PP 561: Empowered to Really Make an Impact with Your Life with Shawna Pelton

“There is purpose in the pain.” –Shawna Pelton

Once a struggling young single mom but now a champion of her own journey. Shawna Pelton has spent 20 years in training to be the transformational healer, mentor, teacher and speaker that she is. The journey continues as she works to help others find their own path to success.

Stop being contented with just getting by! Empower yourself and be a new person all together. How? Sleep, Meditate and Conquer! Sounds trivial? Find out how from today’s podcast. Your own journey depends on how you build the cornerstones of your own transformation. If you are an entrepreneur, benefit from learning how to multiply your income without sacrificing the things that matter most. Equip yourself with the treasures hidden in this episode and be the champion that you are!


01:58 The Personal Empowerment Champion
03:09 The Journey that Changed the Path
11:47 Sleep Deprived Success
14:45 Head Meditation vs Heart Meditation
21:25 My Mission Statement
28:52 Crossing Choice Points
31:22 Business Insider
42:03 The Cornerstones of Transformation

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Resources Mentioned

Episode 5: Sleep… And Why I Would Rather You Do It That Listen To Me

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Shawna’s Free Toolkit

Inspirational Quotes:

05:38 “I actually woke up… And I realized that I needed to find a different way.” –Shawna Pelton

09:28 “Live for the moment, not in the moment.” –Shawna Pelton

10:16 “We’re following these paths that are made for us. They were laid out before us but they’re not ours, it’s not our own. And as a result, we are not tuned into our authentic selves, our true nature of being. And the more we walk that path, the further away from ourselves we feel. And a disconnected has a price to pay. And the price is that we don’t feel confident in this life. We don’t feel capable and we end up resorting to, and giving our power away to these authorities…But we have to acknowledge that we are the authorities over our own life.” –Shawna Pelton

11:17 “When I started out in search of something… to save me, I ended up finding myself. And this is what motivated me to help others- realizing that people are ready to change…and find their purpose and feel fulfilled and make a difference.” –Shawna Pelton

12:09 “We have to stop sacrificing sleep to achieve everybody else’s view of success because sleep deprivation, to me, does not equal success.” ­–Kim Sutton

14:25 “Language is so important… Our brain is being programmed by the words that we’re using, the thoughts that we’re thinking, that things that we’re hearing.” –Shawna Pelton

17:18 “As people, as humans, we often get afraid that we fear cutting stuff out of our life because we think we’re going to lessen the value… But what happens (really is)  …there’s so much more to gain.” –Kim Sutton

23:50 “I said, people are suffering. And they don’t realize that they don’t have to. They don’t realize that there is another way.” –Shawna Pelton

25:44 “Confidence comes as a result of taking courageous action. And you don’t have to be good at it. Whatever the ‘it­’ is that you’re thinking of doing. You just have to feel excited by it and desire that feeling of joy, in fulfilling that joy.” –Shawna Pelton

27:17 “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” –Kim Sutton

29:00 “There is purpose in the pain.” –Shawna Pelton

29:32 “The highest outcome will reveal itself from those courageous actions. They always do.” –Shawna Pelton

32:37 “I want to work with someone that I actually like and trust not not that is going to do it cheaply, because then it comes out cheaply.” –Shawna Pelton

34:51 “If you needed like to quit your business and get a job, but because you couldn’t sustain your practice, then the clients who would benefit from the work that you can help them with will not be served.” –Shawna Pelton

36:44 “If you learn the antidote, which is to master the skill of going in to your heart and asking your heart for the wisdom, your heart has access to infinite knowledge, and power, and you can essentially go on a discovery quest with your heart. You learn how to ask the right questions. You learn how to contemplate the answers that you discover.” –Shawna Pelton

37:45 “If you tell yourself: ‘Don’t forget this.’, you’re setting yourself up to forget. But if you say: ‘Remember this.’, then you will.” –Kim Sutton

40:40 “Our purpose is to give off ourselves … And as a result of giving, we continue to expand and grow. And that is ultimately what life is- life is non-stop growth.” –Shawna Pelton

46:45Don’t believe the stories that you tell yourself about what’s not possible, if you’re afraid of the ‘what ifs… Those are just false evidences appearing real. Fears are not truths so don’t believe the hype in your head.” –Shawna Pelton

Episode Transcription

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