PP 532: Yoga Like Never Before with Shanthi Yogini

“Yogaha is the science of how to live right. It is very important to incorporate it in every aspect of our life.” –Shanthi Yogini

The vital question: What really is yoga? Many are aware of what yoga is, but only a few understand what it really is or how it should be done. Today’s interview with yoga teacher/trainer and #1 International Best-Selling Author, Shanthi Yogini, will educate us on how we can all benefit from yoga.

Starting out as a Software Engineer, Shanthi Yogini was giving back as much as possible to society. Realizing that she neglected giving back to herself, she made a life-changing decision. Enter today’s lesson: Yoga 101. Be ready to learn yoga in its purest form. As an added bonus, listen in as our host, Kim Sutton, attends her first-ever yoga class!

01:24   3 Questions
07:04   Yoga Beneath the Surface
18:51   Yoga 101
35:45   Bit by Bit
41:29  The WH’s of Yoga

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Happiness: The Key to Success – Twelve Meditation Steps to Uncover Your Joy, Healing and Success by Shanthi Yogini


7:14 “Yogaha means union, connection, togetherness…and all these sufferings in the world is because of this sense of separation that we feel” –Shanthi Yogini

17:13  “Here, as I see, Yogaha has been modified in a way so that it can become very commercial.” –Shanthi Yogini

22:40 “You can get a lot even through very, very simple ones. It’s not about how complicated a pose is that’s going to give you benefits  but how well and thoroughly you understand about that simple pose.” Shanthi Yogini

40:26 “The beauty about yogaha is that you can exercise every part of the body without resorting to another machine.” –Shanthi Yogini

45:52 “Yogaha is the science of how to live right… It is very important to incorporate some aspect of it in your life.” –Shanthi Yogini

Episode Transcription

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