PP 553: Success Through Gamification with Arthur Carmazzi

“Give somebody fish they’ll eat for a day, teach them how to fish they will eat for life”

Chief Awesomeness Officer is just one of the many titles that Arthur Carmazzi holds in his lifetime. He is also the founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, a motivational Keynote Leadership speaker and he has also been named as one of the top 10 leadership Gurus Globally.

At a very young age, Arthur already had a knack for being an entrepreneur. He sold bubble yum and fake tattoos during his early teen years and with this, he was able to buy his first car during 8th grade. After an amazing business streak, he got stabbed in Puerto Rico and his life completely changed. He traveled the world for 3 years, met a girl, followed her to Korea, went broke, went half a million in debt and got a job which he did not like. But during his lowest point he had an epiphany that paved the way to his now most successful ventures.

Discover how Arthur came up with the concept of Avalon, his ideas for Directive Communication Psychology and how Gamification came about. Here in this podcast he also talks to Kim about his Squadli app, his book and how his creations can lead your company to a higher performing culture.


01:57  What is a Chief Awesome-ness Officer?
03:58  Entrepreneur at a very young age
17:17  Directive Communication Discovery
21:02  Bali in the beginning
26:38  Let’s talk Gamification

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Resources Mentioned

Arthur’s Corporate Retreat Avalon
Arthur’s Perception gap assessment tool
Arthur’s Squadli App
Arthur‘s Carmazzi’s Life Gamification tool

Hook Spin Buzz
Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture

Inspirational Quotes

“Take the time to reflect on where the good stuff comes out; why it comes out? with whom it comes out? you’ll be able to find patterns that are going to help you to basically be more of that person that is the good part of who you want to be more often than the rest”

“Give somebody fish they’ll eat for a day, teach them how to fish they will eat for life”

“If you put them into a culture that turns them into an underachiever… you’re shorting yourself…the culture takes away, not the potential, but the desire to implement that potential”

“A lot of times people do, they give awards and points for things that are actually finished… and that is a lot of the time, where the gamification elements go wrong”

“Mindset does not equal to Psychology”

Episode Transcription

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