47    The fumbling college student
06:58    I chose life
21:19  The question that changed my life
44:17  The interview takes a surprising turn
51:37  Learn to work for change


Think better, Live better by Joel Osteen 


06:58 “You can live to see the sunrise, or you could die, and…I chose life.” -Dave Conley

12:02  “Until the feelings for what you’re doing…is greater than what you want to be doing, you are going to keep on doing what you’re doing.” -David Conley

13:27  “Once you start asking really simple questions of yourself, it turns out you can change anything.” -David Conley

38:35  “Beliefs are beautifully malleable…and they change over time.” David Conley

43:15  “Need to stop trying, and start doing.”– Kim Sutton

51:37  “Once you start making those small changes…it starts to build on itself…it’s work…it’s a new set of behaviors and habits that align with who you are.” -David Conley

Episode Transcription

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