PP548: Quadrupling Business Revenue Through Outsourcing with Bonnie Fahy

There’s two ways we can look at the world. There’s a fixed mindset… and there’s a growth mindset… People who have a growth mindset are more likely to be successful.”

The entrepreneurial world is very small, and, coincidentally, Bonnie Fahy and Kim worked together 5-6 years before this conversation.

Bonnie was a balloon artist, who, after learning about SEO, became a consultant. At a conference party, she was amazed by the $38K+ bar bill they racked up in a couple hours — and didn’t even flinch over. She wanted to know how they managed to make the money to afford such bills.

Listen to hear Bonnie and Kim dive deep into the topic of outsourcing!


3:30 A $38,000 bar bill
5:30 Changes
15:10 Building a team without bankrupting yourself
19:00 Diligently delegating to we can stay in our genius zone
30:15 Intrinsic fit factors
30:45 Interview projects
34:55 Kim’s hiring disqualification process
36:20 Bonnie’s hiring process

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Episode Transcription

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