PP545: Launching Your Book the Right Way with Julie Broad

The missing piece is always action.”

Julie started her entrepreneurial journey as a real estate investor in 2001, and wrote her first book to share her experience and expertise in that field. After being told the book wouldn’t sell, she took it to a #1 Amazon Best Seller. Book Launchers came to be after friends and colleagues wanted to know how Julie took her self-published book to the top.

Listen as Julie and Kim talk about the right and wrong ways to write and market your (next) book!

3:57 Why Kim resisted writing her book, and the objectives she has for her book today
6:10 Tactful marketing and business objectives within the pages
7:56 What’s your most important thing right now?
13:37 Which comes first? The book or the platform?
18:30 Book marketing dos and don’ts
25:18 The wizard and the tentacles
28:40 Buying your way on to the Amazon Best Seller list
40:00 How important is passion in the book-writing process?

Julie Broad, Founder of @booklaunchers, and @thekimsutton chat about the right (and wrong) way to write and market your book. Listen: https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp545 #positiveproductivity #podcast #amwritingClick To Tweet

Episode Transcription

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